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How Global Jewry Exerts Power: The Case of Iceland

LET’S LOOK at how global Jewry exerts pressure on Western countries to advance Jewish interests. To illustrate this, we’ll need to travel to Iceland…

On February 1st, 2018 Iceland’s parliament introduced a bill to outlaw circumcising children younger than 18-years-old. The bill was sponsored by 8 of Iceland’s 63 parliament members, who spanned 5 different political parties, which represent 48% of Iceland’s parliamentary seats.

Within just 48 hours, 422 doctors (25% of all doctors in Iceland) and 1,325 nurses signed a declaration supporting the bill. This wasn’t surprising since Iceland already outlawed female circumcision in 2005 and only 21 male children have been circumcised in Iceland since then.

The relatively small number of circumcisions performed is due to the fact that of the 340,000 people living in Iceland, there are only 35 Jews and less than 1,000 Muslims. For both religions, circumcision is a religious rite, but it is obligatory and central to Judaism.

While we’re on the topic of demographics, I’d like to take this time to mention that Iceland is rated the safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index — a position it’s held since 2011. Did I mention Iceland only has 35 Jews?

Despite massive support from over 25% of the healthcare industry, at least 48% of parliament, and passing a preliminary reading, Iceland’s Judicial Affairs Committee decided to scrap the bill before MPs could even participate in their own so-called “democracy” and vote on it.

So why did Iceland’s Judicial Affairs Committee decide to scrap the bill before parliament voted on it? Obviously, it wasn’t because Icelanders wanted to scrap the bill. In fact, it was purported to have a good chance of passing despite the lying media reporting otherwise.

Well, the issue was important to Jews because kosher slaughter is already illegal in Iceland and the move to ban circumcision would be the nail in the coffin for Jewry. With only 35 Jews (many of whom are American) and no Synogogues, the death knell for Jewry had started.

So after the circumcision bill was presented in February, Chabad Rabbi Avi Feldman, 27, of Brooklyn, NY, moved to Iceland with his daughters and wife “to bring awareness of the relevance and importance of brit milah (circumcision).”

Rabbi Feldman’s Judaic rituals quickly proved incongruent with Icelandic lifestyle when the Rabbi was forced to explain to an Icelander why he couldn’t eat from utensils that were touched by a goy (goyim are considered goats per the Talmud and anything goyim touch is un-kosher).

Mike Levin, a Jew who moved to Iceland from Chicago, hopes the presence of Feldman, Iceland’s first Rabbi, will encourage state funding for Jewish causes within Iceland. That’s right, chiseling tax dollars from native Icelanders to fund Jewry like their new proposed Synogogue.

So how did Jews pressure Iceland to scrap the bill that would ban circumcision? Per Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt: a) pressure from Jewish groups b) build coalitions with other faith groups c) “appeal” to international economic and political interests But it was mostly (c).

Pressure for scrapping the bill came by way of World Jewish Congress, Agudath Israel of America, the National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry, & Orthodox Union — the org that charges US food manufacturers to certify half of all of US food products as fit for Jews (kosher).

The pressure came in the form of protests and a conference in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, where Rabbis flew in from parts of Europe to speak with members of parliament (MPs) in Iceland.

The second approach Jews used to thwart the bill was building coalitions with Muslim and

Catholic groups like the Catholic Church of the EU, Islamic Cultural Center of Iceland, and the Catholic Church of Iceland. Catholics only represent 4% of Iceland’s population, Muslims 0.3%.

But what was most effective in scrapping the bill was Orthodox Union enlisting the help of a Jew who sits in US Congress — Eliot Engel of N.Y. — to personally pen a letter of warning to Iceland’s Ambassador, alluding to the bill jeopardizing Iceland’s relationship with the US.

Now, was Eliot Engel acting in America’s interest or using his political office as leverage to bully Iceland for Jews? The MP that drafted the bill felt it was odd that a member of US Congress wrote an official letter commanding that she abandon legislation for her country.

