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Media Ramp Coverage of Jewish Issues - NOW IS THE TIME for a Serious Discussion on Jewish Influence

JEWS, JEWS, JEWS: Everything on Earth is About the JEWS

Each year, the world is even more Jewish than the year before.

Over the last week, we experienced a multi-day period of mourning for the alleged Holocaust, wherein all of the leaders of the world were required to fly to Israel to give speeches about the horrors of homicidal masturbation machines and the Wall of Eyes.


This was followed up by the announcement of an alleged “peace plan” for the Middle East that amounts to enforcing even more brutal Jewish rule on the region.

The alleged “peace plan” was written by the Israeli Jews and given to Donald Trump’s Jewish grandson, Jared Kushner, to push on America.

We all know who made it, Donald.

Donald Trump is going against the wishes of the entire world and pushing this brutal and destructive Jewish peace agenda on the Middle East, simply because it is what the Jews want. There is absolutely zero consideration for how this will affect the American people.

All of this is happening in the midst of endless background noise about how the Jews are being unduly persecuted. Their whining about persecution was triggered by a wave of black people attacking them on the streets and in their grocery stores and homes in the New York Metro Area. The blacks claim that the Jews are forcing them out of their neighborhoods and running slums.

The Anti-Defamation League, an Israeli lobbying group, went before Congress last week to blame white people – including the Daily Stormer – for the fact that black people are attacking them.

Also last week, Bari Weiss, a fat Jew woman, went on Joe Rogan to promote her new book “How to Fight Anti-Semitism.”

Her appearance on Joe Rogan comes just exactly a year after her last appearance on Joe Rogan. This is the most popular broadcast in the entire world, and last year it was confusing why she was on. At least this year she’s written a book.

The side-by-side thumbnails on YouTube show a truly unfortunate amount of weight gain in a year’s time for a woman who was already very fat.

She is only a few months older than me, and has literally nothing to say, but she is apparently the chosen ambassador of the Jews to the goyim who listen to Joe Rogan.

All of This is to Say…

Jews are presented to us as being the center of the universe. And Jews define themselves by the fact that so many other people dislike them. We end up with a bizarre situation, where we clearly have a ruling class in the West that is defined by its ethnicity. Jews absolutely are the ruling class of the Western world and no one with eyes can deny that.

However, they themselves deny it, and because they have such a stranglehold on the media and the government, they are able to use their position as the ruling class to push the idea that they are not the ruling class and anyone who claims they are the ruling class is evil and is trying to exterminate them by falsely labeling them the ruling class.

Jews are a minuscule part of the global population. In America, the country with the worst infestation, they are 2% of the population. Globally, they are 0.2% of the population. And yet, somehow, the world revolves around these Jews, and we are supposed to accept that the world revolves around them without ever acknowledging that the world revolves around them or attempting to analyze why it is that the world revolves around them.

This is a situation that could drive a Christian man to drink, let me tell you that.

It’s all so Jewish.

Try to imagine another situation where the ruling class hides the fact that it is the ruling class while openly and publicly occupying virtually every position of power in society. Imagine, for instance, if the ruling nobility of Britain during the Middle Ages had denied that they were the ruling class and claimed that anyone who pointed out that they were the ruling class should go to prison for hatred. It’s a very neat trick.

Basically, we have no choice as a people other than to address the fact that we are ruled over by the Jews, and to discuss it rationally and straightforwardly, without falling into cliches.

I will be the first to admit that I have promoted various cliches regarding “anti-Semitism,” though I have always done it humorously, for the sake of drawing attention to how ridiculous these cliches are. I understand that this has been lost on some people. It should be pointed out, however, that it was lost on the media for the first several years of this site’s existence, and after several academic papers were written explaining it to the media, the media made the decision to stop reporting on this site.

Furthermore, I have succeeded in my mission. Only the most out of touch and ridiculous young people are still taking the Holocaust fable seriously. And honestly, it isn’t really “young people” that are doing it, but millennials, who are no longer “young.” Sorry: the youngest millennial is turning 24 this year and the oldest is 39. Some people from this horrible and cursed generation have broken the programming. But more importantly, the entirety of Generation Z has been exposed to my program of desensitization. And saying “but my Holocaust” to those in Generation Z results in being laughed at.

The grounds are fertile and the time has come for an open discussion about Jews in society. What we need now is an unironic, non-humorous take on the Jewish problem from serious people who are able to speak seriously about this serious problem.

The boomers are dying and the millennials have become a sick joke that no one takes seriously. Jews are the center of the universe, and we are told to talk around them. There is room now for people to talk about them, directly, because they have put themselves so far out there at the front of everything.

They cannot shut down every form of criticism. There is a way to discuss this issue without becoming a meme.

Now is the time.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer