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How 'Political Outsider' Donald Trump and Roger Stone Worked Together to Elect George W. Bush (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From Dissident-Mag:

In the 2000 election, Roger Stone partnered with Donald Trump to carry out two major black bag jobs on behalf of George W. Bush’s presidential campaign: Destroy Bush’s rivals in the GOP primary and orchestrate the infamous Brooks Brothers Riot to shutdown the Florida recount and hand the presidency, 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan to befuddled neoconservative puppet George W. Bush.

In this clip Jazz and James discuss two of the biggest glow in the dark GOP ops you’ve probably never heard about.

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So everybody remembers how Pat Buchanan was all gung ho for Donald Trump's administration. Right. I mean, everybody remembers like Pat was excited and, you know, palaeo kind of brings the paleo cons on board and everything. Well. The year 2000 was a very busy year for Donald Trump and Roger Stone and a few other people. George W. Bush was running for office, as everybody remembers. It was just fresh off the impeachment of attempted impeachment of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and everything else in W's is running for office. And there are two major black bag jobs that Stone and Trump had to carry out. No one is sabotaging the Florida recount vote, which we're going to get into after we talk about Pat Buchanan in this whole fake engaged parade. And that includes the Brooks Brothers riot, which I had no idea about. Did you know about the Brooks Brothers, right? No, but I had no idea. Yeah, but they also before you before you even get to the Florida recount, you have to talk about how they destroyed any rivals to George W. Bush. Right. This is the year 2000. Very similar to the year 2016. Right. They were going to run Jeb. They're going to have a party behind Jeb.

And Jeb is going to be the winner. He can't do that anymore. GOP is tired of Jeb Bush. They're tired of all this bullshit. Well, they were tired of the bullshit in the year 2002. And in order to make sure that George W. Bush won the primary and became the head of the because there was there's always been a populous current within the Republican Party. It's why Ross Perot was the thing. It's why, you know, it's one of the reasons why they look at, you know, 92 is why H.W. lost that primary. Well, we know that, you know, one of the reasons why Ross Perot was promoted was because of the things that H.W. had to say about all the the Zionists crawling around Capitol Hill lobbying for Israel right brain. And that's what shot him in the. Shot him in the foot. Well, you have to neutralize any of these phenomenon, right? They have to get rid of this. And so Stone was tasked with neutralizing anybody who caused a problem. Pat Buchanan was another one. He who who also potentially crippled H.W. in in the primaries. Of course, Pat Buchanan worked for Reagan. So in the lead up to the 2000 election, Roger Stone cajoled Pat Buchanan into taking control of Perot's Reform Party, then used Trump to run a rival campaign against Buchanan for the Reform Party candidacy, only to drop out of the race and attack Pat Buchanan.

The neo Nazi, Pat Buchanan. These are Trump's words, not mine. neo-Nazi Pat Buchanan in his Reform Party is a cesspool of Hitler lovers and racist stone inserted moles like William von Rabe, secretly funded by Trump into Buchanan's campaign. The operation wound up destroying the Reform Party's brand and baring it for good, stinking it up too much for a late entry by Ross Perot. Reform Party's chairman Pat Kohta Choate Tode, I don't even know, called the Trump stone operation Republican dirty trick meant to discuss people and drive them away from the Reform Party. They were doing everything in their power to make a mess. The point was that work though, and the Reform Party and Pat Buchanan cause no damage whatsoever to George W. Bush's election bid in 2000. Unlike Ralph Nader's effect on Al Gore's run. So there you have it, total outsider Donald Trump registe no man in his own business, minding his own business, building up his big real estate empire, James and then all of a sudden he got interested in saving America.

Yeah, yeah. And the guy who just 16 years previously was calling Pat, you get as mild really as Pat Buchanan is a Hitler lover, a racist, a neo-Nazi. I mean, these are these are not things that should be taken lightly. Right. You know, it's not like, again, people were saying, you know, this did come out in 2016 and people were saying, oh, well, he was just saying, like what he had to for the time or name your insert your cop here. But, you know, I think it's actually very important because this this speaks to Trump and Stone's character.

It does. Yeah. And it tells you. Well, and then you have to think about. Remember, this is Donald Trump, Bush dumb war. Donald Trump. Right. Like, I don't I don't like George W. Bush. And then you have to realize that George W. Bush trading shots with Trump is not real. Jeb and Trump, the fight is not real. None of this stuff is real. I mean, this guy was literally running in a fucking operation to get George W. Bush office.

President George W. Bush would not have been president without Donald Trump.

Right. And Roger Stone, who are like peas in a pod, and Roy Cohn in all of this, it's like, well, you know, if Donald Trump, the Democrat, why is he getting in there? You know, I mean, what is weird is the coat that he was doing this because George Bush is the the biggest loser and he wanted Al Gore. Be present, come on, get out of here like this is. It just doesn't make any sense. And so then you have the Florida recount. And so this is this is hilarious because I didn't know any of this. And so because Stone's personal life had made him radioactive in the 2000 presidential race. This is the personal life that you were talking about with the swinger ad, James. He had to be kind of the guy behind the scenes. And so when it came down to the recount in Florida, hand-to-hand political combat that stone was so good at was too useful for senior Republicans to ignore. So James A. Baker, the third former secretary of state who is leading the Bush forces, told his aide, Margaret Tutwiler, to recruit Stone. They asked me to go to Palm Beach County, where they said the big the big fight was. But I thought I could do much more good here in Miami Dade.

