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Germany: Antisemitic 'Propaganda Crimes' Reach Highest Level Ever Recorded

An American reading this story, which is reported in English by an American news outlet, would think that they were talking about real crimes.

In fact, displaying a Swastika, doing a roman salute, etc., are what is classified as “Antisemitic crime” in Germany. Violent political crimes, or what Americans would refer to as real crimes, have actually gone down.

But, you would never know that from reading their headline.


Anti-Semitic crimes in Germany last year reached their highest level since the country started keeping statistics, amid an overall strong increase in right-extremist criminality that is a cause for “great concern,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Wednesday.

Overall, politically-motivated crimes were up 14.2% in 2019 over the previous year, which is the second highest level since authorities began tracking such crimes in 2001, Seehofer told reporters in Berlin. Crimes by the extreme left rose the most, increasing 23.7% to 9,849, but the majority of politically motivated crimes were from the extreme right, with 22,342 cases and an increase of 9.4%.

At the same time, crimes linked to a foreign ideology dropped 23.7% to 1,897 and those motivated by a religious ideology fell 27.5% to 425.

In other words, the Moslems are calming down, while the Germans are losing their patience.

“The largest threat, as in the past, is the threat from the right,” Seehofer said. “Extreme-right politically motivated cases make up more than half of all of such recorded crimes — it is an order of magnitude that causes us concern, great concern.”

Nearly 40% of all political crimes were classified as “propaganda crimes” — such as displaying banned symbols like the swastika.Violent crime dropped 15.9% to 2,832 cases.

Of particular note was a 13% increase in anti-Semitic crimes to 2,032, more than 93% of which were attributed to the far right. Similarly, anti-Muslim crimes rose 4.4% to 950, more than 90% at the hands of a far-right perpetrator.

Seehofer said right-wing extremists had left a “trail of blood” across Germany in recent years, noting the attack on a synagogue in Halle last year in which the gunman was prevented from entering the building but killed two people on the street, a February attack in Hanau in which a gunman killed nine people of foreign background, and the murder last June of a regional politician who supported Merkel’s welcoming policy toward migrants.

“We have every reason to continue with the greatest vigilance here,” he said.

Seehofer said authorities, accused in the past of downplaying right-wing activity, are not “blind in the right eye” and have taken action to combat the trend.

He noted that the country’s domestic intelligence last year increased surveillance of the Alternative for Germany, particularly focusing on its youth arm and a faction known as “The Wing,” which has downplayed the country’s Nazi past and suggested it might pursue “revolutionary” means to achieve its political aims.

He said the decision has been “highly effective” but has not “wiped the ideas off the table.”

So they’re still looking for a final solution to the Nazi question.

It’s typical.

Nothing is ever enough for the Jews who make these kinds of demands.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer