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How Roy Cohn’s Secretary Almost Blew the Cover on a Century of Scandal (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From Dissident-Mag:

Christine Seymour was a secretary who worked in Cohn’s office as a switchboard operator, connecting calls from clients to Cohn, eavesdropping on all of them. Some of her notes taken of these calls were published in a news article foreshadowing her upcoming book based on the notes she took for decades. A few months later she was dead, the book never published.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss what we know about the networks kept by McCarthy/Reagan/Trump lawyer Roy Cohn and why this may be one of the most closely guarded secrets in American politics.

Full Episode:

Transcript follows below.

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By the end of nineteen eighty five, Coan was pale, frail and gaunt is right. It was a maze of red lines. His mind wandered often and his voice wavered to the point of a whisper. He could use one hand. He had to use one hand to stop the other from shaking. Man, this guy's a fucking walking pile of shit. His physical diminishment ran parallel to his legal jeopardy, gutting him of the wherewithal to mount the kind of fight for which he had been so vaunted perform. This is the fall of Roy Cohn. The irony then, though, just like the fall of Jeffrey Epstein. The IRS mobilized to seize the townhouse in his cottage in Green, which Greenwich, Connecticut. Filing for seven million dollars in back taxes. The New York State Bar came out and did three years of disbarment proceedings that culminated in accusations of dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation. They wanted to get rid of his his ability to practice law. And, of course, Donald Trump, along with New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

New York personality Bobbo Walters and attorney Alan Dershowitz is long, along with conservative columnist columnists William Safire and William F. Buckley and others testified on Roy Cohn's behalf as a character witness.

But he was disbarred anyway, but they all showed up at his trial to testify on his behalf. It's like, oh, well, what most people would just want to be would see this going on and be like, Yo, guy, I'm going to stand clear of the blast radius. Well, all this is going on.

But no, they're right there in the room singing the praises of Roy Cohn and trying to tell the court and the jury what a great guy he is. What a what a real serious guy Roy Cohn is over here. You know, all these parties that he's been through. It's like what would compel people to do that, right?

It's like, huh?

Unless they feared for themselves or those they were connected with or act facing. Yeah. You know, facing the wrath of Cohen, if they did not, you can you can imagine there were calls being made and and even if there weren't calls being made, people knew what was going on here. People knew the leverage he had and knew this this had to be protected and they did not want to risk being destroyed themselves. Yeah. I mean, just, you know, stay clear of the blast radius. Sort of ironic. You have to get. Get right up in there in the blast radius unless you're going to be really wiped out. Yeah.

So if you've been calm, if you've been compromised by one of these Petto rings, you have to dive on every fucking Jewish grenade that there is. And that's, you know, that's what they make you do. And so his conduct, Roy Cohn's conduct, according to the top appellate court in the state, was unethical, unprofessional and partly represent particular, not partly particularly reprehensible in public, blah, blah, blah. He called those who had made the decision a bunch of cheap politicians, a bunch of yo yos, a bunch nobody's. Coan said he couldn't care less. Doesn't bother me in the least. But he cared a great deal. It bothered him a lot. He told his law partner, Thomas Bohlen, and he cried. Thomas Boland, by the way, is connected with all these people, too. He knew it was coming. He wrote a will and tried to finish it, but fumbled pitifully with a bottle of pills. Cohn asked one last favor of Trump. Could you please, Donald, give me a hotel room for my lover who was dying of AIDS? Now, of course, you'd part that I'm leaving out. He's dying of AIDS. Cohn is dying of AIDS. His lover is dying of AIDS. Cohn is telling everybody that he's got liver cancer. Eric is a gay. Okay, fag. Sure. A room was found in the Barbizon Plaza Hotel for KONE's gay lover dying of AIDS. And then months went by and Cohn Trump sent Cohen the bill and then another Cohn refused to pay. It's a Donald. It's Donald's making Cohn pay for the. It's like the favors. Can you get me a hotel room? You know, it it's like for free or something. And Trump sends them the bill. It almost makes you want to just, you know, kind of like for a second sort of imbibe in the 2016 stuff. But we all know we all know what the shot is.

