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Don't Get Distracted by 5G Conspiracies, There Are Way Bigger Fish to Fry (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

From the FTN Website:

While 5G poses a number of different valid threats, there are perhaps dozens more insane and easily falsifiable conspiracy theories associated with 5G that are yet another kosher hamster wheel designed to keep white people fixated on anything that will obfuscate from substantive issues.

White celebrities and MAGA boomers are all agreeing and amplifying grug brained narratives that pit otherwise intelligent people against one another over an issue that ultimately changes nothing about the power dynamic of the globalist elite.

In this clip Jazz and James tell you what to think about the 5G kosher dialectic.

Full episode:

Here's the clip from the FTN YouTube channel. Transcript follows below.

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There is this, I think I don't know who said this first, but I think this is a very good way of framing it.

There is this hunger for truth that there is so little faith in what any institution or system or or official purveyor of information gives you. Nobody trust the media. Nobody trusts the government. Nobody trusts the schools. People are hungry for truth and to find out, you know, really what's going on. And this instinct is a very healthy one that we are you know, we are involved in guiding in the right direction and giving people information to seek out, you know, the, you know, find, identify the real levers of power.

But this instinct is often diverted in to braindead conspiracy theories such as 5G. This idea that 5G is causing corona virus and you know, you can you can look at people doing this. Right. And look at you may have heard somebody say this and you can understand it. This is also, I think, this same instinct that underpins why people want so desperately to blame China. People are desperate to blame China for coronavirus. And it's this belief that something is being done to them. They don't know who is doing it to them, but they're mad that something is being done to them. It's just that it's being you know, that incident is being directed in the wrong the wrong direction. And five GS is an example of that. And, you know, there's these celebrities coming out and saying that, oh, you know, these people are putting these these like five slide Instagram posts, right. Celebrities Woody Harrelson, John Cusack, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is the leader of some children's health fund. And he he said that global lockdown was stopping people from protesting against, quote, 5G robber barons, from microwaving our country and destroying nature. But the phenomenon here in the thread, you can connect through all of these and you pointed to such as is this is all white celebrities doing this. Haven't seen Sarah Silverman firing up the Instagram post about the five G conspiracy theory. Seems to be and it seems to be celebrities that would resonate with a certain gen. Gen X demographic people that would be questioning what's going on at Target. Almost feels like an OP, doesn't it? Yeah.

People who are doing slightly better than millennials may have some level of savings, may own a home, may be doing slightly better than everybody else in the economy, but not quite as good as boomers. Nobody's ever doing as good as boomers. But you have. Yeah, this this group of people who in my point of saying all that is a preamble is that these are people who have a lot to lose and people who have a lot at stake and who are seeing the world set on fire right now when they have a lot of a lot of working years left before they get to Boomer, Adam and Eve. People like Woody Harrelson, John Cusack and RFK Junior. And in a myriad of people all over the UK, all over Europe, it's only seems to be focused in European countries, white countries targeted at white people now.

You and I talked about the possibility of like blacks glomming onto this meme, but I think it's just a little bit. Maybe there are blacks, maybe there are some blacks who think they're WOAK to talk about five do yo five. Just like they think that that's an important thing because they see white people doing it. So they want to sound smart. But this isn't necessarily a black phenomenon. This is a thing that is being targeted. And in fact, you don't see it targeted in black communities like you do the moon landing where they where they do that because it's calling into question white achievement, whereas G is something that they want white people to be focused on, focused on setting towers on fire in the UK, setting the towers on fire in the Netherlands, setting towers on fire and talking about this. And, you know, like Spen said, the idea that this is going to lead to some nationwide movement that is going to stop five JI dead in its tracks or some little Indian tribe and whatever bumble fuck place, you know, some reservation that is wherever that that's gonna stand in the way and have a protest and stop five G.

No, it's not going to it's not going to do any of that. They're not going to stop it. And this is something that when people get all wrapped up in this and they see the fireworks show. Like because the the mass set on fire. I almost don't even believe that that was done by honest, earnest people who were believing in these low IQ. And on Meemaw's, it's people who you know, it's like, what you doing, Rabbi? This is the fireworks show. Look, this is serious. People are taking action and setting these things on fire. And it's going to you know, we know that kind of shit. And people get wrapped up in these conspiracies and all these all this pent up energy. Right. Thrown directly down the drain. Just flush down the drain and people get really worked up for this kind of conspiracy, bad narrative. And then they find out that it's bullshit and then they're like, they're gonna be less inclined to go down the rabbit hole with you on things that do matter. And you do enough of this stuff and you keep people on this.

It's like one part hamster wheel too much, two parts mindfuck and just keep people going. And they have to do this to such an increasing degree because everybody's at home. Everybody is stuck for the most part. If you're not in an essential job and people have a lot of idle time and more and more idle time as is more job losses and soon. So they have to step up the intensity of getting people to care about dead end notions like 5G. And, you know, if you're stuck on this track, I mean, I'm sorry. Like, you just got to realize that this ain't it. This is not it. This is somehow meant to occupy your time and keep you away from things that are real.

