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Eric Striker: Biggest GOP Fails of 2020 (So Far) (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

From Dissident-Mag:

Jazz, Borzoi, and Striker revel in the GOP’s most laughable fails so far in 2020.


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I think you know what you were saying about the GOP being desperate to derail, realize its discourse, I mean, yes, look at look at what the country looks like right now and what are all the conservatives talking about? I mean, I put the poll up. Almost a thousand people voted. Gatford the poll was yes or no. The poll was which 20 20 cuck crusade is the biggest fail? Yes. And the first one the first one was stopping socialism. That one actually won out forty two percent. It was a close call.

Those as it was stopping socialism one by Anan's Conair because that one was so transparently Finckel think like the capitalism versus socialism bit was so hardcore. But the funny thing is, is it failed because capitalism is unpopular. So people don't like people all over.

All the conservatives that ran in the midterms, all that got clobbered. I mean, you saw this in Virginia. They blamed Trump, of course. But all these guys, they they distanced themselves from Trump as well. In fact, the more conservative politician runs on, you know, Joe Biden is a communist or something.

The more they run on that on that platform, the more likely it is that they're trying to distance themselves from Trump, not least Trump's. Not just that, but I forgot to include this in the prep from the weekend.

But polls have shown that the Joe Biden is old, Joe Biden is senile, Joe Biden sucks, and he's in bed with China. All of that strategy that has been employed by the Trump campaign, polls indicate that nobody's buying that shit. It's just fucking died.

And so also, who the fuck are the people that vote for Trump? They're old people. So you're just going to piss them off.

You're just you're shitting on your own voters. It's old people in Florida that are going to deliver the election to Trump. So what who is a jackass in his campaign that came up with that? And also Trump himself is old. And I mean, that's another thing is old. He's really old, too. But anyway, stopping socialism, one with 42 percent.

And then, of course, another another thing that looks like they're giving mouth to mouth CPR to this one. I mean, this one really this one really was dead right from the get go. The Hong Kong protests, Hong Kong protests that got twenty one percent as a cuck fail. And then, of course, the war on facemasks, you know, nothing nothing more striking to me than seeing going on world star hip hop. There's two themes, OK? Two themes. It's blacks committing violent acts against elderly white people, children, white women. So you got that. That's one category of WORLDSTAR hip hop video. And then there's another category of middle aged white people. I bet half of them are GOP Tea Party Astroturf people going in a Wal-Mart and starting fights and shoving matches with some eight dollar an hour employee tells them to wear a mask. So though the war on face masks is another stupid Republican cause that they they tried to make take off. And again, this is this is another attempt at depoliticised politicization. No Jews thrive in apathy. They thrive in apathy and ignorance, and they thrive in deep politicization that is actually finckel think in action to take discussion away from policy. Yes.

And turn it into the well, my opponents are communists know my opponents are Muslim. My opponent wants you to wear a face mask, you know, little banal issues like that.

So these are the three issues that you see, like blue checkmark conservatives constantly hammering. And the average white person that votes for the Republicans is looking at these three issues and laughing and laughing on the on the one hand, because of how stupid these issues are, but then also laughing in insanity that we live in a country where 60 percent of the population doesn't have a single person willing to go out there and speak up for them. So, yeah, this is the Republican Party in twenty twenty. This is actually probably dumber than it was before Trump.

I mean, that's that's a pretty mighty statement to make. And that's pretty stupid. That's saying a lot right there. Yeah. It's you know, this is what they want.

Ok, I know you have some prep here on global warming and stuff like that. What I would I like to categorize. So this is the debate Jews are comfortable with. It's the low IQ conservative versus the low testosterone liberal and that, you know, you see it in global warming. You see it with the covid virus. You have Novarro now go. Going after Dr. Fauci, both of them are reprehensible in their own ways, going after him, saying, well, there's no proof of any covid, blah, blah, blah. And then Dr. Fauci with the the NPR tote bag goes, excuse me, covid is spread by Donald Trump rallies. And then you just have that over and over and over again. And, you know, this is why this is why every single institution in this country needs to be ripped up from the roots and replaced because every institution has failed.

