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Reagan CIA Spook Forecasts Next 100 Years of Consumerism and Debt Slavery (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From Dissident-Mag:

Jazz, Borzoi, and Striker queue up some Mystery Zionist Theater featuring former Reagan CIA spook, Herb Meyer, who surveys the events of the 20th century and forecasts the next 100 years of rank consumerism and debt slavery as “healing the world”.


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And now back to fashion, the nation heard only on the press radio network.

Welcome back. After almost never near the welcome back so Steve. But welcome back to FBN, very full first half, a lot to discuss the second half here. I've been sitting on this for a while.

I've had I've had this audio for a while, and I'm glad I did, because the things about this particular individual who's Josh is somebody who actually is tied very much into a lot of the things that we've been discussing with Roy Cohn, Roger Stone, Eppstein, all of that holds that whole operation, political blackmail, everything.

This guy is directly tied in with that. So when I when I found this a year ago and I was like, yeah, we're going have to do this some time. I didn't realize how deeply interwoven this guy is. And so the guy's name is Herb Meyer. He is definitely Josh. He is. Well, he was the special assistant to CIA Director Bill Casey from 1981 to 1985. He was because he was Jewish. This is so funny, knowing what we know. He was the first analyst to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was given a medal for this prediction. It's like, my God, how could this Jew could have predicted that they were divesting from one end of this thing and pivoting towards something else? My God, he's a regular oracle, right. Myer's nineteen eighty three. Memo to Casey on why the world is so dangerous. It was in this document that Meyer predicted that the United States under Reagan was on its way to winning the Cold War. Well, because that's what Jews were planning to do. So, of course, he could tell Reagan what Jews are planning to do. And he did it by saying, look, we're going to win. We just have to spend a bunch of money on military industrial complex stuff and we'll win. You know, it's it's the OP was never bigger, never better than it was. Then he received an award. But let's connect the dots on this, because I didn't realize until recently doing this research and thanks in large part to Whitney Webb about all of the connections here. So I'm just going to read an excerpt from Whitney Webb. And so, of course, Roy Cohn was very prominent within the GOP. He didn't get a official public position in the Reagan administration, but he worked very closely with other members of that campaign. And Bill Casey, before he was CIA director, was part of the Reagan campaign. And so, as we talked about on a deep dive recently, Christine Seymour, who was KONE's longtime switchboard operator from the late 60s until he died from AIDS in 1986, she would eavesdrop on all of eavesdrop on all of koans calls.

And she took notes for 30 years about all the things that she heard on those phone calls.

And she was preparing to write a book. And we were talking about this in the deep dive. She is in Florida. It's in the 90s. Roy Cohn's dead. This woman is sitting around. She has all these notes from these phone calls. She was going to publish a tell all book about all the people that Roy Cohn talked to write tabloid material. Well, she they published some sort of article in the paper teasing some of the things that she was going to tell all about with Roy Cohn. And two months later, she was hit head on by a semi on a Florida highway and was killed instantly in the book, was never published. So, yeah, she she these secrets never got out and some of them did in the article. But one of them was that was in this article was that Roy Cohn talked to Bill Casey every fucking day on the phone, every fucking day. It's like, why is the CIA director talking to some AIDS ridden fag in New York who's a political fixer? Why is he talking to him on the phone every day? Why isn't he it's a two Spiderman's pointing at each other. Yes, exactly. And so but it gets it gets even deeper. And as we talked about last weekend with Iran-Contra, this wasn't just about supporting contra paramilitaries by the Reagan administration. It was about setting up child paedophilic rings in Latin America and bringing those children to the United States. And this is something that we think maybe when you talk about child separation within the Trump campaign, everybody was in support of this.

