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Exposed: Zio Racism in Treatment of the Covid-19 Virus! (David Duke, Audio + Transcript)

From David Duke's Website:

Today Dr. Duke and publisher Eric Striker had a discussion on the hypocrisy of the Zio media talking about racism in the impact of coronavirus, while ignoring the Jews-only ambulance service and medical “charities” run by Jews. Plus other stuff I bet you never heard of. 

Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad agent, Ghislaine Maxwell was his Mossad handler, and everyone in Washington is complicit in the usurpation of our government by Jewish power.

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About David Duke:

I'm sure you've heard of David Duke, the great racist KKK Wizard or whatever else the mainstream media smears him as, but we encourage you to listen to him yourself and form your own opinion.

Dr. Duke is one of the most unfairly slandered men in America - but that's a good thing. The only way to know if you're really speaking truth to power is when the powerful start fighting back. In reality, David is just a nice guy with the nerve to be honest. He's relentlessly devoted to the truth and a love for his own people, like any decent person should be.

Duke is one of the most accomplished and internationally respected authorities on such controversial issues as race and the negative influence of Jewish elites, which he addresses with decorum. Listening to him you'd be challenged to find a hateful bone in his body, or a position that is not backed by hard evidence. In fact he has a long record of advocating for peace with Arabs, particularly the victims of Israeli imperialism.

We highly recommend you give him a listen and visit his website, and let the man speak for himself!

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Ladies and gentlemen, friends and open minded people, wherever you live across the United States of America and across the world, this is David Duke. And today, I'm very happy to have on with me the very fine commentator, researcher and dedicated activist for the European-American people, really for human rights, because this is fundamental. If there are such a thing as human rights and the world is certainly every people have a right to preserve their own heritage, their own interests, their own values, their own traditions, their own culture. And we know there is massive, massive hatred really being evoked is truly a hate media and hate speech going on against European-Americans all over the world and even in our own countries, because we have a media that's controlled by another specific group that is extremely racist. And one of the reasons why I was so looking forward to having you on and by the way, welcome to the show. My girlfriend, Stephanie. You did some good research on this. Incredible. I mean, it's hard to even believe it. People maybe people listening to this are not going to believe it till you realize this. Once you understand Jewish racism and Jewish supremacism in a real sense, and it's a supremacism which is really more distinctively restrictive and hateful toward other people than any other supremacism on there. There's a lot of people who think they're the best, obviously, and think their culture is the best.

But Jews not only believe that they're the best say they're chosen of God. You can't get a more supremacist ideology than to believe that God's favor you over all their people. And that's pretty obvious about Judaism and anybody else is second rate. You know, and they believe that 99.9 percent of the humanity that's not Jewish is inferior. And God really doesn't smile upon them that that is a hard form of racism. But you're not even allowed to discuss it or even to criticize it today. And this is the same media run by these same supremacists who support Israel, which has very strict immigration laws. Who, the people own The New York Times. They are members of Jewish groups promoting Jewish supremacism and and basically telling us every day how the rest of the world that gentile humanity, the goy of the world, is evil. Well, one of the things that Eric Streicher has been researching, I knew about this as well, but I've wanted to talk about this until Eric comes on, because he's I think he just put out an article today. There's an article in forward newspaper in a Forward is one of the leading intellectual Jewish papers in the United States of America. And it's got an article about how in New York City, which has had a lot of damage from this virus, no question about it.

And this forward article is titled Orthodox E.M.S. Ventilator Transfer Solves Hospitals Conflict with Jewish Patients for now. And this is from the Miami D Center. I'm going to let Eric Streicher explain to you the this this Jewish racism and how they want to even Jews that are going to die, even Jews that are recovering, they want to keep that the respirators for themselves rather than goyim.

You could imagine it was the other way around. Let's just let Eric tell you about this, this issue, what's in the forward and what's going on. And Maimonides Center Health Center in New York. Go ahead, Eric.

Yeah. So there's a hospital in Brooklyn Borough Park, Brooklyn told Maimonides Medical Center it's despite its name. It's not supposed to be sectarian. It's not. It's basically foreveryone to public hospital and the Jews only for Jews only ambulance service called hatzolah, which again only serves Jews. As you recall, the Crown Heights riots were caused partially by hatzolah choosing to treat a Jewish driver who ran over a black girl and had minor injuries over the child. And the child died and a lot of the blacks in the neighborhood saw this happen. And that's why White sparked the riots.

