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Alexander Hamilton - Relentless, Life-long Shill for Powerful Jewish Interests (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

In addition to their 'Week in Review' coverage of political news, the FTN team does an amazing job with their so-called 'Deep Dives', in-depth investigations on varied subjects, from historical revisionism to how are dirt poor Latinos getting the money for the expensive journey to the US (you guessed it, 'money-lenders', charging 50% per year.) - and many, many more. It is a hugely valuable archive, available to subscribers.

FTN recently made this episode available to the general public, (it was behind their pay-wall). You can fine the whole thing on their YouTube Channel or at the website.

This episode is one of their most earth-shattering, and sure to be a big draw for anyone interested in US history. Highly recommended. Truth to Power will be bringing you excerpts from this important episode over the coming days.

In this excellent segment they concisely outline Alexander Hamilton’s list of “achievements” in his life as a ruthless shill for Jewish interest groups - usually at the expense of the American people.

From the FTN Website:

Jazz, James, and Borzoi dive deep into the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s most astro-turfed founding fathers. Little is known about Hamilton’s early life, which is odd considering his prominent role as a framer of the U.S. Constitution, first Secretary of the Treasury, creator of the nation’s first national bank, the architect of the inherently corrupt system of debt-financed capitalism we are saddled with today, chief author of The Federalist Papers, master of media manipulation, election meddler, and almost but never actually President of the United States.

Rest assured, we thoroughly smash that early life in order to fully understand the identity of the man himself; who he is, where he comes from, what shaped his worldview, and ultimately, in turn, how he shaped the world itself.

Only once one fully understands Hamilton from those perspectives, do the trajectory and context of subsequent historical events, from war to immigration, finance to foreign policy, and from consumerism to vulture capitalism, become crystal clear.

We've included a clip where they go over Hamilton’s philo-Semitic career and dubious religious loyalties, but we highly recommend you check out the full epdisode. The full episode is now on FTN's YouTube channel, embedded below, and on the FTN website.

Transcript follows below.

About the FTN and TRS podcasts:

FTN and the other podcasts on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

The FTN podcast in particular is hard news focused, delivering fresh dissident angles on current events that ruthlessly challenge the mainstream narrative.

Some of their episodes are free to the public, while others are behind a $10 monthly paywall, probably the best value in American journalism today because you get access to several excellent shows for that price. We highly recommend Eric Striker's, (editor of the excellent National Justice website), and Mike Enoch's 'Strike and Mike' (1X per week) which are also more hard news focused. The Daily Shoah with Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb, (3X per week), which is a less formal, Joe Rogan style radio talk show, is also excellent.

Transcript: the following is machine transcribed, but is still surprisingly accurate.

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So you have Hamilton and this is sort of we're going to talk about the Jewish relationships with with Hamilton. Just to cover this here so that you understand the trajectory like all in one sort of take. So he consulted with Jewish merchants to help create the American financial system. Thus railroading the nascent American government into a debt financed economic model. Hamilton forged relationships with American Jewry that we don't see with any other founding father.

He represented a number of Jewish clients as a lawyer and he was the only founding father to do so. Almost every major figure at Shearith Israel, which was the only synagogue in New York at this time, was represented by Hamilton in court at some point in their lives. Every single person in the congregation was represented by Hamilton at some point in their life. Hamilton put a Jew, Rabbi Gershom Seixas, on the board of Columbia University. Then King's College. This is the first Jew on the board of any American college.

Hamilton worked with John J. To revise the charter for their shared alma mater, Columbia University. One of the changes that they made is to open the office of the college presidency to people of all faith backgrounds. Why would you do that when it's a Christian nation? Right. Like, why are you opening this up? Like, it's sort of a moot point if you have a Christian country and those are the only options that you can put in this place. You have to change the charter? What for? What is particularly striking about this reform is that other colleges that date back to that era did not make comparable reforms in the direction of religious freedom for their presidential eligibility until the 20th century for good reason.

