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Here's How Trump CAN Protect America's Historic Statues From the Mob


Trump Needs To Protect America's Historic Statues With Executive Order And Federal Law Enforcement

As in the war zone that America has now become, historic statues are being attacked by protestes, and removed by cowardly or Minority Occupied city government.

We've appealed on Twitter for President Trump to protect them:

President Trump, the statue of General Lee in Richmond has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1997. Please use an Executive Order to protect our history. If not, it will be Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington (along with Andrew Jackson) tomorrow.

The Texas Ranger statue is being removed:

We seem to remember that during the Civil Rights Era, the Federal Government was able to use all kinds of force to enforce school desegregation:

So why can't Trump use Federal law, an Executive order, and Federal law enforcement to protect national monuments?

Originally appeared at: VDare