So hatzolah somehow got its hands on 50 ventilators. Now these ventilators are in short supply, not just in New York, but in the entire world. OK. Where I talked to a friend of mine who works for a while, used to work for EMT and he used. Tell me that it's very shady, like where did they get the ventilators? Why did they have them in their possession? You know, he was like kind of speculating that, you know, these may have been procured on the black market or from Israel or something like that. But anyway, they got their hands on 50 ventilators and they donated them, quote, donate core strings attached to Maimonides Hospital and my Maimonides hospital, again, despite its name, is actually run by at least one gentile doctor. I'm not sure what the makeup of the average doctor is there, but they have largely Jewish patients, though they're supposed to serve everyone. So anyway.

Hatzolah donated the ventilators. And they get federal monies and they get tax monies, 98, 99, 98 percent of the goyim in America. Right. So. Right.

Right. And so. So they the strings attached. Is that basically Jews get a priority access to these ventilators in a time in New York City. When, you know, doctors are having to engage in triage, they're rationing health care.

They're having to make even though it's not official informally. There's an article in The Washington Post about how doctors are already rationing health care. And what I mean by that is that if you if you stop breathing, they don't give you a second chance and they don't try and resuscitate you. They just take your ventilator and give it to someone else who might have a better chance, a fighting chance. So essentially, what hatzolah the memorandum or cord that they came to with the hospital is that this rule by us again, the ambulance service, which is meant to be only for Jews.

Yes. hatzolah donate these on the condition that this rule, this informal rule does not apply to Jews. So if a Jew is on a ventilator and you know he doesn't have a do not resuscitate order, the doctors are obligated under this agreement to keep the ventilator on the Jew, even if he has a number of co-morbidities, if he's very old and so on. So let's say there's a 95 year old Jewish man with countless co-morbidities and has a very, very poor chance of survival. He is entitled to the ventilator above age, a younger gentile that has a much better chance of surviving. And the way that hatzolah is framing this in the forward is framing this, is that it's according that the Jewish patients at Maimonides want to have their religious their religious exception, too, in terms of the the sanctity of life. All right.

So according to the Jewish religion, where their sanctity of life is much more important than anybody else. Right.

All right. Who are the Jewish religion? You're not allowed to discriminate based on age and so on to health care. And so that means that, you know, in a time where you have to ration health care, that means that you have to give you have to keep the the the Jew with the very poor chances on a ventilator, even if a person with a better chance dies because of it.

So lo and behold, guess what?

Every single religion that I can think of holds kind of the same philosophy, like the Catholic Church. Remember Terry Scheibel, right? Right. Catholic Church says that you can't discriminate against someone because of their age in terms of giving them health care, that it's it's it's immoral to take someone off a ventilator or take someone off life support. And yet this doesn't seem to apply to Catholic patients. Right? Right. So, you know, this is again, it's a set aside.

Now, I'm seeing a pattern here because it's not just at minorities' Hospital in Italy with another really hard hit place. The Israelis have actually dispatched quite a bit of emergency support for the city of Milan, which is by far one of the hardest hit in a Little Italy, one of the most overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients.

The problem is that the emergency support is exclusively for Italian Jews or the Israeli government is sending, quote, solidarity and medical supplies, but they are reserved exclusively for Rome and Milan's Jewish community. So, again, you know, some people say, well, Israel is a small country. You know, they have to prioritize. They only have so much to give and so on. But, you know, not for nothing. And this isn't to say anything good or bad about the Cuban government. The Cubans actually dispatched a bunch of doctors to Italy and they're not discriminating based on the race of the patients. They're they're there to be used by the Italian government where they're needed. And yet Israel, on the other hand, every single act of foreign aid seems to be whether whether it's the Israeli government or hatzolah seems to prioritize, racially prioritize Jews over Gentiles. And I don't know if you remember when when the Golden Dawn was a big thing in Greece. But one of the biggest complaints Jewish organizations made was that a Greek nationalist group in Greece would only provide support and an aid in terms of food and medicine and so on to other Greeks.

So a Greek nationalist group in Greece was helping exclusively the Greek majority, which is suffering disproportionately above illegal immigrants. Right. This is a big scandal. This is racist. You can't have racist charity, blah, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, the same people that were saying that are now engaging in literal racist charity. So what I'm making here is that, yes, this really shows how the Jews think of non-Jews in the sense that, you know, if you're not Jewish, you're screwed in terms of accessing these hard to come by ventilators. If you're Italian and there's Israeli NGOs there. They will watch you die over risk, even having any kind of shortage for the Jewish community. So, you know, again, this goes to show, you know, why. Why would any country like Italy or America, why would any country being an alliance with Israel, knowing that the Israelis do not consider non-Jews to be equal in terms of dignity, even not just racially equal, but in terms of the dignity of their lives to Jews? OK. So that's that's basically the gist of it.