Yeah. And the media the media plays a big role in this. I mean, if you had the media, I mean, just imagine them trying to orchestrate a fake and gay punch and Judy show on a regular basis without media and without tech companies and notifications. People would get. I think that's what they get very worried about is is if the media, the anaesthetized and that is done via the media and getting people deeply invested in Jewish tricks, if that was shut off even for a minute, I mean, even for a day or two, I think people would just start to feel hung over and then start to think about their own personal lives in the state of affairs and whatever, because all this stuff is just a distraction, like the flashy stuff all the back and forth. Meanwhile, nothing is being done to actually deal with the problem of the coronavirus. And the funny thing is, is, you know, they kept they kept saying not to get on coronavirus, but they kept saying like, oh, yeah, warmer weather. It's going to be good for everybody. And it's like, yeah, how about that, you know, heat wave across the United States and it's, you know, not not much is not much is really changing here. It's actually getting a lot worse. But yeah. Yeah.

Or how about conservatives going out there as our country burned to the ground as white people are or or killed for saying all lives matter.

Conservatives are out there saying, well, look what's happening in Hong Kong. Yeah. Why doesn't anyone care Hong Kong.

And you know what's so funny about that? And it's so, so telling about why conservatism is a moral syphilis. It's just it's just liberalism. It's just liberalism, which is why it always fails.

It's actually not that different from what an antifa thinks. Because think of it this way, right? You have in Hong Kong, you have groups of anarchists and and criminals that go around burning buildings down. They go around killing people. I've seen videos of Hong Kong protesters killing random people on the street. They go around burning things down, looting. And when it when when that's happening, conservatives in the United States are cheering for them. OK, and then when it happens in America, the same exact thing happens in America. Conservatives are sitting there feigning incredulity, well, why is this happening here? Well, it's because the people, the looters, rioters, people that are doing what they're doing in America right now, destroying this country, those people represent the Washington consensus, OK? That is the open society of Karl Popper. Antifa are simply people who engage, who indulge in the rare opportunity to commit acts of violence. With state backing, you're allowed to commit acts of violence against the enemies of the open society in America. The enemies of the open society are Christians, but really they're white people. OK, so that is the enemy of open society.

People who pose the greatest danger to putting people in cattle cars and, you know, taking this whole thing down the road that it needs to go down. Those are that's it's just, you know, white people congregating, white people thinking, white people speaking. Their mind leads to Nazi stuff and they have to shut that down and they're going to use these people to destroy destroy us because they can't allow it to suffice. And hopefully this is going to I think, you know, this is sort of like cheap, cheap throwaway rhetoric at this point. But I think it is I think it is going to the one upside because, you know, people are Jesus so black. It's like, well, you know, we're being honest. I mean, one upside, those people there are people who are waking up to this in real time and seeing what is actually happening now at this point, because you you know, ten years ago, if you said in, you know, polite company, yeah, there's a war on white people out there, they'd be like, what's what's your what's up with this guy? Right. But there was a war on white people ten years ago. It's just that people didn't really see it for what it was.

If you said that now in the right company, a lot of people are going to be like, fuck, yeah, man, I'm tired of this shit.

Like, yeah, it's so I'm seeing it I'm seeing it in in person with people. I talk to my day to day life. People that are not political will come up to me randomly and be like, I'm sick of these niggers.

Like, no, totally unprompted, unsolicited. They just come up to.

He had say that they just know I'm racist because nobody is doing anything about it, that's that's the sort of the catch twenty two about this. And I actually think it's a good thing for the for the psyche of the white American and whites around the world is that when you have a guy in this goes full circle to Donald Trump in the White House and thinking that someone was going to do something about immigration, but also about the black problem, because the black problem in 2015 and 2016 with the Dallas shooting and everything else, no one had to send the robot in to kill that black like this is this is what people voted for. This is what people wanted. And when you had a guy that came in that said he was going to do all these things, it actually gave white people a reason to be like, all right, this guy's got my back. I'm not going to worry about it. This guy's got the steering wheel right. You know, like the bumper sticker that you say that, like says that like God is driving the car or whatever, you know, Jesus is driving or whatever.

