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How Donald Trump and Roger Stone Used Al Sharpton to Rig the 2004 Democratic Primary for George W. Bush (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From Dissident-Mag:

Donald Trump and Roger Stone have spent the past few decades conning the public by exploiting fractures — anti-establishment politics, and anti-establishment outrages. 2004 was no different.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss how Trump and Stone provided funding and guidance for Al Sharpton’s divide and conquer operation during the 2004 Democratic Primary.


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See you, Al Sharpton, Al Sharpton. This is kind of funny, too. So this mirrors what they did under Nixon, too.

It also mirrors what they did with. I can't remember her name now, but remember the first black political presidential candidate, political presidential candidate. What the fuck am I even saying, Cheryl? Something, whatever. That was a stone up to getting that black that black woman to run for president. That's part of this whole thing. But they did this again with Al Sharpton, 2004. Roger Stone secretly funded and staffed. Al Sharpton sent him into the Democratic Primary Party primaries to smear Howard Dean and suck the life and joy out of his campaign. And it worked. While Bush forces like Club for Growth or a Jewish Club for Growth were buying ads in Iowa assailing then frontrunner Howard Dean. Sharpton took center stage at a debate confronting Dean about the absence of blacks in his Vermont cabinet. Of course, Stone told the Times that he helped set the tone and direction of the Dean attacks. Well, Charles Halloran, the Sharpton campaign manager installed by Stone, supplied the research while other Democratic opponents were also attacking Dean. None did it on the advice of a consultant who's worked in every GOP.

Oh, no. Oh, yeah. Of an every GOP presidential campaign since 1972. The Times quoted Trump in 2004 taking credit for introducing Al Sharpton to Roger Stone. But it was Barret's merciless reporting on Sharpton blackface bucks. The legions of race baiting Republicans who donated cash and resources to Sharpton anti Howard Dean run. Roger Stone and Trump have spent the past few decades conning the public by exploiting fractures, anti-establishment politics and anti-establishment outrages. Until now, there's been a consistent logic and purpose to every single sleazy black bag trump stone operation. Elect the mainstream Republican candidate and rich Donald Trump and Stone until 2016, when Donald Trump got tired of just being the guy on the sidelines. Right, James? He just didn't want to keep doing the OP. He wanted to beat me up.

Yeah, so. But yeah, that's great.

But just I mean, pausing on the Al Sharpton thing here for a second. I mean, look at this. Let's unpack this for a second. Howard Dean and I don't know much about Howard Dean, but there must have been a reason, a very obvious reason. I don't have to know that much about Howard Dean. I just know that when you have organizations like the Bushes and the Club for Growth and Roger Stone and Roy Cohn and Donald Trump all allied together to fund and staff a campaign by Al Sharpton to come out and attack Howard Dean, there must have been a reason, very, very just reason why they wanted to do this. And look at what they did. They stood up a black golomb to go out there and destroy this guy in the year 2004.

Now, it could have been because and maybe nothing to do with Howard Dean at all. Maybe they were were doing the bit for John Kerry, which maybe makes even more sense.

But but I mean, look, there's no limit to what they'll do. It isn't just about going out and dabbling in white nationalist rhetoric in order to promote white interests, in order to get Zionism done. They'll go out there and they'll dabble in the other side of this thing, accusing whites accused, accusing Howard Dean of not having enough blacks on his staff, as well as a governor of Vermont.

Mayor of Vermont probably may, governor, if he had a cabinet. Mayors, I don't think have a cabinet. Maybe they do in bigger cities. But but there's no limit to the extent of the OP that they'll do. And they have no problem doing this stuff. And so, Dean, Howard Dean, too, is anti-war.

Right. He was more anti-war than John Kerry was. And he he opposed the 03 invasion from the. He was not one of the guys who came all came around later on to say, yeah, I guess we should oppose the war. Dean was against it from the start. Now, I'm sure there are things about him that we would not like. This is not an endorsement of Howard Dean. Point being, though, that this was going to be that an anti-war candidate was going to win the Democratic nomination unless he was stopped and Stone and the Bushes got involved in making sure that happened.

Yeah, and that's that's the thing is, is when this and it probably was because of Howard Dean's anti-war stance. It's also make it about making their guy win. I mean, Kerry is very much intertwined in in this sort of mainstream things, that Trump is not an outsider.

He is not someone who is representative at any ideological interest at all.

And that's the funny thing, is you get people in the sandwich who make the accusation of Trump that he's not ideological. He is just self-centered. But that's true of everybody who's in that thing. These people aren't ideological at well. They are ideological in their anti whiteness and their Zionism. But they're not ideological in the sense that they they are for or against health care or for or against higher lota. I mean, all this bullshit, all these, like, pleb debatable arguments that they throw at people.

