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Bigot Baby Boot Camp: How Hate Fuels Infant Indoctrination (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

From Dissident-Mag:

Mass media, television, movies, and especially the book market have been flooded with a slew of anti-white agitprop demanding mothers indoctrinate their infants into the crusade of self-destruction. Silence is violence and if your shelves are filled with baby books by white authors with white faces your cruisin’ for Nuremberg.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss the the new 24/7 boot camp for making your children anti-racists from birth.


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If you breed out certain traits, impulsiveness and inability to be compatible with modern society, they're trying to trying to do a little operation here on the Undem kids, right on them, kids in the community, but actually not those kids. They're targeting the white kids. And a couple articles that came out this week about how concerned they are about. About how white parents are interacting with their kids on race. And this is, I think, one of the most insidious things about about their entire system is how and and the means they use to target children. Because you'll notice these articles, they're not coming out in like kind of like for Grug media. They're coming out of The New York Times and The Washington Post.

They're putting these stories out in full papers for the elite because they don't really they don't want I mean, they'll say that, oh, yeah, we need white parents have conversations with kids and we educators to have conversations about race with kids, but they don't really like want to tell the white parents in Middle America what that conversation is going to be about. So they need to be very tactful in the way they put this out, which is why it's in the Times. In the post. Right. I mean, dude, like you thought, drag queen story, our reactions were bad. And, you know, that was very heartening for us to see people across the country showing up and shutting these things down when they were trying to be forced upon kids. But I don't know. I don't think the reaction to react if they start doing the overt like all kids are born, raised, all white people are born racist stuff. If they make that push in the public schools, you think parents got to take that or. I don't know. It's kind of hard to gauge at this point. Some of them.

Some of them do. I know that this is one of the reasons why they're putting these stories out there in Washington Post. The New York Times, like the twin the twin tentacles of this thing with these with these stories is they they know that this is a meme that white suburban women are adopting in mass and newly minted white suburban women, women, white women from the cities who are fleeing to the suburbs because of of things going on. And you're gonna get a lot you know, we talked about that phenomenon where part of what they're doing with blacks right now, it's always more than one purpose. This is why light switch brain is so incompatible with trying to do analysis of this stuff, because there's always one more that the more than one purpose in what they're doing in one of those purposes is to incentivize white flight, further white flight. It was the purpose of the the inability to write off taxes above a certain amount. And Trump's bill, his tax bill, you know, at first we thought that was good. But then you realized that, no, this is about getting blue state people to move into red states and bring their politics with them. This is also the white flight stuff is is going on, too, with the blacks. And you're getting these white moms who really get high on this shit, like the virtue signalling that they do on social media. And, you know, the things that I saw during or heard about by proxy was, you know, during during the height of this blackout, stuff like June 2nd wasn't a June 2nd when everybody did like a black profile photo or whatever people were posting.

These white suburban moms were posting things like, you know, is your library at home diverse, too? You should go look at the library of books that you have and make sure that even the kids books make sure that they're if you have any books that are, you know, a little bit too homogenized, you know, homogeneous, then to get rid of them and make sure that your cell, your shelves are are as diverse as the country and the America that you want to live in.

Full of Dr. Seuss, too, preferably.

Yes. Full of Dr. Seuss. Yeah, of course. Dr. Seuss is the one token white book, a white author that you're allowed to have. And of course, we did a whole deep dive on Dr. Seuss. And quite interesting. And actually, I think it's one of. If you haven't seen Kyle's artwork that he did for that, one of the very best that he's done is that Dr. Seuss art. And so, yes.

So that that's the thing is and it wasn't just the the adult books. It was the kid books. It's everything.

It's like in your personal life, in your personal in your home, in the privacy of your own home, where unless you're having some sort of red wine box, wine dinner party with your like, why naans then? I guess that's when you show off your your anti-racist bookshelves. But they're they're extending that to kids, too. And I think it's the which which one did you want to start with, because the New York Times piece was the one that had the. I'll just start. So when kids on the gaming site roblox, roblox, whatever, apparently were darkening their skin color to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Twelve year old Garvie mortally decided to speak up. She created a video explaining the offensive history of blackface and offered viewers more appropriate ways they could show support. Changing your skin tone to a darker color and ROBLOX or any other game is essentially painting your face with shoe polish, she explained in the video. It's like you're putting on blackface a better way of show. Virtual support, she said, would be to dress the character in a Black Lives Matter t shirt. You know that it's. Yeah, because.