It's like they think somebody else is taking care of their problems for them. But they didn't realize. We didn't realize until too late in the game. Trump isn't up. He has no intention of solving any of these problems. And so now when what I actually think is a good thing is imagine if Trump did the Insurrection Act. Imagine if Trump did deploy the military in D.C. Imagine if Trump started mowing these blacks to the fucking ground like people in America want him to do, want someone to do it. Even if even if he did a little bit of that and then backed off, everybody would be like, all right, I'm voting for Trump in twenty twenty. This is great.

Trump finally came through and did what he said, you know, so you don't even have to be mowing blacks down with the military or anything like that. Just a little bit. Just just a little. Just, just sending. Yeah, but just sending the Department of Justice after the anarchists would be enough for a lot of people right in here. And they don't even do that.

People physically remanded to prison would be enough for some for most people to be like, all right, Trump's got my back. He sewed this whole thing up when in reality, what I'm describing is what you actually have to do to solve the fucking problem. But Trump a little, but he's not doing. My point is he's not doing any of that. He's not doing any of that. That's why that that cat turd tweet, that Twitter that you brought up before we started recording there was this Ann Coulter we were talking about this cat turd MUGA Twitter. It's got like a quarter of a million followers. And we were talking about how it's a premier MAGGA account and appears to be organic in terms of its engagement, which is shocking to me.

Yeah. For those of you out in Rhinelander CAT, what is a cat turd to cat turd to got turned to at cat turd to.

It's the biggest gap there's ever been in it's in it, but it's not a bot, it's, it's, it looks like five or six, maybe a handful of, you know, inside the Beltway people that have gotten together and they're doing these tweets.

And one of the things that they do is, is so there there's a video I don't remember where this is, but Ann Coulter tweeted this video of all these blacks like assaulting cops in front of somewhere. And she says she she posts the video and she says Trump's America and Cat Turd, this purported mob Muga Muga account, quarter million followers, quote, tweets Ann Coulter and says, I warned you about Ann Coulter. Is this as though this person is some sort of fucking authority? I warned you about Ann Coulter, Mitt Romney 2.0. So steering, steering idiots, middleweights away from Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter has her faults, but Ann Coulter is sitting there saying, calling out what we all agree with. Donald Trump is not doing the things that he promised. Look at these blacks tearing apart the city, not doing anything. He isn't doing anything. And so I say fully circling back to what I was what I was saying is I think it's a good thing that there's nobody for people to hang their cops on, you know, people. So I plan trust. There's nobody there. And if there's nobody there and this is why we did the whole all these deep dives on fake nationalism and deep dives on the founding fathers and everything, because I don't like the moment where we start to grow is the moment where we're like, we're here to save ourselves. There's not somebody else coming to save us. I would love a magic Hitler. I would love somebody to come and save us. Maybe that person will come. I don't know. But Donald Trump ain't it these Viktor Orban ain't it? PC party in it. Bulsara, ain't it? It's not. This is not how it's going to be done. In fact, those people are there to trick you. Those people are to ensure that Israel doubles its territorial borders in the next 15 or 20 years period.

That's what it is. Well, let me let me just describe to people what this cat turd. Yes, cat. So its banner is a bumper sticker that says, I love cat turd with farting sound word written out farting sound in parentheses and hashtag.

Magga Well, it's it's ironic. If you're a serious guy. Yeah.

Ironically, the bio says the Manhattan who talks shit and it says, read my parody book, The Adventures of Calford, Jesus. I mean, so this is this is what the Magomed movement in 2020 is. So Donald Trump has nothing to run on. So he has his little minions on on Twitter, the last of his meme, magic. You know, 2016, the big mega accounts were antiglobalization. Let's stop the globalist. Let's stop immigration. It's not the demographic replace with our country. America first workers first. That was 2016. Magga 2020.

Magga is an American, apparently. Beatts it. Yeah, that's the fucking Magga of 2020.

It's Bagua, apparently the irony because we're ahead of the curve when they were doing Pooh-pooh posting.

Yeah, I mean, this is what they're campaigning on, this is Donald Trump's campaign, and I hate to laugh.

I hate to laugh, but who could have seen this coming? I mean, that's the campaign because that's who they're trying to attract.

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