Well, that's that's so great. Cohn going to his grave following the advice he gave Donald, which is to never pay back your creditors.

Oh, yeah, absolutely. So a month later, Cohn dies of AIDS, presumably as friended to a crowd of some 400 people assembled for his memorial service at town hall. Tom Bolen and other former mayors and Borough Bigwigs Business Bill businessman Bill Fu Gazy to gazy Republican Senator Chuck Hecht and Rupert Murdoch and Roger Stone and Trump. And they all remembered him as loyal. Although Trump stood in the back of the room, he did tell a writer, Tim O'Brien, in 2005, Roy was brutal. He was a very loyal guy. He brutalized for you.

Jesus, writes I. So more dots to connect here. This is. Just buckle up. The best is yet to come. So.

Roy Cohn had a secretary named Christine Seymour. She worked in KONE's offices, the switchboard operator.

You know, unplugging and plugging in light switch brains that were calling in to talk to Roy Cohn, connecting calls with people like Nancy Reagan, Laura Vanderbilt, mobsters Gambino and Fat Tony Salerno. She listen in to all of them. Susan Bell, KONE's longtime secretary, recalled recently. According to Seymours notes Cohn's frequent calls to Nancy Reagan and former CIA director Bill Casey, who Roy called almost daily during Reagan's first election. Will it? Now, here's the important piece here. Who the fuck is Bill Casey? Why do I care? Well, Bill Casey, alongside young Bill Bagpipe and Bar in the 1970s stonewalled the Congressional Pike Committee and Church Committee, which were investigating the CIA beginning in 1975. Among the things they were tasked with was investigating the CIA's love traps or sexual blackmail operations used to lure foreign diplomats and bugged the apartments, complete with recording equipment in two way mirrors like this.

It's a Bill Marr is doing. He's stonewalling these committees from trying to investigate these things in the 1970s. As we find out about Roy Cohn and Lou Rosenstiel and all these, all this testimony was coming into light at the very same time. And Bill Barr worked for the law firm that defended Jeffrey Epstein and is hanging out with Alan Dershowitz and all the same people. It's like one big cesspool. Donald Trump says drain the swamp and he fills it up even higher.

Barr would later become George Bush's attorney general, rising to that post yet again under Trump Barr's father. And we've talked about this before. Worked for the precursor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services, the O.S.S.. Now, he didn't know about this. He recruited young Jeffrey Epstein, then a high school dropout, to teach at the elite Dalton School from which Epstein was later fired. Now, he did know about that, but, well, we didn't know. Is that when Epstein was fired from the Dalton School? Donald Barr published a well, hold on. So he was hired into this. He was hired into the CIA after the Dalton school. So that that part's clear. But we didn't know this a year prior to hiring Epstein. Donald Barr, Jewish, Donald Barr published a science fiction fantasy novel about sex slavery. Notably, the same year Donald Barr hired Epstein, his son was working for the CIA.

Bill Barr refused calls to recuse himself from the Epstein case, even though he worked at the same law firm that represented Upsy in the past.

I mean, dude, it's just. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, what what really can you say about it other than like if you think there's a connection and this is the funny thing, people people will have this conspiratorial urge and this feeling that all is not right with what they're being told and there must be more to it. Right. But they're they're directed into things like Ken the volcano man, Bill Gates.

So is flight is insetting five G towers on fire.

And instead, it's it's like this.

And it's like, you know, I know they probe of five GS cause it's like guy Y.

I talk about this.

No, you want to find something real, something that explains so much about the world around you. These are the connections that are real, that are legitimate, that are proven and that makes sense. And you don't have to concoct some theory about like aluminum that carries viruses being being sent through chem trails like this is all right here.