It's like you separate these children who are not biological relatives of the men who are coming into the country. Let's separate them. Well, what happens? They end up in foster care. In foster care is one of the areas where these pedophile rings operate the hardest and they have for decades. And so it puts a whole new spin on the child separation piece. And it's just like, wow. And you look back at the history on this stuff. And so you have Roy Cohn involved with this. You have Bill Casey and confidantes of Roy Cohn, and then you have Keith Gray, who is this chairman and CEO of Washington based public relations firm Hill and Knowlton, which 60 Minutes once called an unelect. Of shadow government due to its influence in the Capitol region, he first came into contact with what became Ronald Reagan's inner circle during Reagan's unsuccessful 76 campaign and later was deputy director of communications during Reagan's campaign in 1980. The latter position would see him work directly under Casey, alongside this guy, Herb Meyer, which we're about to listen to. And Gray would go on to Co-Chair Reagan's inauguration committee and taking on a bunch of clients in the PR business, including Adnan Khashoggi and hedge fund manager Marc Rich, who, as we know, is a you know, he's a Mossad operative. And of course, this is a guy who was pardoned by Bill Clinton. So the fact that Gray and Casey are so close in the fact that Herb Meyer worked as a special assistant to Casey under the CIA, it's all very interesting.

And you're like, Jesus, Jasmines, why are you loading me up with all this information? Well, you're going to see because we have this speech that Bill Bill Casey that Herb Meyer gave last year in front of a group of business people. And he's telling you what the future is going to be like in the next 20 years, 30 years, 100 years, what they plan to do. And whenever a CIA spook who worked for Casey, who worked very closely with Roy Cohn and deeply involved in all of this nefarious activity, I listen. I want to hear what this guy has to say because he's telling you he's telling you what he he wants you to think. And we're we're the privileged few who can read between the lines and actually understand to a certain degree what he actually means to translate that, because this guy wraps up this message of predictions for America and the world in the next 20 or 30 years. And in this, like unbridled optimism and how the world is stepping forward into a beautiful place and oh, it's great. And you're going to love it. And lots to be happy about. It's like when you hear what this guy says, it makes me very upset. I think Borzoi, your blood pressure, you had to invest in the spam Houston part part spam, Houston, Medicare.

Add on for my my, my, my jimmies went intergalactic. Yeah.

Let me let me just add to the CIA as a tweet from today where it says, Proud to be recognized on glass stores list of LGBTQ champions who are currently higher. And you know what they say, right? Well, actually, I'm the one who's saying this for the first time. Kick Aquia in the pants and a little kid falls out.

So, you know, the CIA, I'm not sure what the extent of it is, but I know for a fact, because I've talked to people that have family in the intelligence community and they tell me that it's loaded with sexual deviants.

It's almost nothing but that. I don't know, say pedophiles. You didn't say pedophiles, but he did say he was at a party once and that it was all gays, all the CIA, NSA people were gay and they're painting each other's nails like these people are sick.

And on top of that, like the these organizations pride themselves on finding people who have no spouses and who have no children and in really have no they don't give a fuck about their lives generally. And gays are perfect for that sort of thing.


They also want to control people because it broke cocaine import agency, WOAK Kaddoumi import agency or children import agency.

Yeah, yeah. Well, and Bill Casey was was Catholic too.

He was a Catholic not to not to go to art, but, you know, he was in Bilborough was before he became well he was actually Jew and then he became Catholic. But anyway. Back here. Yeah. Yeah. Just one more thing though about her, Maior, because he he wrote this article in 2006 during the infamous immigration gang of Eight Ladybugs with which Lindsey Graham was involved in back then. This is 2006 Bush administration. This is a conservative Jew who worked under Reagan writing an op ed in, I don't know, some major paper. But he said one fact that and this is in 2006, one fact that hasn't been part of the immigration debate is this. During the past two decades, our national birth has dropped to just below two point one births per woman replacement rate. So we really do need to import people because to put it bluntly, we haven't bred enough of them ourselves to do all the work that needs to be done in an affluent, aging society like ours. But then we've always needed more people to do the work we want done, and we've always brought them in from elsewhere as immigrants until our elected officials come to grips with the real issue that's troubling ordinary Americans, not a growing population of foreigners among us. Popular frustration will grow no matter what bill Congress passes in the coming weeks. And it could lead to the kind of political explosion that none of us really wants. What does that do you mean by this striker? What is the political explosion he's talking about when you don't give people what they want?