But Trump has not only none of the things that he says he is, he's also not and cannot ever be pro white, because if you go out and you you do an anti white thing by promoting a Sharpton against a white guy because he's against your shitty Zaya war, I mean, you can't figure out another way to stop this guy then just doing like anti white shit. It's like, go ahead, Dean. Why don't you have enough what you've done many white people in your cabinet. It's not white enough. In 2004, that would have been a much more novel argument than it is today, but it's the direction that this thing has always wanted to go in. Right. And so are we particularly surprised by this? No, not really. And so when you look at Donald Trump over the years, over the decades and you understand Finckel think and you understand Roger Stone and you understand Roy Cohn and there's many, many other figures. I mean, there's louder there's all these other people that are connected to all of this. And then you tie it all together with the pedo rings and Eppstein and Wexner and like all this other stuff, it's it all starts to make really, really perfect sense. And then you get to the 2016 election and you have Israeli collusion. This is what we're talking about. And of course, how did we go down the rabbit hole on Israeli collusion, James? Wasn't it didn't happen to be because of unsealed Roger Stone court documents. Is that how that happened? It's like, oh, my God, it never, never ends.

So in one of those extensively redacted documents, just a quick review for people, an official who appears to be an Israeli minister warns that Trump was going to be defeated unless we intervene. He goes on to tell a Trump campaign official. The key is in your hands. Of course, we now know that that was Roger Stone, Israel's I. 24 news reports. Newly released documents from the FBI suggest that Roger Stone, a senior aide in Donald Trump's 2016 Trump camp, trons 16 Trump campaign, whatever had one or more high ranking contacts in the Israeli government willing to help the then Republican Party nominee win the presidential election. The Times of Israel was the first to report on this, stating the FBI material, which is heavily redacted, includes one explicit reference. Israel and one to Jerusalem end a series of references to a minister, a cabinet minister, a minister without a portfolio in the cabinet dealing with issues concerning defence and foreign affairs. The P.M. and the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of course, was Israel's prime minister in 2016. So the P.M. refers to him one reference to the unnamed PM and the material reads as follows. On or about June 28, 2016. Name redacted message Doan returning to D.C. after urgent consultations with P.M. in Rome, must meet with you Wednesday evening and with D.J. Trump Thursday in New York City. Netanyahu made a state visit in Italy at the end of June of 2016. We talked about this in and the Israeli collusion deep dive. But it's important to bring it back up to the surface so that as you hear all as Roger Stone history and you see what the shot was in 2016. Now, you know, that makes perfect sense. And this is why the Democrats had to make it all about Russia, Russia, Russia. Well, Russian Jews. But it was Israel. And the media won't report on this. This is why when they talk about the interference, they they sort of gloss over all the issues and just focus on Putin and other bullshit. That doesn't matter.

Yeah. They don't talk generally about foreign influence. They'll talk specifically about Russian influence. And you rarely actually seen a lot of that talk wound down recently. You'll still have the incense cat ladies that believe Putin is the marionette puppeteer, you know, controlling Trump's every and you'll get novel takes to like, well, well, Donald is learning, learning crowd control from the best, his master, Vladimir.

It's it's you'll get some of that sometimes, but. Yeah, very, very. Please don't.

No, please do not do that. Yeah.

So Haaretz is the one who reported on the meeting in Rome. And I need to meet with you and D.J. Trump. Get me get me Roger Stone.

Yeah. Yeah. Get me. Get me. Julie. Julie. Julie Goldberg.

Yeah. They also the newspaper also reported that there were tantalizing hints of alleged clandestine contacts that came to light in recent publication of redacted FBI documents. But Haaretz continues and wait for it. A disproportionately large number of people investigated or questioned the Moler probe. Oligarch's advisers and cyber specialists also had ties to the Israeli establishment. Surprise, surprise. The article goes on to report. And this is where we tie it all back together. Perhaps it's worth mentioning that both Stone and convicted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort were close collaborators with Netanyahu's legendary stressed strategist and world class dirty campaigner, the late Arthur Finkelstein. They and others were known as Arthas Boys. Trump, Manafort, Stone, Cohn, all of these guys. The Justice Department originally tried to keep the FBI documents classified. Here it is again. Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron Zwolinski that we just heard testifying from social distance, you know, microphone, whatever, his little his little lot anymore.

What they they call that box that people get in and Congress testifying from home that, you know, he was pressured into giving Roger Stone a light sentence.

We'll hear the very same. Aaron Wolinsky is claiming that releasing these documents about all of this stuff would threaten ongoing investigations in the privacy of third parties. The documents? Well, those are the ones that we found out that Israel was colluding with the Trump campaign. The unsealed document now suggests that one of the third parties that Zelinski was protecting was Israel. So he's protecting Israel. He's wanting these documents not to become unsealed. And at the same time, he's going out there and pretending like he gives a shit, that someone put pressure on him to give Roger the light sentence that he got. And of course, Zelinski is a longtime Israel advocate who has been part of Mueller's team. So it's like they're playing all sides of this and there's really only one side. He previously lived in Israel. This is a U.S. attorney previously living in Israel, served as a law clerk for the Israeli Supreme Court. Well, he's currently he's currently active in a Baltimore City synagogue and has close connections to Israel. Well, no wonder they don't want people asking about dual loyalties, James. I mean, come on. In other words, our government is run by Jews.

He has the best resumé one could possibly have for a position in the U.S. Justice Department.

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