Yeah, it's in history. It's all right here. Right. Actually have been out. Listen to this. Everybody knows what is one of the big critiques from the left against Reagan. There are many of them. But one of them is AIDS, right? That is a breggin. Well, WOAK blacks will say that Reagan created AIDS and all his other fucking shit. Which is kind of another one of these dumb conspiracies. It's like another one of these things that they just they put out there and they want people to, like, gobble up because it's just not real. But, you know, he was it he was not he you know, he was known for not being a big fan of the AIDS stuff. But Reagan, whose influence over her husband was well known and someone we know now, was always on the phone with Roy Cohn. It was largely his death from AIDS that led Nancy Reagan to, quote, encourage her husband to seek more funding for AIDS research. Prior to KONE's death, Nancy and her husband secured his spot in an exclusive experimental AIDS treatment program. Despite the Reagan administration's well-documented non-response to the AIDS crisis of the air. But they respond when it's very cold right now. Sure, as he's telling a little bit too close to home as he's telling everybody that this fucking liver cancer.

It's like, oh, God, Nancy, I got to tell you, I got out. So it's so bad.

After Koehne died and his law firm is dissolved. Now, this is where it gets spooky. Seymour left the city and moved to Florida, where in herl in the early 90s, she started writing a book called Surviving Roy Cohn, which was based on the notes of the eavesdropped calls on the morning of May 5th, 1990, for The New York Post ran a column with the headline Savvy Chris talking about Christine Seymour Spills the beans on Roy Cohn, listing the secrets she would expose, for example, how a porno flick was filmed in the office and business was conducted while someone else was being whipped. How Senator Joe McCarthy hid the fact that he was, in fact, a homosexual. Chris taped the conversations she wrote. She kept a log three spiral notebook a day of transactions. The column noted that Seymour monitored every call in or out, knew everything. Everyone knew where all the bodies were buried. The story ricocheted throughout the city. New York and KONE's former law partners and staffers received phone calls from several anxious clients worried that their secrets would be revealed. Well, they didn't have to worry because five months later, on October 20th, 1994, Seymour was driving her blue to do her a Yugo. Oh, God. On a highway in Florida at dusk when she collided head on with a tractor trailer and was instantly killed. She was forty six years old and the book was never published. So, yeah, spooky.

Same tractor that that traffic was driving rolled over on himself. I wonder. Butts nuts.

The van. Yeah. Seymours, collaborator on the book, an author and literary agent named Jeffrey Schmidt, was at home on Long Island when he got the call from Seymours mother Adele, who lived in nearby Shoreham, as he recalled recently on hearing the news of Seema's death. He panicked. Well, he was right to panic. He took the box of notebooks and burned them. All the tapes have disappeared as well. And I'm sure Jeffrey Smitt got to, well, got to live. All of it's gone. Totally gone. So a couple other things. Just some loose ends to tie up here. Coan made Trump sister a judge. Do you know that Maryanne Trump, Barry, who, if you Google her image is just like just Donald Trump with a perm that really seriously served on federal appeals court for decades until stepping down. But you know who. Cohn convinced to make her a judge, not just Ronald Reagan, but Bill Clinton. Wow. Seems like both sides. It's kind of funny. Bipartisanship. Yeah. How bipartisan. Roy Cohn got the White House to give her the judgeship. Seymour writes, Roy was out and the call came in to tell her she got it. I took the call and called her to tell her. Ten minutes later, Donald Trump calls and says thank you. So, yeah. Last phone call was to Donald Trump. Apparently was the last one he spoke to on the phone. This is important. You'll see why Seymour noted that Trump could be two faced and described how he had once heard from an assistant to the lawyer working for Coan, wanted to leave his firm and immediately told CNN about the treachery.