Yeah, we're going to we're going to find out with as with this video here on Mystery Zionist Theater, we're going to find when we come back.

It is it is because most people have probably never heard of this guy before.

I haven't I don't listen. I know Jews like the back of my elbow, and I've never heard of this guy.

Yeah, it's crazy. And he brags about being a spook and he just lists I mean, here we we'll do this because I have all these these sound set up. So this is the beginning.

This is the intro. This is where he talks about the CIA stuff. But yeah, here we go.

And thank you for inviting me again. It's good to be with you. Time is short. Let's turn to business. Watching the news is excruciating. You can't get anything straight. You can't get to the bottom of anything. And it's almost completely fact free. There's a second problem with it. If you're watching Fox News and reading The Wall Street Journal and your neighbor is watching CNN and reading The New York Times, you have a completely different idea of what's going on in the world. And one reason we're so divided as a country is that we're seeing different things. You know, the news media is our radar. And if everybody's looking at a different radar screen, it's chaos. Imagine the next time you're flying overseas. The pilots looking at one radar screen, the co-pilot looking at another radar screen. The navigator is looking at a third radar screens, a shouting match in the cockpit. What a lot of people don't realize is that the CIA was built to be the president's radar. Our job was to tell President Reagan what the future was going to be and to tell him that future soon enough and clearly enough so he could prepare for the future. And if he didn't like the future, he could change the future before it happened. That was the whole point. Did we use spies and covert action? Of course we did. And the purpose of spy. And covert actions to get that information to the president so he could shape the future rather than be the victim of it, once a year, we would stop everything and prepare for President Reagan, what we call the global intelligence briefing. Our best shot at what the future was going to be. The great director was Bill Casey would deliver this to President Reagan, Reagan being Reagan.

He would ask Bill to take this briefing to some other people. He wanted to hear it, for example, Margaret Thatcher or Pope John Paul. The second this morning. I want to do for you what we used to do for President Reagan. I want to paint a picture of the world that lies in front of you. If I'm right, it's a more interesting picture than you're getting from the news. And there are some extraordinary business opportunities emerging that you need to be aware of yet. I want to show you what those are. One point before we begin, though, there's a trend in our country that's unhealthy. We argue before we understand that is not a smart thing to do. It sets a terrible example for young people. When there are complicated and contentious issues, honorable people will disagree about what to do. That's fine. Intelligent people should be able to reach a common understanding of what the problem is before we start screaming about what the solution is. Everything's a shouting match. What's a politicians? Watch the talk shows. Even when I'm one of the guests on FOX or MSNBC or on the radio show, it's miserable. Everybody's shouting past everybody else. The one thing you never hear anymore in public life is that's an interesting point you just made. I hadn't thought about that. I would change my mind. No one ever changes their mind. Let's not do that. I've left my politics upstairs in a room. Oh, you want to know what I would do about all these issues? Buy me a beer or something. I will be happy to tell you in great detail how to solve all the world's problems.

Yes, that's key right there. Solve all the world's problems. What does that striker Borzoi Tikkun Olam is that they call that.

Oh, yeah. The perfecting the world. Yeah.

Well, first of all, let me just talk about this man's appearance.

I hate and I and I hate to do this.

Just go right there. But, you know, already I'm getting the heebie jeebies from this guy. He looks like he looks like Mrs. Doubtfire when she lost her wig. Remember that? He looks just like that. This guy is definitely you see, he's wearing the pedophile glasses.

He looks like a fucking creep. So, yes, this guy looks like a fuck. It looks like the exact type of person you'd imagine molest children. This is a creepy freak.