Well, hold on. So it's the what this really is about is about the showing of white support for these issues, because if you have a bunch of avatars on the game that are doing blackface. The reaction is, oh, these are just black people doing black support stuff. But if you have white people in the Black Lives Matter t shirt, then you have the demoralization that other whites feel and the peer pressure that other whites feel. See, they want to outlive outlaw blackface. But why can't we outlaw fellow white? Right. Cause fellow white is essentially blackface for Jews to do to white people and to fellow whites and act out what whites should do as it benefits them.

And what I want do the same thing and what and much more. I would say it's much more destructive because, one, they have the ability in many cases to appear physically similar without altering their physical appearance. And two, because blackface. It's like, all right, you do a little minstrel show about like watermelon or something. Fine. But like, at the end of the day, it's a comedy bit. Whereas with fellow whites, it's like the destruction of your civilization and rape of your entire society. So, yeah.

What's more offense? It's not a it's not a comedy. The genre is not comedy.

It's horror. Film is what that is.

It's they want to they they know there's no comedy there.

And that's the thing is, you know, like we said at the beginning of the weekend, FTN, all of those all of those jobs in Hollywood now of doing voice over for nonwhites, those can only cannot be done by nonwhites anymore because they they are taking this whole concept very seriously about white people essentially posing as another race, behaving like another race in order, even if it's to show support of that issue. No, you have to be a white person doing that because that's the way that it benefits them the most. But it doesn't cut both ways. Right. Right. A white person can go out and do a comedy routine making fun of how stupid and racist and backwards white people are.

Jews can do commercial after commercial after commercial of like the befuddled, bumbling around white dad with like the movie The Jew lardo wife in the kitchen who is like making the face of like, oh, oh, dear, you're such a fucking dumb Grug. Like, they can they can mock white people. And that's this is this is part of the thing. Right. They had to cut out this whole comedy routine, whether it was standup, whether it was edgy comedy in movies, whether it was edgy comedy on radio, so that the only people for whom it is okay to mock and discriminate against are whites by literally everybody else, but especially Jews.

Yeah. And you'll get the new brand of, like, edgiest comedians people. And maybe this is even dating myself. I don't know how popular this guy is anymore, but people like Daniel Tosh or people like Bo Burnham, you know, I don't know if Bo Burnham's Jewish, he might be, but these are like the two guys. We're like, whoa, dude, it's like carrying on George Carlin's legacy, man, and they're hilarious. And you listen to their bits. And it's like some of what they do is is kind of funny, but a lot of it is just like really leaning heavily on the vulgarity. And then a lot of it just doubles down on on the anti whiteness.

And then I'll I'll give George Carlin credit for one thing. And I'm trying to find this quote, the one about what is the two point about the bipartisanship. Right.

Yeah, it's the what does he say in America? Anyone can become president. That's the problem. Oh, no, he says, but in America, anyone can become president. That's the problem. That's a good line. Bipartisanship, bipartisanship usually means that a larger than usual deception is being carried out.

Yeah, it's not run. It's very on the nose. Yeah. George.

No. That's exactly right. Well, I'm like this this guy, Bo Burnham, he has this bit where he does like the typical radio country song. Right. And the song Opah. He's he does like this musical bit. He's like no shirt, no shoes, no juice whips. You didn't hear that. And, you know, it's funny. But then you realize like. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's just a mockery of I mean, it is a good bit and and it is like funny, but it's it's kind of like Borat, right, where it's actually just a mockery of the anti Semite of the Grug rural country, southern anti Semite all the time.

Yeah. Constant. Yeah. And see, that's the thing is in.

If this were really about equality and this is an argument that you can use with normals who are like nowhere near where they need to be is if this were really about equality, then how come you put up with A, B, C, D, E, F, g example of bigotry directed toward other groups? Right. And you can use the bigotry that was directed toward Muslims and in everything else during, you know, in the aftermath of 9/11, even if even if you want to give pad your examples of of antiwhite bigotry that are always going to be there even after they tear down everything else, it's like, well, if you're okay with that. And see, some most people will be like, oh, you can't. He can laugh at a joke, you know, you think that's funny? It's like, well, you know, all of these jokes are funny, but you're not allowed to laugh at them. And it was harder to make that argument when you had standup comedian sort of still allowed to do some racial humor. Right. About other groups. But now it's a total moratorium on any of that except for about white people. And it'll be easier to call out. I think it'll be actually easier to call out because they'll continue to do the antiwhite bullshit and there will be a complete void of any other sort of racial humor. And you can just be like, look, this is the only thing that's acceptable. You can you cannot criticize Jews and you can criticize whites. That's the paradigm. Can't criticize anybody else but white people.

