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Guardian Video Promotes Racial Replacement of Whites as 'Essential' to Britain’s Survival of Chinese Virus

The Guardian far-left anti-white newspaper is using the Chinese Virus scare to push more race replacement immigration.

Most of the people who work for the Guardian fall into four categories:

  • non-whites
  • Jews
  • white liberals
  • homosexuals

I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a single white heterosexual male on the staff at the Guardian.

And you wonder why it has the message that it has: white genocide.

Everybody working for the Guardian has a vested interest in reducing the amount of white people in Britain. Jews want it so that white nationalism never gains a foothold ever again. White liberals want it because they’ve been indoctrinated to hate their own race and embrace its demise. Homosexuals want it because they’re sterile sexual deviants who want the rest of the world to suffer alongside their mental illness. Non-whites want it so that their race can triumph over the whites.

This is the new Dindu Rainbow Coalition behind white genocide.

Originally appeared at: Reconquista Europa

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