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Fear the Mask

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

Walk the streets in the United States and many countries these days and you will see streaming crowds of people possessed by demons, masked and anonymous, whose eyes look like vacuums, staring into space or out of empty sockets like the dead, afraid of their own ghosts.  Fear and obedience oozes from them.  Death walks the streets with people on leashes in lockstep.

That they have been the victims of a long-planned propaganda campaign to use an invisible virus to frighten them into submission and shut down the world’s economy for the global elites is beyond their ken. This is so even when the facts are there to prove otherwise.Edward Curtin

Our nation stands on the cusp of a terrible darkness, of a third “American Revolution”, the success of which will guarantee that we never see a fourth. The bipartisan totalitarian Left is closer now than ever before to consummating its New World Order, at least eight decades in the making. The New American Century appears to have arrived, the earth entire a bastard “America” predicated upon the annihilation of our America, the America that came before, the America whose Constitution was weaponized, whose laws were selectively enforced, whose institutions were turned towards her dispossession. The upcoming “election” is irrelevant, the threat of “socialism” a red herring to mire us in Sisyphean debates over issues that only matter if our nation still exists — a very great “if” indeed.

Whatever its origins, impenetrably murky as they are, the “coronavirus” is a pretext that is being used to inculcate a climate of fear, enact one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history, and socialize our already hyper-atomized people into servitude. The program of national lockdowns was instituted as a blitzkrieg. There were no meaningful debates or discussions; our “betters” simply made the choice for us, as they have every other decision of any consequence for much of the past century. Quarantines have always, from their very inception, isolated vulnerable populations from the general population; never have they shuttered entire societies in an iron vise. This complete absence of historical precedent, combined with the rapidity with which the program was foisted upon us, should suffice to clearly demonstrate that the lockdown regime was premeditated, and was merely lying in wait for the creation of a crisis to justify its installation. 

Above all, the lockdown regime delivered the coup de grâce to the American middle class, sucking the wealth from our independent, family-owned small businesses by fiat and funneling it straight into the coffers of Walmart, Amazon, and the other monopolists who will keep the production lines of the State-planned economy humming. Thus, has the ruling class brought the liquidation of the benighted and deplorable American kulak nearly to fruition. Wall Street will be just fine. Main Street is dead. Horatio Alger hung himself with the bootstraps they told him to pull himself up with. The lockdowns have accomplished far more than the final death of the average American, though. Social distancing? Americans already lived their lives at a distance from one another. As Bret Easton Ellis wrote in Less Than Zero, “People are afraid to merge.” The social fabric could not have been more frayed even before the “coronavirus.” And now? The frays have finally snapped, atomized beyond repair. The churches are closed. The liquor stores, however, are wide open. Anomie saturates the air, and 2020 will surely see new records set, for pornography consumption, drug overdose deaths, and suicides. Let us not forget Hannah Arendt’s warning that “totalitarianism appeals to the very dangerous emotional needs of people who live in complete isolation and in fear of one another.”

Bill Gates is cooking up the Mark of the Beast, a luciferase “quantum dot tattoo” to serve as a sort of internal passport for those who have been “vaccinated” against the “virus.” A legion of tech apps is developing “contact tracers” to institute a true panopticon. Whomever sleeps in the White House, it is evident that the “vaccine” will be mandatory. President Trump has already spoken of using “our” military to “distribute” it. I, for one, will not be getting that “vaccine” injected into my veins. If I can help it, none of my loved ones will, either. This “vaccine” becomes all the more sinister when we realize that there are already cures for the actual pathogen that they call the “coronavirus,” and that those unobtrusive and inexpensive cures are being suppressed in favor of the “vaccine” that “our” Best and Brightest are preparing to churn out.

Malevolent propaganda blankets our televisions, newspapers, and public spaces, in a ceaseless barrage spewed forth from the lying mouths of Doctor Doom, Little Fauci himself, the Toast of the Town, along with the CDC and WHO. These great paragons of Science and Health have been wrong about almost everything; to attribute these failures to ignorance, however, would be unreasonably charitable. No, they are not ignorant. They’re doing exactly what they set out to do, ensuring that our people will thoughtlessly surrender to the faceless State what little freedom we yet retain. To even mildly disagree with the ever-drifting Party Line invites the designation of “anti-health,” and even “murderer.” We are being conditioned into mindless obedience; what truly depresses me is that it is working.   

The Mask is a psy-op, a humiliation ritual that has taken on totemic, religious significance. In scenes straight out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I have seen video after video of innocent men and women harassed and chased out of businesses and restaurants across the country, all for the crime of not wearing The Mask. The Pod People are screeching, alerting each other to the humans in their midst. As I go about my daily business, I am treated like a leper because I do not wear The Mask. Just the other day, I walked up to an order window at a local coffee joint. I was outside, on a public city street, while the employee was inside his store. We were separated by solid glass, the only space a small slot for his credit card machine. The man demanded that I put on The Mask. I looked at him, eyebrows raised, and replied, “Outside? You’re inside, and I’m outside on the street.” The man repeated his demand. I looked at him again, waved my hand, and said, “Alright. Forget about it.” I walked away. I’ll never spend my money there again.  

To speak nothing of the fact that there is literally no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that The Mask works, this incident is quite portentous. Even if The Mask did “work,” which it emphatically does not, what could possibly justify a man inside and behind glass demanding that a man outside on a public street don The Mask? It is a matter of satanic faith for these True Believers. We have been corroded into a nation of Pavel Morozovs, a nation of self-righteous wannabe jackbooted snitches eager to exercise and abuse what little power they have.

The Mask is a moral intoxicant, supplying profundity to the oxygen-starved machines that pass for people, allowing Non-Player Characters to write themselves into some grand narrative of civic virtue. These “men without chests” are driven by schadenfreude; they alleviate their crushing misery by pointing their fingers in shame and reporting their fellow citizens for not wearing The Mask. They are the brownshirts of a soft totalitarianism, hardening apace into something ominous indeed.

For now, The Mask is a piece of cloth. Soon, it will be something far worse.

Author Bio: Neil Kumar is a law student who lives in the Arkansas Ozarks. He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Sons of the American Revolution. His work can also be found at the Abbeville Institute, American Renaissance, and Clyde Wilson’s Reckonin’.