And so here's what Stone did. He goes down there and he decided to concentrate first on the atmospherics. And for those of you out Reia Rhinelander, that means radio pundits saturation. Got to change the atmosphere. Right. So several Spanish language stations in the city devoted themselves entirely to talk about politics. So Stone tapped Armando Perez, Aurora, a Cuban exile who is known in the Cuban American community as their very own Rush Limbaugh. Latin media is unique in the sense that when you buy advertising, you also are buying programming according to Stone. If you buy, you get to supply the guests. So you buy a couple ads and then you get guests under their programs. And so perfect for subversion, right. So I started buying time and bringing my wife on Mrs. Stone, whose command of the Spanish language, I guess, from spending so much time in Spanish speaking swinger clubs chains is better than stones. And she goes on to be the guest. And the idea that they were putting out there was that this left this left wing power grab by Al Gore was the same thing that Fidel Castro had done in Cuba in stones as we were very explicitly drawing that analogy.

Stone was using the Elian Gonzalez affair, which we're gonna do a deep dive on, because, dude, I went down the rabbit hole. I'm Gonzalez. Holy fuck. And then some other stuff related to Cuba. Man, dude, some pretty interesting stuff there that we're gonna have to talk about. But this happened right after Elian Gonzalez. So you already had people whipped up the Cubanos in Liberty City in Florida and everything getting very whipped up about their anti Castro rhetoric. And so tie Gore to Castro and you have a mob in Florida, which is what they wanted. So Clinton Gore administration enraged many, many Miami Cubans by agreeing to return Elian, who is six years old, to his father in Cuba and also at the behest of Castro because Castro himself got involved in that political fight. A local political consultant sold Stone a contact list of activists who had been working on the Gonzalez case. We used the list to turn out crowds whenever we wanted, Stone said. We were telephoning the shit out of all the appropriate demographics. So here is where you have the Brooks Brothers riot. And this is just fucking incredible. I didn't know any of this. Did you know any of this stuff, James? Any of this?

I've never, never heard of the Brooks Brothers riot. No, although it sounds like a pretty good time.

Well, the hanging chads and stuff is what most people probably remember. But now this is what did it. Shutting down the recount is what did it. This is all Roger Stone. So November 21st, 2000, the flattered Supreme Court gave Gore an important victory by ruling with the deadline for recounts would be extended by another six days, five days to November 26. At that point, the top priority for the Gore forces was to get the recounts up and running, especially Miami-Dade County, which is the most populous in the state. I think it still is today on the Republican side, according to St.. The whole idea behind what they were doing was that there had already been one recount of votes. So we didn't want another. The idea was to shut it down, stop the recount there in Miami, shut down. And now is what they wanted to do. The scene in front of the clerk's center that morning was volatile, which was, of course, exactly how Roger Stone wanted it. Several thousand, mostly pro Bush protesters had gathered on the Sunbake Plaza to insist that the recount be shut down. Early that morning, Perez Rora, Miami's very own Rush Limbaugh radio Mamby had sent a Veliotes Sparrow, a local activists who sometimes worked for him as a reporter, to broadcast from the scene. A substantial this is where it gets the name the Brooks Brothers riot. A substantial contingent of young Republican Capitol Hill aides joined the protest thanks to the delegation.

The events at the Clarke Center have been come to have come to be. Known as the Brooks Brothers riot at one point on November 22nd, Stone said he heard from an ally in the building that Gore supporters were trying to remove some of the ballots from the counting room. Stone says follow them, follow them. Have you guys go into the elevator? The other half go up the stairs. Everybody in the protest got sucked up in this. They were trying to keep the doors from being closed. I told our guys to stop them. Don't let them close the door. They're trying to keep the door from being closed. There was a lot of screaming and yelling. So you have the duel scenes of the chaos outside the building and inside the building, which prompted recount officials to stop their work. The recount in Miami was never restarted, which deprived Gore of his best chance to catch up in the overall state tally. Remember, Stone said, politics is not about uniting people. It's about dividing people and getting your 51 percent. So after blocking the Florida recount with his hired Brooks Brothers mob, Roger Stone was rewarded by President Bush by putting him in charge of the Bush-Cheney 2000 transition team's Indian bureau affairs appointments. Which and all the other thing you could even dive into. But yeah.

Yeah, that's great. Well, it's a good idea to nominate Donald Trump to be in charge of the of the casino regulation or something. It's like, yeah, you're not getting any new casinos.

It's all done. All. What he did do actually, though, was Trump helped screw over somebody that had been a shoo in for an appointment so that Roger Stone could put his guy on the ibsa instead. So, yeah, it was of. Why? Why not?

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