Can we go a little bit into the whole concept and even the ambulance concept now? OK. As you as you talked about, there was a big controversy when the Spice Girls hit and they wouldn't take her. And. And they are an ambulance company restricted purely to Jews. Now, first of all, we have to understand, folks, to start off with that Judaism is not purely religion. It is a racial religion. And it practices the idea that Jews or Jews, regardless of their belief in God, are there, regardless of whether they're a member of a Jewish synagogue. What the way the Jewish religion defines a Jew is by having a Jewish mother. The Jewish religion controls the immigration policies of Israel. And it's not on the basis that a person comes in who's practicing Judaism or believes in God or any of the precepts of the Talmud or the Old Testament.

But whether or not they're a Jew by their heritage, by their genealogy, by their race and by the way, are magazines like The Forward, which we've talked about here today, having the story in it. This is a story about Jews for Jews, that it's not very good for the Jews, for the goyim to know all this stuff. They themselves had two articles, some big headlines. Jews are a race. So imagine just for a moment, folks. And I know you've already imagined this, Eric, because you're aware of these discrepancies and these incredible hypocrisies, as I am imagine for a moment. If there was an ambulance service only for white people, literally.

Only for white people. All right.

I mean, that would be considered the highest racism and hatred and whatever. And again, it's not even about religion. It's not like an ambulance service dedicated to Catholics. But if this is an ambulance service dedicated to people of a different percentage, they don't ask that. Do you know? Do you believe in God? Do you go to synagogue? No. It's. It's your Jewish race in Israel.

The Jewish religion controls marriage. And the deciding factor on the marriage is not if the person's a member of one of the Jewish sects like a CDM or whether they're reformed Jew or Orthodox Jew. Almost all Jews in the world of America are Orthodox. Jews are atheists. No, they they restrict marriage to people who are of Jewish descent.

That's basically what they don't care if a person's an atheist. They don't care about immigration if the person is an atheist or communist. So the idea that you would have this racist policy right in the midst of this country, a country where they Jews dominate the media, where they select and discriminate. For their own people to continue to dominate the media like The New York Times, which has been passed on due to due to you since Adam Hox blocked the publication back in 1895, that they themselves are racial. They themselves are ethnic. They support their own people first. They have organizations dedicated to Jews. And here you have an ambulance company supposed to be worried about protecting people and defending people. And it's limited only to Jews. Yet there's not a single mention of this of any of our Zionist dominated media. And there's no outcry by the Hollywood media, which is overwhelmingly Jewish, but constantly tells us it's so evil for people to want to preserve their own heritage or any organization to be dedicated to their own people over others. And yet this is the reality of life in America.

Amazing Apocrypha had also it also like, you know, some people would say, well, who cares? You know, it's just they're serving the Jewish community so well. I'll tell you what, New York City, there's a four hour wait for an ambulance. So if there's a bunch of ambulances for hatzolah idling around and there's need, there's gentile need because there's a shortage of ambulances. The state should just go in there and take those ambulance from hatzolah in and allow everyone in New York to have access to an ambulance. OK. But the political will is simply not there. You know, and also like these ventilators, you know, 50 ventilators, why isn't the state walking in there and just taking them from this group? And, you know, allocating the ventilators where they're actually needed? Okay. You know, because, you know, we we can we people can say, oh, who cares? You know, whatever. It is hypocritical. But here's the thing. There is a part of private college, a Christian college in Louisiana. It's called Louisiana College. Yeah. And they apparently they're accused of passing up a Jewish applicant for a job because he was Jewish.

Right. And that's a position, actually. Yeah. At a federal court found that this violated the Jewish man's civil rights and a private person. It was natural violation. They classified Jews as a race. Right.

Yes, exactly. So the private Christian college is not allowed to hire only Christians. And yet hatzolah is allowed to only serve Jews. You know, this is a clear cut civil rights violation. So either the rules apply to everyone or they apply to no one. Which one is it? Okay. It is if you have if you have not, because it's not in these communities like Burl Park. It's not just an ambulance service. They have police. They have vigilante police who drive cars that look like NYPD cars that go around in in these kind of multi-ethnic neighborhoods where Jews live side by side with non-Jews, especially blacks. And this vigilante Jewish, you know, it's basically like a local Klan watch. But with. But for Jews, it's like a Klan watch, but with long, curly, curly locks. Yeah. You know, why are they. And I'll tell you what. Back in the day, I used to have a friend who used to do the beat on in Brooklyn in Crown Heights. And he would tell me that the NYPD had an understanding to let the vigilantes, the Jewish vigilantes, do what they gotta do. And he said, you know, it was very common that the types of the types of policing, quote, policing these Jewish vigilantes would do would be highly controversial if the NYPD did it. He said, like, for example, if if a black man was chatting to a Jewish woman in the neighborhood, Hot's hatzolah Shomrim would drive up and go up to the black. I'd be like, what you're doing? What do you do? Go go back to your neighborhood, you know.