Right. Because once you go down, once you get into these things right, you might get really into, I don't know, some fad diet that you find out isn't isn't what you thought it would be. You get in really in to like a central oil. And this is more of a women thing, but essential oils or with these other like like a little trans like that.

Or is this guy go. Yeah. Well yeah. No, but you know, you know how it is like.

People think, oh I need to do this, this detox or whatever. And that's the kind of people oftentimes that are caught up in these like five G. Like the people who are like, yeah, there's like poison in all the food. I mean.

But people who care deeply about what celebrities think and say are people who care about this. Yeah. Yeah.

Well there's that to it. But there's also there's also another angle.

People who like have enough scientific understanding to know what a wavelength is. And they hear like, oh, more frequency. This is bad. This this means we are all getting microwaved by cell towers. So I'm going to get cancer from this. So I burn cell tower now. And yeah, I mean, if you're seen. Ever seen a transformer pogie hit by lightning? It's pretty crazy. And you know, that might be what's going on here. Who knows? But we know that this is being used absolutely. To advance several narratives that are beneficial to the elites. On the one hand, it is shifting the attention from the total systemic failure. Shifting the blame, just like the China OP is to shift the blame from the US's inadequate response from Europe's no less than perfect. But but you know better than the US from their response. That's what this does to it gets you like deeply investigating in the weeds, looking in the 5G. It it also incites some of these people to do the violence, as you mentioned, which is then used as further evidence of right wing white terrorism, which we're already seeing that narrative. Be seated. It reify is the dangers of foreign medaling narrative too. We're seeing this bee be pinned on Russia. This is a Russian disinformation campaign and it also creates yet another fake need for combating, quote, disinformation. We've already seen the UK culture secretary come out and demand meetings with tech platforms so we can hold them to account for not doing enough to tackle disinformation. YouTube has announced they'll be cracking down and banning people for posting videos about 5G.

And, you know, it just it just furthers all of these narratives that are beneficial to them. And yeah. And meanwhile, you're like wasting your time about something that, by the way, isn't even dangerous. Right. That the maximum radiation from this is less than one third would be necessary to even register as as generating extra excess heat.

Yeah, but but like even that it's just like they would say like, okay, like a C you're getting really upset about standing 10 feet away from a microwave versus five feet away from microwave. I mean let let's talk about how Jews have been subverting your country for the past seven decades and screwing over everybody else on the fucking planet and polluting the shit out of it. And, you know, watching people die in the streets and rubbing their hands together, you know, while Mitt Romney invests in a methadone clinic.

I mean, look, like let's let's talk about something important. And this this this five G stuff is not it. And so if you're fighting yourself and I know I don't think page ads, if you're here, you wouldn't be getting invested in this stuff. But, you know, I'm surprised. They'll probably be an effort post on five G about why we are really why we should d care deeply about this. And it's like, no, you shouldn't. You should stop it.

Sluggy is less there's less radiation in a 5 signal than in sunlight. So like, what are you going to do?

I don't even want to be in the position of like defending 5G. I just want to be in the position of being like, this is gay, like this is stupid. And yeah. If you can say, yeah, there's not really that much energy there, but people will get lost in that argument.

These kind of people will get lost in that kind of argue. No it's not. I said this says here look at my swoopy link dot us TV dot l-o-l like no.

It's like no. Just stop. So I don't even engage on the well actually level with retard narratives like this. It's like, well actually you're a fucking moron. Just stop it. Stop falling for this stopping stupid step in and getting caught up in these shitty narratives that are meant to distract you from the real thing.

And that's especially especially when it's being used to distract you from this systemic instability and widespread failure of which has Jewish led economic system, which is why it's being put in front of you right now.

Right. Yeah. Yeah. And you're not supposed to question the color of the collapse of of their globalist scheme. Right. And people can say, oh ruud's not a collapse, but it's. Are they having a good time right now.

Are things going well for them right now. Are they not running around panicking, steadying up fucking credit facilities to make leadin lending to people. It's like no maybe the reason. Well yeah. They can print unlimited amounts of money. Sure, MMT. But maybe one of the reasons why they're having so many problems. One of the reasons why they can't wave a magic wand and give everybody six thousand dollars, give anybody this and give everybody that because maybe that'll be the last card in the whole thing that falls down. Right. Like, maybe they can't do that because it just belies how how fragile and weak the system is.

But no, it's the whole thing is fucking stupid. And that's that's the bottom line. And so, yeah, don't get caught up in these narratives. But I just I wouldn't. I'm not going to we're gonna spend time like, you know, disembowelled like people have wanted us to like. Well there've been people in the past who have wanted us to like, dude, deconstruct this low IQ and on narrative and tell us how dumb it is. It's like I have better things to talk about than deconstructing the stuff and telling people how dumb it is. But when I see something like this that is, you know, when you start in tedious was talking about this stuff today, like some of these narratives are so inherently directed at keeping white people specifically focused on this stuff. And I just noticed like this, this rope-a-dope of of celebrities talking about it, I was just like, yeah, this one is coming together too well to ignore. And it's and it's something that they're pushing really hard. And you're just going to see a lot of this stuff. This is going on.

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