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Diversity Is Not a Strength (Jared Taylor, Video + Transcript)

In fact, it’s America’s greatest weakness.

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

In 10 minutes Taylor destroys the lie that racial diversity makes society or a country stronger. It is exactly the opposite.

If you don't already know this, watch the video, it will convince you.

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About Jared Taylor:

Jared Taylor is a hero to many for his extraordinary success in bringing race realism to a very broad audience. For decades he was relatively unknown, admired in small circles, but with the advent of the internet his audience reached millions. He is full of important information which every American and European should know.

His foundation, American Renaissance, runs an excellent news site which puts out about 10 headlines per day on current events. They have a very good ‘about’ page which explains their positions very clearly. In addition they have a weekly podcast and a YouTube channel with shorter videos. They also run an excellent and well-attended annual conference in late Spring, (usually near Nashville, Tennessee), where intelligent people gather to discuss important issues of the day.

Listen to this man, he is your friend!

Amren is a 501c3 US nonprofit and is supported entirely by donations. Please chip in!


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Hello, I'm Jared Taylor with American Renaissance. In these uncertain times, I invite you to subscribe not just to our YouTube channel but also to our bitch you channel. The link is in the description box below. You know, the diversity is our strength, right? Maybe even our greatest strength. Everybody says so.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Nancy Pelosi. I bet you every Democrat who wants to be president has said so. And since Angelina Jolie says diversity is our strength, that clinches it. They mean racial diversity. If you had a university with people from every country in Europe, that wouldn't be diverse because they all behind. Well, all those people are wrong. Racial diversity means tension, mistrust and conflict, not strength. What would America have been like without racial diversity? No slavery, no civil war, no segregation, no race riots without diversity. None of that could have happened. And without racial diversity, there'd be no racism. And think of all the racism we hear about. The police are racist. The courts are racist. The media are racist. The Oscars are racist, for heaven's sake. There's systemic racism and institutional racism. It's everywhere. Well, last year, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission heard twenty five thousand claims of racial discrimination. Seven thousand claims of national origin discrimination. And 3000 claims of color discrimination. That was about 100 cases a day. Every year, the federal courts hear another 9000 racism cases. And the Department of Housing and Urban Development gets about 2000 complaints of racism in housing. Every state investigates racism complaints. Last year, New York alone had more than 2000 race or color cases and 1000 national origin cases. Cities and counties have discrimination bureaucracies.

So does every branch of the military and every command. And so to colleges and universities, how many total racism cases are filed every year? One hundred thousand three hundred thousand. Nobody knows. And how much does it cost? Nobody knows that either. Is the racism real or imagined? I have no idea. But real or imagined? America's greatest strength is clearly one of America's greatest problems. And that's because people don't like diversity. They like to be around people like themselves. The 2008 National Study of the Changing Workforce found that more than half of all workers actually admitted it. They said they wanted to work with people who are not just the same race, but the same sex and have the same level of education. Well, so what happens when people are completely free to choose the people that they spend time with like when they go to church? Churches are about the only places the government hasn't tried to bully into being diverse. And guess what? According to an estimate published in the Florida Law Review in 2001, 87 percent of churches in the US had congregations that were either all white or all black. And that doesn't even count the 4000 or so churches that are Chinese or Korean. Here is the Korean Presbyterian Church of believe it or not. Fargo, North Dakota.

I don't get the impression that it believes in diversity. Robert Putnam of Harvard wanted to prove the diversity was a strength. He studied 41 different communities from really diverse but not diverse at all. To his horror, he found that racial diversity kills community trust when they have to live with all sorts of people. Americans do less volunteer work. They give less to charity. They don't want to carpool. They have less confidence in local government. They have fewer close friends. What did they do more of? Stay home and watch TV. Professor Putnam sat on the data for years because he couldn't bear to publish the truth about diversity. Well, at work we're stuck with diversity. Thanks to all those bureaucrats. I told you about. But if diversity is a strength, why do we spend eight billion dollars a year on diversity training? If it's a strength, why is it so hard to tame it to get it under control, especially when diversity training doesn't work? This is the Harvard Business Review telling you this. As this article reports, diversity training doesn't extinguish prejudice. It promotes it. You know why companies spend that eight billion dollars a year on something? Doesn't work because when they get sued for discrimination, they can tell the judge. We tried everything and they get sued all the time. Companies take out insurance against discrimination suits.

America's greatest strength is like a flood or a fire or a hurricane. You have to insure against it. Well, how does Georgetown University deal with America's greatest strength? First of all, it has a vice president for diversity, equity inclusion, who is also the chief diversity officer. The person with this impressive title is Rose Married Kilkenny, and she has an associate vice president who reports to her. And who knows how many support staff. And Rosemary gets a lot of other help. Georgetown has an office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Affirmative Action, an office of Affirmative Action and University Human Resources, a center for Minority Educational Affairs, and a center for Multicultural Equity and Access. A center for social justice, research, teaching and Service. An initiative on diversity and inclusiveness, a diversity advisory board, and a working group on reporting incidents of intolerance. Not to be confused with the Working Group on Racial Justice. And this stuff is duplicated in the professional schools. There is the School of Medicine, Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The School of Medicine. Subcommittee on Faculty. Diversity and Inclusion. And at the law school. Well, I give up what all these people do. And how much of your student debt paid for. Do you think a Chinese university has all this bloat and waste and stupidity built right into the system? No, China is not Kirst with America's greatest strength.

And of course, to get this precious diversity, you have to discriminate against people who aren't lovers, white people. Discrimination against white people goes by the fancy name of affirmative action. But believe it or not, there's worse. Thanks to diversity. Every so often there are rises amongst us, a black guru to tell white people just how awful we are. I'd say Ta-Nehisi Coates is the reigning black guru. He writes that in America it is traditional to destroy the black body. It is heritage. He also says this The power of domination and exclusion is central to the belief in being white, and without it. White people would cease to exist for want of reasons. In other words, if we didn't have black people to torment, we would just wither away. But Mr Coates has competition in the business of telling us how awful we are. Ebrahim X kindie is on his way to being just as adored and petted. His main idea is that it's not enough for white people not to be racist. In fact, they can't not be racist. It may be possible for white people to fight racism, but they're always racist anyway because racism is their natural condition. And of course, there are bonehead whites who believe this stuff.

Robin de Angelo, the number one anti-racism trainer in America, has become rich peddling cures for white racism. Except there is no cure. As she explains, racism comes out of our pores as white people. It's the way we are white. Identity is inherently racist, she says. I strive to be less white, she says. She has been striving to be less white every day for 20 years, but just can't stop. What's the best she has to say for herself? I'm really confident that I do less damage to people of color than I used to do. That's what I can say to you. I do less damage than I used to. That stuff just keeps coming out of her pores, doesn't it? So you see, this is the final blessing of diversity. It means white people are all compulsary members of what Gregory Hood calls the Church of No Salvation. We are condemned to struggle through life, trying and failing not to be racist. Well, can you imagine what it'd be like for white people to live without diversity? You better not. That's a forbidden thought, at least for now. But someday your children will ask you, did white people really think that way? And you'll say, Yeah.

Hard to believe, but yeah, we did, but we found our way back to sanity. Thanks for watching. I invite you to subscribe to our podcast channel. It's at Amran. Podcasts on YouTube. Also, please visit our Web site at Emran dot com. That is a m r n dot com.

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