And you know, things like that, which you again, imagine a white person or a white defense group would be going up to a black person on the street chatting to a white woman, you know, even being nasty tour and the saying, go back to your neighborhood. It would be a civil rights violation. And B, they'd be under federal indictment. You. No.

Oh, yeah, yeah. And yet this is happening in what is supposed to be one of the most liberal cities in the world. Yeah. This kind of this kind of racial vigilantism. Again, it doesn't just it extends into many fields. And then you look at like the leader of the Shomrim or the leaders of hatzolah. Right. And they have very, very close relationship with the people at the NYPD, with the governing class, with the local politicians and so on. You know, I mean, look at Doug Hikind, right. Deb Haken was the representative of Burbach. This man was literally a member of the Jewish Defense League. And you know what?

There's a lot of there's a lot of circumstantial that charge of terrorism in a number of. By the way, and they were about it, the I listed them in the 19th. I'm old enough to remember all these days in the 70s and 80s, a list of the Jewish Defense League as the leading and most dangerous terrorist organization, United States, but it never got much media. But that was the FBI designation of the Jewish Defense League.

Right. And so imagine, you know, like in is retired now, but for years you had a member of the Jewish Defense League supposedly representing a part of New York City that has many people that aren't Jewish. So you want to call your local representative and complain that the Shomrim keeps keeps busting your balls when you know, when you're when you're in the Jewish part of town at night because you're running errands or something. Well, guess what? Your local representative is a member of the JDL. So good luck with that.

You know, and so that's kind of like a you know, a lot of people don't understand why, you know, even though blacks are taught to to see Jews as their saviors and blacks are taught to see Jews as their allies, many Jews in Brooklyn, maybe many blacks in Brooklyn still resent the Jewish community. And this is part of the one of the puzzle pieces behind that, the unspoken uncovered. You know, the media will not talk about this. But. Right. It's it's not a behavior, you know.

Let's go into one of the background, too. And I noticed when I read the forward article about a week ago or so I read this article, I noticed they were talking about the of these health center. Right. And and this is another good example. I'd love to have you on, Eric, because we're always just pulling back the veil of this massive racist discrimination and hate, really, that exists right in front of our eyes across this country. And you you pull away the veil. You you pull away the camouflage they put over all this. OK, so let's talk about I know so this you've outlined and the forward article basically outlines, if you read between the lines of a discriminatory policy that's putting Jewish life over gentile life. Right.

And we can also see that throughout their writings, the Jewish Week, which is a publication out of New York City, had a rabbi that actually wrote that it was OK for a Jew. This is a this is the biggest Jewish provocation. United States of America, by the way, the biggest describers of any publication, any Jewish publication probably in the world. It was a huge publication. Still still is. It's called Jewish Week. And they used to have a rabbi, Yitzhak Shamir, who Ginsburg said, which is we reject Ginsburg. And he did this article called Halachic Questions. And he's posed this ideological question and spiritual question to his Jewish readers. And he said, is it moral for a Jew if they needed a liver disease or liver was bad, they had cirrhosis of the liver. The liver is going to go out. It would be moral for a Jew to stop a gentile on the street and take his liver or the Jew who needed one.

This is no joke. It's all documented in my book. You can find it in Jewish week. I read this years ago right out of the paper. I've documented it repeatedly and he answers the question for the readers of this big Jewish publication. There was no outcry because of this, and there was no outcry even within the publication saying this is horrendous. And he says in this publication, why? Yes, of course it is. It is absolutely moral for a Jew to grab an indiscriminate gentile on the street and steals live and kill the gentile, take his liver, because a Jew is a higher spiritual being than a gentile. Talk about racial supremacism. Well, right now, my M.D. is to go on a little bit more this to show you this, this, the secrecy that we don't really know what's going on. My M.D. is often praise as and he is very famous in Jewish liturgy and Jewish history whatsoever. Yes, he's a philosopher. Who is he was absolutely he's the most famous and most respected figure of European Judaism. Right. And in Miami, these even comedies, he decreed the sound of this. Now, this guy is supposed to be real liberal, right? He was the most famous Jew of the, quote, enlightenment. He decreed that Jewish physicians should not save the life of a Christian unless not saving the Christians. Life would cause the spread of hostility against Jews. So you shouldn't save Christians like you shouldn't save a non-Jews life unless the Gentiles would know about the goyim would know.