Eliot Engel has a long history of working with Orthodox Union (OU) to advance Jewry. Here he is attending a recent OU conference discussing how to outlaw BDS and use Americans’ tax dollars to fund security at Jewish schools through the Nonprofit Security Grant Program.

And who was the shabbos goy that co-signed Engel’s letter to the Ambassador? That’s Ed Royce, an unapologetic, Jew-sycophant Congressman from California that spent his entire career prostrating himself for Israel. Even Jews mock him for his indefatigable support for Israel.

The ADL even got in on the action, sending a letter directly to Iceland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs threatening to smear the country as a modern-day Nazi Germany should the bill proceed to a vote. The ADL even alludes to how it will use its control of the media to do it.

And the Jewish media control isn’t only isolated to the the US.

The ADL — a tax-exempt, “civil rights” organization — clearly threatening to destroy Iceland’s reputation if they don’t bend the knee to Jewry. Smearing Iceland’s reputation would hurt its thriving tourist industry which recently surpassed 2 million visitors per year.

So how did Jews justify keeping circumcision in Iceland? a) it’s healthier b) religious freedom c) it’s anti-Semitic to ban it. And of course, they invoked the legend of the Holocaust™.

Is it really healthier? The two major studies Jews cite to prove it’s healthier to remove the penis foreskin are from the CDC and AAP. Interestingly, both reports are authored predominantly by Jews. No conflict of interest there, goy.

According to Jews, we’re just correcting a health risk that hasn’t been corrected by 6 million years of evolution.

Want to tell these kids how healthy circumcision is?

The reports further claim that severing the sensitive, living flesh from a child’s penis also reduces transmission of STDs like HIV. So circumcised folks should feel free to have unprotected sex with infected women because your chances of contracting HIV is reduced by .05%.

Jews claim banning circumcision is a contravention of religious freedom. But shouldn’t a child get to choose their religion before their physical body is forever altered by a Jewish parent intent on forcing their religion on their infant son’s penis?

And while we’re on the subject of religious freedom, should Jews have the freedom to stone children to death because it says so in the Hebrew Bible?

Of course, Jews claim banning circumcision is simply anti-Semitic. This would make the Europe Council, the Nordic Ombudsmen for Children, and the UN General Assembly anti-Semites for stating circumcision has no benefits for children and is in violation of their rights.

Now, in addition to the religious contradictions we see between stoning and circumcision, it’s also curious why a girl’s bodily integrity is protected but a boy’s is not. Listen goy, we can only have gender equality as long as it doesn’t conflict with Jewish interests.

Jews are quite proud of preventing Icleanders from legislating their own country’s laws. Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt even bragged about it to an Israeli news station.

This is ironic considering that circumcision is completely alien to all of Europe, especially Nordic cultures. Have you ever seen any Classical, Neoclassical, Renaissance, or Baroque art from Europe featuring a circumcised man? Probably not.

So what did we learn? We learned a country is not entitled to its own sovereignty if it conflicts with Jewish interests. God forbid countries don’t consult Jews before introducing any legislation for their country, regardless if there are only 35 Jews living there.

And now Iceland’s circumcision bill has been indefinitely shelved out of fear of Jewish retaliation, not because native Icelanders want circumcision. Will the same thing happen in Denmark and other countries considering a ban?

Will Denmark and Iceland go the way of the US where circumcision is paid for by taxpayers (Medicaid), laws prevent circumcision bans from even appearing on the ballot, and Governors abolish laws preventing Rabbis from sucking blood from infant penises without parental consent?

If Jews continue to use the United States as their personal battering ram, then yes — every country will bend the knee to protect their relationship with the US. I have no idea how people can think Jews control America…

Hopefully, when Iceland’s parliament reconvenes after the summer, they will ignore Jewish intimidation and proceed to a vote on the bill to ban circumcision. And remember: only the intolerable espouse that tolerance is virtuous. Which way, Iceland?

Originally appeared at: National Vanguard