So we talk about radar, then realize we're talking about blips when they find an unmolested child is the radar that we're talking about?

Yeah, I mean, it's kind of funny the way the hutzpah on this guy, too, because he's like our job is to tell the president the future and tell him what's coming. And then he can make a decision on whether or not that's what he wants to do. It's like it's not the fucking president's decision. These shoes get in a room and they say, President, here is your option A or option B, and we strongly suggest you do option A or option B, you're going to destroy yourself and everything's finished. So I suggest you choose options and that's what they do. I mean, I'm oversimplifying this, but it's the job of the CIA is to give the president radar. It's like, no, the president is the airplane. You're the pilot and you're flying the airplane in whatever direction you want. That's the actual metaphor, Herb.

Right. Right. And another thing, too, is that these guys, guys like, you know what they do, what they did to Trump in the first two years, especially the first year, was it was leak after week after week, they'll plant fake stories about you in the Juden press. Yeah, they'll do all that nonsense. And they're still doing it to some degree. I mean, look at Boltons book. I'm sure half of Boltons book not to defend Trump, but half of Boltons book is probably bullshit. But this is how they get back at you. It's quite it's quite gay, actually. It's quite catty. And of course, the absolute final option is, you know you know what it is? It's OK. We cancel you literally John F. Kennedy style.

Yeah. I mean, and they do this. They do this. This is part of the controlled demolition of Trump ism to what Bolton's doing in a lot of that stuff, because Bolton is going to survive. Bolton is going to go on and and be the guy that tried to steer Trump in the right. I tried everything I could, but he was just too erratic and too fixated on on white nationalism. And, you know, we just couldn't get the job done. But I support the President Romney, who is going to do the job the way it needs to be. I mean, you know, it's the same old bullshit they always do. So, yeah. Borzoi, you got a commentary before we roll right on for it.

No, I'm saving it because, yeah, everyone will hear. They'll understand why I need to save my rage.

Yes. All right. So here here's where good old Herb gets into some antiwhite shit. This ought to get the juices flowing.

That's leave the partisan stuff out of this. If we can reach an understanding of what's happening, what it means to your businesses, we'll have accomplished a lot. So let's light up the radar screen and see what's out there. When you look at the world, what you see is that the world is becoming modern. The best way to understand what modernity means is to think back to a time before we were modern. So think of Europe at the end of the 17th century, 16, 1916. Ninety five. Life was awful. Life span was very short, mid 40s in most places. Most of his staff, most of the time when they trade, they prayed that when the next famine came, at least some of. Our children might survive. People were illiterate, uneducated women weren't allowed to be educated, travel was where most people spent their entire lives within 20 miles of where they'd been born. You had no say in how you would govern your peasant service, shut up and did what you were told and nothing changed. Tomorrow is the same as yesterday. The modern world.

Yeah. Fuck, fuck his. Just shut the fuck up, you lying kike. Yeah. So your dad rest in piss.

Yeah. So yeah. Oh yeah, that's right. That's another little nugget here. I know you maybe were going to say that but yeah. This guy like six months after this like died in a bike accident. So sorry Alex but the dude was on a bike. But, but, but yeah.

I mean what is it, what is it with creeps and cycling. No I, I kid, I kid my friends but but it's but it's funny.

It's like he wants to give you a view of the world, but then he picks the most advanced civilization of that time, six hundreds and totally trashes it as though wow, look how look how awful it was back then which is not true. Look how awful it was back then. You know, where where we didn't have with Jews didn't have any rights, where we've been kicked out of place to place, didn't have anywhere to go. We didn't have Israel. Look how awful it was when people are far more anti Semitic and backwards and everything else. It's like, why don't you talk about the state of Africa in six hundreds or any literally anywhere else. But he points to how shitty white people are, how horrible white people are, and he does it for a reason, which we'll hear in a second.