We goyim don't know here anyway. And that would cause hostility against Jews. Now, I got a couple of the quotes for you on my own is. This is at the center is named after. So you have a center, a health center which is discriminating. Try actually discriminate against the life of non-Jews in favor of Jews. And it's named after a Jewish philosopher who told Jews that they should never save the life of a Christian Aleppo. Thus, it would discredit Jews, not notes. I mean, the whole thing. Listen to this. Miama D he's also. He wrote these books called The Book of Civil Laws. You're probably familiar with this. You know, a lot, Eric. Like I've read that a lot of reading. And in this book I can give you a quote. I looked it up right before the show. Here's here's a quote from Ramadi's. His is is absolute anger and hatred toward non-Jews. It is permissible to borrow from a heathen. This is Miami's talk in this book are from an alien resident. And to lend them at interest for it's written. Thou shalt not land upon interest to the brother Deuteronomy. Twenty three, twenty two. Thy brother, it's forbidden, but to the rest of the world is permissible. Indeed, it is an affirmative commandment to lend money at interest to a heathen, for it's written unto the heathen non-Jew.

Thou shalt lean upon interest. It goes on to say this is his own words. So he says it's OK to lend money and interest. And what is Mohammed is referred to as interest? Well, the the old Hebrew name is routed from the word Nasik. He shows it in in the code of mammaries. It says Nasik binding. They have that in quotation mark because that's what it means. And Marbut increase interest are the same thing. This is what Miami, he says. Why is it called MESSICK? Because he who takes it bites his fellow, who takes it, bites his fellow, causing him pain and eats his flesh. I mean, this is unbelievable. And this is crazy. It's almost like he can't even believe it till you read it. You saying, man, I must be dreaming all this. So here's Miami's he's the center. Now, imagine if this was was a white run hospital, a white one hospital named after some white racist. You know who said that? Well, white people should hurt. You know, Jews should should know should bite Jews with high interest rates. Right. Who talked about how that that white people shouldn't even ministered medicine heal? This is the head of the medical center. He said that Jewish physicians shouldn't even ever help a gentile who is sick or about to die unless. Unless the Gentiles would find out. Boy, it's all right.

Inception. And you know, again, you know, if if this peculiar little cold wants to do this and this is what they believe. They don't believe in the in medical ethics and so on. That's fine. The problem is when these people find themselves in positions of power in gentile societies, particularly in the medical industry. OK. If you have people that believe that you shouldn't treat gentiles running hospitals and then having having hospitals named after them. I don't want to be in that hospital, you know. I mean, it's that simple. So, you know, fine. You have two choices. You can believe in this nonsense. You can believe in this kind of, you know, kind of supremacist medical ethic. But you can't run a hospital. OK. You can't run a hospital. Go away. You can't. You have to. You have to. The state has to intervene and take my monies hospital and name it after someone that actually believes in nonsectarian medicine.

As that happens, Nancy, a lot of people have. Right. We have the guy that helped, you know, Thomas Crick. And and people invented the DNA and Watson and all these other people. You know, we've had them. They discovered that they believed in racial differences. And so they're stripping them of their awards. And it's honoring one of the people that unlock the science, the DNA, which has saved countless hundreds of millions, if not billions of lives, and will have enormous benefit to the health and wonder of humanity who are being stripped because they simply to tell the truth that there are IQ differences and certain differences between white and black races.

Look at look at, for example, my good friend Alex MacNab. He was an EMT in a small rural community, a very highly respected EMT. He saved countless lives of black people, of all people. He never. There's no record of him ever discriminated against anyone based on their race. You know, he didn't drive an ambulance only for whites. Unlike hatzolah, which drives ambulance is only for Jews. OK. He served everyone equally. And because he went on a podcast and he made a few jokes about blacks. They fired him. OK. The the the Huffington Post fired him. Christopher the Theiss, who, by the way, lives in Brooklyn or used to live in Brooklyn. Christopher Theiss right in his neighborhood, most likely probably has hatzolah ambulances zipping by him every day and see no evil, hear no evil for Mr. Matthias in Brooklyn. But then he travels all the way to rural Virginia, to an underserved community where EMTALA are in short supply. I mean, that's why it took so long to fire him, because you have a highly competent medical worker and there is no record of an ever discriminate against anyone for their race. And yet they were able to force through through a public pressure campaign. You know, again, he was only working two days a week or something at that point. Doesn't need to work. And he was doing it as a social service. And yet, lo behold, they they they got rid of him. And, you know, it's just so it's just so ridiculous. It's so it's so hypocritical, you know, so a guy who has who does a great job, no record of discriminate against anyone is fired from his EMT job. And yet you go to Christopher to find his own backyard and you have a hospital named after a man who tells you not to not to administer medicine to non-Jews.