Trump did things like that, always Roys line on him. He pisses ice water. It appears that Trump was aware of her eavesdropping seamer claims that Trump told Coan that he was she was listening to the calls. Seymours jottings also suggests that she had eavesdropped on the call between Cohn and his doctor in 1984, when Cohen was told that he had been diagnosed with AIDS. A poignant note records that when he got the news, Cohen responded. Should I commit suicide now or later? Is the back of the good old pre prep days right? Yeah, yeah, exactly. According to Seymour, Trump abandoned Cohen when he found out Cohen was HIV positive. They were so close, they talked at least several times a week. And as soon as he found out, he took all the cases away from Roy except for one and got new lawyers now. When I first read this, I was immediately drawn to, oh, man, Donald Trump doesn't like facts. That's why this is. But no, that's not why. Because I think Trump believed that this that the whole blackmail shit was over, because the idea that Trump has gone through this unscathed and that, you know, there's that look, people have said that there's blackmail on Trump. We don't have proof or evidence of that. So I'm telling you right now, aside from everything else we've told you in this deep dive, this is verifiable, like this is speculative.

But just take it from this perspective. Do you think Trump became tight with Cone and got deeply involved with him and is showing up, testifying on his behalf and doing all the shit, bending over backwards for Cone no matter what? And then all of a sudden he finds out Cone is like dying of HIV and then he's a guy. Okay, I'm done. Like, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But the Epstein stuff sort of is the continuation of all this. And, you know, we don't know we don't know who Trump knew in the 1980s. So it's kind of tough. Somebody else have to do all that research. But it's it's kind of like, well, that's that's why Trump abandoned Cohen. It's not because he's like he has a problem with gays. It's like he just doesn't want to have it's like this. He's tired of this guy. He's tired of this guy constantly reminding him, like, you better do what I want or else bubble, blah, blah. But I don't really know what Trump's like pure motivations are. But it from a very long time, he's been very filer's somatic. And I just don't care what the reason is anymore. It's it's like he hasn't he hasn't followed through on on any of the things that that he's wanted to do. I mean, his whole life has he's been deeply intertwined with the circles. So why why would we have any reason to believe, you know, otherwise. So.

Yeah. Or that it was out of personal spite. I mean, it might've been out of self-interest, too. He knew that, you know, his Roys AIDS addled brain was not up to the task of of doing all the litigation defense against discrimination lawsuits and everything that that Trump needed done. And I mean, there are plenty of explanations for it. But a dislike or hatred or disgust with the gay lifestyle. That's not one of them. I mean, Trump had always been surrounded with gays. Trump was always friendly. It's not like Trump didn't know that he was gay before he got AIDS. Right. So it's like, okay, this this is going to be the turning point. The moment. Right. That that you believe the guy. Yeah, I don't think so.

Yeah. So here's where we sort of close close the loop on a lot of this stuff and there's so many things like left on undiscussed and a lot of questions that we don't know the answer to. But Jeffrey Epstein was recruited, like we said, after his firing from the Dalton School by Alan Greenberg, who's a close friend of Cohn, and he went to go work for Bear Stearns. And this from Whitney Webb. After leaving Bear Stearns and working as a financial bounty hunter for clients that are said to have included the Iran Contra linked arms dealer on non-cash shoki.

It's like, okay, now mauls dad. Right.

Epstein would come into contact with Leslie Wexner, billionaire close to the Meyer Lansky linked Bronfman family, who himself was tied to members of organized crime syndicates once represented by Cohn, the same year that Wexler would begin his decades long association with Epstein, another Cohen friend with ties to the Reagan White House and the Trump family. Ron Louder, whom we talked about. He's a super Jew. This is like the Super Zayat Jew, Ron Louder. He's the guy that owns Irv's the heir to the estate. Louder.

Fortune would provide Epstein with an Austrian passport containing Epstein's picture, but a false name. Louder. Wexner and the Bronfman are members of an elite organization known as the mega group Mega, which also included other Meyer Lansky connected philanthropists like hedge fund manager Michael Steinhart. In addition, the role of the state of Israel. Mossad and several global pro-Israel lobby organizations are all tied to this network of sexual blackmail operations.