When he did this, one of the people he included on the board of trustees was Gershom Seixas, who was the Hazzan, the leader of Sheartih Israel synagogue. And this was the first time in the history of American higher education that a Jew sat on the board of an institution of higher learning. Thank you, Alexander Hamilton. He was just, you know, a century and a half too early, because by the 20th century, I mean, the whole thing just has gone completely off the rails.

Hamilton later defended Jewish rights in the courts and was outspoken against anti-Semitism, once giving a three hour speech, the most emotionally invested of his career before the New York State Assembly, while defending a French Jew who had been charged of fraud. I'm going to omit the word "falsely" charged for fraud, because it's it's this is this is being written by a Jew about another Jew. So the prosecutor's remarks had utilized anti Semitic stereotypes or maybe they were just assembling the facts as they were.

Alexander Hamilton passionately asked the opposing counsel, why do you distrust the evidence of the Jews? He was also unabashedly anti free speech and pro-monarchy, which you're going to get into later. Quote, the Hamilton that was willing to speak out against anti-Semitism oh, even though he did not identify as Jewish in adulthood, is arguably just as important as any finding about his Jewish identity in childhood. Historian Porwancher said. His story is a reminder that the fight against anti-Semitism in America, which continues in our own day, is not solely a Jewish responsibility, but the obligation of all Americans committed to the principle of religious liberty. Wow. You want to weigh in there James or shall I continue?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. No, that's a no. I think that speaks for itself.

It's this is this is just wild. So Alexander was clear in his admiration for Jews, in his recognition that the survival of the Jewish people against all odds was a sign of something extraordinary in notes that he left on, quote, the progress of the Jews. Hamilton mused on an extraordinary fact of Jewish survival, quote, From the earliest history to the present time, Jewish survival for millennia against all odds has been and is entirely out of the ordinary course of human affairs.

Hamilton wrote It is not then a fair conclusion that the cause also is an extraordinary one. In other words, that it is the effect of some great providential plan. The man who will draw this conclusion will look for the solution in the Bible. He will not draw it. He who will not draw it ought to give us another fair solution. Interesting.

In his copy in his copy of George Washington's farewell address, Hamilton included the notion of religion and religious liberty as crucial to the vitality of America. Though once Hamilton came to America, he claimed to be Christian.

Historian Andrew Porwancher, Jewish himself, and author of the upcoming book that was supposed to come out in twenty nineteen and never did, interestingly enough, called it the Jewish founding father Alexander Hamilton said in life still not at the publisher's house yet noted Hamilton had an abiding apathy to Christianity. He never mentioned church and never took communion. He was only nominally Christian, says poor watcher. Then this is the interesting part.

You know, with the Peter Levine and the late life baptism on his deathbed, Hamilton was desperate to be given last rites and take communion, telling Benjamin Moore the rectory of Trinity Church that it has for some time past been the wish of my heart. And it has been my intention to take an early opportunity of uniting myself to the church by the reception of that holy ordinance.

Moore refused. Hamilton begged another friend, Mason, to consider administering him communion. And when that friend, too, refused because his church did not do private communion, he pressured Moore again, this time successfully. Despite Mason's assurance that, quote, The Holy Communion is an exhibition and pledge of the mercies which the son of God has purchased. That the absence of the sign does not exclude from the mercy signified.

Basically, this guy is on his deathbed running around trying to get absolution from the church, and he's being refused. And finally somebody relents. It's like, wow. And so Porwancher says, which I you know, this is this is kind of the credo that I'm going to stick with. The best argument is the one that accounts for the most pieces of evidence. The argument that Alexander Hamilton was a Christian accounts for none of these facts. The argument that he was Jewish or had a Jewish identity explains them all. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide. But I mean, all all of the events that follow with this guy.

It seems like even up to his death, Hamilton appeared to be playing all the all the all the angles he could, including religiously trying to trying to play an angle on God there.

Well, if he had been some sect of Christian, he wouldn't have had to hide or obfuscate how how he really believed. If he really were some of some Christians sect. It's only if you were a atheist or practicing Jewish that he would have had to do any of this and to make these obfuscations that he ended up making.

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