Those same gentiles lives. You're. You're violating Jewish law. Unless the gentiles are going to find out that you're not saving the gentile.

Named after him. Named after him. And then you have Jews only ambulance service, an ambulance service that has specific instructions not to administer medicine, not to save the lives of gentiles. You know, they they're they're following their beliefs. The hatzolah people donating 50 ventilators. God knows how they procured them, not only for Jews. This is happening in Mr. Matthias is back yard. You know, Mr. Matthiessen was in Brooklyn and by some happenstance needs to go to my Monte's Hospital because he has a corona virus and he needs a ventilator. He's going to be, let's just say s o l. Okay. SAGAL Because that's how Brooklyn works. That's how these communities work. And he would never report this in The Huffington Post because that would be politically incorrect. Remember, the Huffington Post is the same publication that published goig by when Bannon was dismissed from the Trump administration. So so, you know, again, I can't take your whining about racism seriously when you actively turn a blind eye towards the powerful who engage in this all the time.

And the funny and the funny thing is, I know you well, Eric. And I think people that know me, I've lived my whole life down here in Louisiana. I've dealt with black people my life. I served in the legislature with black people. You know, I've served in public life on the committees. I've dealt decently with people. And I'm not the kind of person that's trying to get hatred toward them. I certainly believe that a black person well, they live in this society. If they do well, they should be given what they're what they're due by their merits and by their abilities, just as I think my people should. And we have massive discrimination and against white people today in the world. And this is something that's not talked about this. Some other parts of this epidemic, and I know I've been doing a little more research, I'm you're you're really under the politics and you're into the social justice aspect of this with with companies and business and working people. So let's start let's break down a little bit on this virus and I'll first give you a couple of my thoughts. And some of these might be new to you because I realize that, you know, my thoughts aren't presented to the public very much on the media. To find my thoughts. You really got to work to find them. You know, you really got to read my Twitter thoroughly. You've got a list of my program. People have time for all that. But let me give a couple thoughts about this virus.

OK. First and foremost, you know, I do believe the virus is real. I believe it's a novel virus, as have been most of the flu epidemics, including all the way back to 1918 with the so-called Spanish flu, even though it didn't originate in Spain, actually, but that that disease took really hundreds of millions of lives, even with a much higher faller, you know, less population. So I do believe that the virus is hard. I believe it's it can cause death. But I want to point out some things to you and to our listeners so we can discuss this, because you might have a different take on it as well. But if you really look at the figures of the death rate of the virus and they say it's so much higher than other flu, I would contest that. I would suggest, for instance, we don't know how many people contracted this virus. And but the science is the leading. Scientists of the world say that 75 to 85 percent of the people have very small reaction to this virus and beg for many people, it's less than the common flu as a percentage of them have a more serious reaction. So if you when you take the death toll of those who've been tested because of their conditions and their symptoms, and then you say these are the people that die, it's going to be very, very different then when you start to look at the general population. Now, the fact is, as you probably know, I know this, but the media is not being putting this together for us.

The fact is that last year in the United States of America, with the latest novel, flu viruses that were going around then and they said that our vaccines had not caught up to them, we found that eighty thousand people died in the United States of America of the flu virus last year. Now, so far in this country, fourteen or fifteen thousand have died. And there's no question about the fact and this is very clear argument, you start doing the research on it. In Italy, they vary. Italy has been the focus of the world's research recently. They kind of got a head start after China had this problem. And in Italy, they found that 99 percent of the people who died at very serious health underlying conditions and caught what they call co-morbidities. And ninety nine percent of the victims who died were that that's that situation, that prognosis, prognosis in New Orleans, which I'm very familiar with. And we have in some parishes of neurons, which is our version of counties, we've had parishes in Louisiana that are highest in any regions anywhere in the world, including Milan and Italy in terms of the morbidity per patients. Right. And the scientists who have been studying this say that ninety eight percent of those who died had underlying medical pathologies, write serious pathologies. Now, what they're saying to the to the country right now is that this is all because of the fact that the reason why blacks are suffering at the higher proportion today, like in Louisiana, 30 percent population in is black.

About 60 percent of the population that's died are blacks. They give you all this. Is that what they do about everything? Right. They'll say, well, OK. Twelve percent of the population of America is black. So Harvard shouldn't be 12 percent black. Right. And which is it is about that today. But the truth is, when it was far less, it was because blacks didn't qualify. The reason why blacks didn't get mortgages is because they had a horrible credit records. They didn't pay their bills. They they maybe they imbibed alcohol too much and got drunk and didn't go pay their bills. They got bad credit. They didn't they went bankrupt. They got in trouble with along with the jail. It's hard to pay a mortgage when you go to jail. That's why the mortgage rates were worse when they when they talked to us about black crime rates, rates because it's a relationship with poverty. You start to research it. You. Find out that even blacks are not impoverished, have two to three times blacks who are middle class in terms of their economy, have two to three times the murder rate and violence rate than white people. You find out that blacks who are raised by professors, white professors in academic environments that go to like the top schools of the country, that their I.Q.s, by the time they're out of high school, they're I.Q.s merge back to the typical average IQ in the black black community.