And Jeffrey Epstein. All of this has taken place with the full knowledge and blessing of top figures in the world of philanthropy and the U.S. government and intelligence communities with great influence over several presidential administrations, particularly since the rise of Ronald Reagan, including through Donald Trump and I would argue, going all the way back to Nixon. And the kick off was the assassination of JFK and LBJ, giving them giving Schlomo whatever the fuck he wants. And then things took off in very rapid succession from there. I mean, go. You know, it's all connect everything. World War Two. Like all of this, the Holocaust narrative, like all this stuff is all interwoven and all wrapped up. And you want to talk about what American culture is. This is what has made American culture. It's toxic. It is as it is today. And why it's so difficult to get untangled from this. I mean, the idea that some politician is going to come and save us, that's going to come in and swoop in and all of a sudden, buck this system, it's like everybody that rises up into this system is is compromised in some way in these concentric pedophile circles that continue to exist. I mean, are the black rubber boats and all the things that went down to that island and they had all the drone footage of people like clearing stuff up and just all that, all that stuff, all that work is disappearing.

And Jeffrey Epstein's house on the island, James already knew it. Well, somebody inherited all that, right? It's got to.

It didn't go to a landfill. Yeah, it's it's it's it's been put back in service somewhere. The question is by whom and and where. And so that. I mean, yeah, you see this evolution and this understanding, this history, understanding who Trump has been linked to, who he's worked intimately with and and who has really closest confidants and allies have been throughout his entire history in New York, in politics, in business. It just totally blows up that idea that this was a radical departure from status quo, that this was a rejection. I mean, it was people voted for a rejection of status quo because that's what they thought Donald was. But he was not the outsider coming in from from far outside the system, coming in to shake it up and destroy it. He was a just a behind the scenes player in this. He was not a not a political guy, but he was linked to those who were he was linked and intimately related with these guys who were in the CIA, with the FBI, with all of their fixers. He was part of this network. And so he himself had not been a candidate before. Sure. But he was coming out of the same mill, you as the people that were controlling those candidates, controlling those politicians. And and so, I mean, yeah. To to expect any departure or crushing of that system from him. We can look back now and see it was never in the cards.

It was never going to happen, as I said at the very beginning. I mean, the idea that the notion that Donald Trump was a political outsider took no, he's like the deepest, most strict definition of political insider that there could possibly be.

These are the people that have controlled all of this. And Trump, you know, he's a wealthy real estate guy. I mean, remember all the stories about Trump trying to get get in, get in with people in the Le Club in the 50s. He didn't drink to. No, I fit in. How do I fit in with this stuff as well? I find a lot of that stuff to be concocted by Trump himself and the art of the deal, the art of the steal, the art of the schlemiel, because that's what he really is. I mean, it really is the art of the Shlemiel is. And so he you know, there's this this notion that he's this guy up from nothing. He has to tell the story. They all tell this story because they all want you to think that they they they were able to succeed against all odds, against the system. And they they need an American and say, what is this and what who? Who is involved? Because they slowly cleaned all this stuff up. This is why all politicians, pundits, they're all on message. They're all saying the same thing. Anybody who tries to come in. I mean, look what they did. When we say the system has an immunity to subversion. Look what they did. See if even if that even if you believe that that was a real thing, I think that that was actually a move that that that was authentic.

That they they managed to shut down because the authenticity comes from it being on and then being off just immediately wasn't something that got dialed back and slowly brought down.

And you have these these active threats of prosecution against them.

But that's what happens when the system when some sort of foreign body comes in and tries to change the dynamic of the system, they shut it down.

So, yeah, that's that's where we are. We'll leave it right there. But, yeah, I mean, there are there are a million different little areas that you could have gone down.

We'll have to come back on Iran-Contra sometime. We'll have to come back on the the cartel's Spellman's stuff some time because it's I saw that and I was just like, oh, fuck.

It just goes and goes and goes. And I wanted to tell sort of a concise story so that when this Cohen biopic comes out, I haven't watched it. I'm actually going to commit to watch it and let people know how it goes. It gives you an idea. So you have if you happen to see it and, you know, now you have the whole backstory, you actually know the thing. So anyway, I hope everybody enjoys the rest of their weekend. Very big indeed. Coming up on the midweek show with Borzoi James myself, it's going to be huge. Hope you guys enjoy it. We'll see you guys later.

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