Well, I'll say one thing about this, too. It also speaks to the ideology of everyone at the CIA, which is the triumph of, in a sense, marks over Veeco. And what I mean by that is progressivism is their ideology. But if you actually look at things from a more historicist perspective, you see that this is simply not true. I mean, ah, is is literature better today than it was in the 17th century?

How about culture? How about communities, about rates of marriage and family formation?

How about all of these other how about actual fucking freedom, Herb. I mean, he wants to make it. These people had to do whatever they were told. It's like, well, yeah, but they were free compared to today.

Well, yeah. And let me let me just let me just like lightning round, like so many things you got wrong. One, that the life expectancy that that's if you average all the infant detonate, they always do this thing. It's like they never saw an old person before. They must've been so shocking to see because people didn't look for days like, no, it's just like you had a high infant infant mortality rate, which was just that was the circumstances of science and medicine at the time.

Yeah. A lot of people, a lot of people who made it past a certain age lived a full, happy life.

Yeah. And to you help you, we're already seeing a rise in literacy because by this point, this is when the printing press was in effect. You already had the Protestant Reformation, you had the rise of the bourgeoisie and you had the rise of much more simple weapons that anybody could could own, which is why you saw these liberty oriented revolutions that started to kick off within the next hundred and fifty years. He's just completely lying. And also, like a lot of those plagues, the worst of the plagues had pretty much passed by that point. That was a post Renaissance post Reformation Europe in the seventeenth century. There's a lot of talk about stuff like the Glorious Revolution in England and like it it frustrates me when the when these Jews are allowed to just lie about our own history and claim our ancestors were retarded or something.

The CIA also institutionally, I don't know if you guys know this during the Cold War, this really took off in the 80s. They actually gathered a bunch of Marxists, but they paid them to come up with a theory where America was the end of history. These were the precursors. I hate that, that the names escape me right now. But there was an actual CIA program where they got these Marxist intellectuals inspired by Marxism to come together and say, OK, rewrite Marxism. But instead of class and instead of communism being the the end of history, American freedom is the end of history. American liberalism, free markets and individual freedom and gay rights and anti-racism are the ultimate utopia, the ultimate thing all of humanity has always been working towards. And that is where Francis Fukuyama was inspired to write The End of history. Yes, this was these were the precursors to that. And so this guy is very confident because he wrote the story, him and his agency, his, of course, CIA, but also the intellectuals involved were many of them were Jews. Um, and yeah, I think the Natalka what the fuck was the name of the book? It was it was written by a leftist, actually a book about this something something living machines Borzoi might know. Do you know about this Borzoi.

Tell me a little bit more because I might I might know it's not I know what you're getting at, but it was the CIA gave up to to write America as the end of history.

And the ultimate conclusion of all human, the ideal and utopian human end, you know, wrote, I fuck, I can't say I'm just I'm a little dusty on that, but but I will say this was a program the CIA created and it was to create ideology for America, frankly, and that then led to certain neoconservative impulses and so on, at least on the surface. That's how they sold it to intellectuals on Gois, intellectuals on the surface. While in private, the private position was always, we're just Jews and we're doing what's good for Jews. So, yeah, that this actually Herb Meyer probably doesn't believe half the shit he's saying.

Oh, this is this this is all just constructed for goyim. This is. All right.

You know, this is GooYa.

It's beans. These are the Goya beans.

It is. It is. And it's mixed in with like here like look, it's so insidious what he does because he's speaking to a bunch of business people.

It's actually the National Association of Electrical Distributors in the South Central Region of America, the conferences in San Diego in twenty eighteen. But he's talking about all of this stuff. And notice how we're only four minutes in. And he's already said twice how good all of the things that he's about to tell you are going to be for your businesses. Right. Like this is going to be so great for everything. It's all optimism. This is why and this is this is part of the op op2 like this big, beautiful rainbow. Noah What is it? Noah Heightism or whatever. Just big, beautiful gay rainbow about how great and bright the future is going to be if we can just get out of the way and let the Jews do the work, which is ultimately like what he's trying to say.

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