That's what the Skarner study. So we're getting it right now. We're getting one more anti-white bunch of propaganda. The reason why blacks are dying, because blacks are far more prone to be obese. They're far more prone to have diabetes, which is a big co-morbidity. They're far more likely to have cancers. In fact, obese people have more cancers. It's all interrelated. And 70 percent, 60, 70 percent of people who have coronary heart disease, which is the biggest killer in the world, are also diabetic or pre-diabetic. They have metabolic issues. All right. So we're having. So is a two part thought for you. We're we're having this discussion. How? Oh, poor black people, they're all dying because of how terrible white people are. And it's all racist when the truth is they're dying because of things that aren't necessarily related to poverty at all. They're they're related to poverty. But maybe some of the things, same things that keep people poor, even though you've had hard core work of affirmative action to eliminate poverty. We've got more poverty now than ever before, even among blacks, that maybe there are under the same underlying conditions that cause murder rates and rape rates and crime rates. And poverty may be similarly same underlying conditions that cause this. That's the first part of this question. We'll cover that and we'll cover the second part of what you think about this anti-white propaganda that sweeping the country right now about what you why you're seeing caused by feel or die.

Well, the first thing I will say, though, is that it's not necessarily exactly like the flu byhis the Corona virus, COVA, 19, is far, far more contagious and also has a higher fatality rate than the flu. So a lot a lot of people get the flu, but more of them, a higher percentage of them survive the Corona virus, corona virus, like, for example, the flu season is usually estimated to be from December to April. Right. And it kills generally. You know, there are worse and better seasons, but it kills generally 30 to 40000 people. Yeah, they do have underlying conditions and so on.

Well, last year was 83, right. But they had kind of a new version of the flu that killed eighty thousand. Yeah. Yeah. OK. And that was with full blown social con with no social contact restrictions. Nothing. Was I right.

Well in the case the Crow virus in the United States, right now there are almost 15000 registered deaths. And this thing has only been in America for like a month now.

You know, really from January, because all of these viruses start off slow is actually late January and early February. So it's been around for a little while, March.

Well, the exact extent of how how many people have died from this is probably not known. I don't I don't I really hesitated to say it's it's just like the flu, because if it was hospitals in New York City would be stock packing corpses in makeshift morgues and talking about dumping people in mass graves in New York City parks. Like, clearly, this is something that is not a it's it's a black swan and the system's not prepared to deal with that. And so the panic option is to get people say homes have to contain the spread of it.

Well, you know, we had 80000 deaths last year, and these were deaths from flu. I mean, what I'm suggesting to you and just as a thought, because we having a discussion, we're both intellectuals, I believe, or both researchers. And I believe that the the narrative of this entire epidemic has been created by the media and the government.

I'm not talking about a massive conspiracy theory, but I believe the narrative has been created within mind certain economic and job objectives and certain political objectives. And I think I think I can offer some evidence on that. I'll give you an example of when this when this. Was founded in and by the way, I'm not saying the disease is not very contagious and I bet Bob Blunt tell you this. I don't. I believe the disease is not any more contagious than the Spanish flu was contagious. It was a novel virus. I'm saying I don't think the disease is any more contagious than what the what the flu was last year that killed 80000. In fact, the evidence is that it's very similar. They they were telling us that this is mainly airborne transmission. But some of the biggest studies in the world by the top doctors, W.H.O., in fact, had about 30 of the top doctors all over the world who are fighting this virus, who are dealing with it. Treating it and so forth. The biggest study in this virus that's been done, it was done in China, showed seventy five thousand cases of which they believe that these cases we're not really done by airborne transmission, only airborne when people are very close to now. That's why they put out the recommendations of people that stay less than three feet apart. One meter, three meter causes three feet, a little bit more than three feet. But that's what they that's what they said. And but it was. And also the droplets. Measles is the most contagious disease you can think of.

You can get one guy in a room just breathing in the room with measles. And the reason why measles is so contagious is because measles is very much unlike all of the Corona's and covered 19 type viruses. It's a much more tiny what they call nuclei. It's a very tiny droplet. And the droplet is so small, so small that it can hang in the air for three hours. Right. And more than that, sometimes, especially in a closed, more unventilated room. And the belief that why it spreads so rapidly among health care practitioners is because of the fact that when you intubate someone affect a very, very BHO report that talked about this, mentioned this, said that when you intubate someone, when you ventilate them, when you do these forceful physical things, you're propelling these big droplets because you're putting tubes down their throat, the doctors. And there's lots of touching there, too. So most of the evidence, the reason why they say wash your hands is the biggest thing. And the reason they say don't touch your face, nose and hands is because the transmission of this virus is far more likely by the hands and say measles, because measles is a very tiny dot droplet. It's very similar to the idea of HIV. HIV doesn't last very long on a surface, blessed by the nature of the virus itself. It needs to be transmitted best by blood and by viral, you know, invasion of a body. That's why the homosexuals get it much.

And needle users get it right. Yeah. But the virus itself doesn't live much on surfaces. This this virus live on surfaces. So what I'm what I'm suggesting to you is that there's a lot of really that there's a fantastic Polish professor, Newt witkowsky.

And he proved that that these viruses run their peak much quicker when they are when they just run like most of them do. Because. Because when 80 percent or 90 percent of people get very low circumstances, a death rate is low and it runs its course. I believe we should protect their own people. I don't wanna go into all this detail.

I'd like to exercise my perogative to get a word in on this. You know, what's happening in New York is real. But the situation in New York is is not an example of of the United States as a whole because it's so densely populated. And because of the dependence on public transportation, if you're you spend a day in New York, you're coming within six foot radius of more people in one day than somebody in the suburbs would in a month or somebody in as countryside would in a year. So it's no surprise it's the epicenter. And the mitigation measures that should be taken into New York are not the same as what to be taken in the suburbs or the city or the countryside. But we have a one size fits all mitigation regime right now, which is a big problem.

Last question and I want we still got a couple of minutes. I run the music earlier now because I'm so long winded and my guests are often than they should be. I wish they should have more time on when you have some time now. You're a social a true social justice warrior. I mean, you really believe that? I've been working there. Working people should get a clean shave. They should get good medical care. This virus, the way it's done, it's it's damaged our health care system. Incredibly, it's not done that. It's damaged our ability to pay for it. It's damaged the. Guilty of people all over the world. Wouldn't a better response and this is maybe the first time your post has this question in an interview program. But couldn't a better response been is recognize those people who are more damaged? If 99 percent of people in Italy who died were people that were carrying underlying conditions, especially the older and the save ninety seven percent of America was the same way. Wouldn't have been made more sense to make sure that these nursing homes were more hygienic where they controlled the entry of them rather than getting people all shut. Business shut down, destroying you, destroy one third the economy and you cause 30 million unemployed. That not only destroys the health care system itself for all the other diseases, because even even the most radical responses are that maybe one tenth at the most of the population of the planet will die from this virus, while ninety nine point nine percent die from diseases and other conditions that aren't being treated. Maybe that would have been the best way to do it rather than shut down the entire economy, which is far more damaging to people's lives than than what we're doing. Well.

The answer the obvious answer would be to yet just have a temporary rule where people wear masks and gloves when they go out and you keep the old folks inside and so on. The problem is we don't have enough massive gloves in this country, but we do gloves.

We can make a bit. That's all not true, though, because we can make a big in gloves. And I can't I can't get the Madewell. I just can't get him as well. But you have to go searching, but you can get them. The gloves were never the biggest part of the supply problem.

The mass is if you look at the the mortality rate of East Asians now Asians in America. You know, they have a culture because they always have all these crazy diseases in their culture. Any time an Asian gets the flu. I've seen this myself. And knowing where they where they wear the mass every time they they there's a flu going around. So those people, believe it or not, have a lower than average if you look at New York City. The racial statistics, whites are kind of proportionate in terms of how many people die from it. But Asians or have a lower rate of it cause they're all wearing masks, are prepared for it. So, you know, people people should just latex gloves are so easy to make.

They have these machines that make them in. These factories can do it. They can make millions of gloves per day. Right here, I'll-I'll Ilyasah.

Theory and theory that it shouldn't be a problem to make the mass, but an hour out, make mittleman million gloves an hour and it's up.

Yeah, but they're not making them so. I mean that I guess that would be the solution.

Yeah. And just keep the old folks home. It's kind of a quarantine.

Well yeah. And also if you didn't do all that but just simply socially isolated the elderly and people especially those with cheb underlying conditions and most of those don't work anyway. A lot of them don't work anyway. Right. And let the economy continue. And there's something called herd mentality. Our ME immunity witch doctor, which I talked about, doctor with Koski shows that it makes the virus spread faster. But what happens is the immunity rises so much that the virus dies because it doesn't have enough people to infect.

Allison see on the new earth page at Rense dot com. Real people, real stories across.

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