Yeah. And you can't even you can't even mock Jews. Right. And it's like do you think about the extent this has been reined in? It's like, you know, ten years ago you'd have Jimmy Carr doing his bit. He's the British media. And he would get heckled. He would he would have hit his canned response or he'd go back and say, look, look, why are you messing with me in my work? I don't come around to your work and knock the sailor's cocks out of your mouth. So, like, what's your deal? And just like his bit. He would do. And you would have to like Jeff Dunham doing OK with the dead terrorists, like you would have all these comedians doing and doing these different stereotypes. But now it's been like all of that has been reined in. And your choices for things to laugh at are like, who's that? Who's that? Like mulatto Jewish brother like Samantha Glaser or a lot of Glazer or whatever. It's like Check-Out, hilarious comedy special from this Jew woman or Amy Schumer, Jew woman like. Here you go. This is what's funny. And yes, it's been totally, totally boxed in. And and so, yeah, it's like very easy to point to the point to what the shot is here. But who you can't laugh at.

Yeah. And so this this shows that all of this goes back to, you know, training your children to be anti-racist.

And this isn't just a message about, you know.

All right, parents. Here's what you have to do to get your kids to like everybody in your own home. This is about creating a mass movement of anti-racism. And it goes to the point where we said a long time ago on FTA. And which is everything is white supremacy. Right. And if you're not a participant in in tearing down the things they call white supremacy, you are a white supremacist yourself. And you have to practice this in every in your everyday lives. Listen to that. Listen to this tripe that they're filling people up with. We're in the midst of a global civics lesson right now. And we don't have to be marching in the streets to take small steps toward changing ourselves and raising socially conscious, anti-racist children. Join your PTA. Go to school board meetings. Learn about the curriculum. Demand accurate history lessons about race. Supplement your child's education with books and documentaries. Don't shy away from conversations about race when a child says that kid is black or Asian. I think a lot of white parents shush their child, says Mrs. Coleman Moore Lee. You don't want to shash your child. It creates a negative connotation in that child's mind. And they think, wait, there's something wrong with brown skin.

Just say, great, let's meet this child. What did you learn about them? And then they keep going on with this. This is where it gets in to what I was sort of alluding to. Ebrahim ex, Kendy Ebrahim Ex Kennedy, author of the bestselling book How to Be an Anti-racist, has compiled a reading list he calls a step ladder to anti-racism. It's not enough to be not racist, he says, because it's a claim that that signifies neutrality. Those are striving to be anti-racist. It's not an identity bubble bubble. It's something that they're striving to be. To be sure in each moment that they are expressing anti-racist ideas and anti-racist policy. So your job isn't just to not be a racist. If you're just not a racist, you're a Nazi. Silence is violence. And if you don't go out and introduce all of this agenda, this very Jewish anti-racist anti white agenda into cause anti-racist is just code word for antiwhite. This is just antiwhite bigotry. If you don't adopt this in your every waking moment, if the way that you turn off your alarm clock in the morning doesn't somehow express some sort of anti-racist ideal, you're on the road to Berlin like that's where you are on Callachor Spectrum.

Yeah. Yeah, you are. You know, and she this this person also wrote a book called Anti-racist Baby, the book. The book, written in rhyme, offers nine steps, including seeing skin color, celebrating differences and growing up to be an anti-racist parents used books to teach about love or kindness or to potty train. Why not do the same for teach our kids to be anti-racist? Dr Ibram Kennedy says. He notes that people who are uncomfortable talking about race often come from homes where it wasn't a topic of conversation. Yeah. Well, why don't we talk about this thing that basically every other family does? Because you think nonwhites are reading these books? Fuck, no. No nonwhites are having conversations called what they call colloquially in the black community. The talk and what the talk is, is basically the birds and the bees for black people to talk about, not their history, not anything else, but how fucked up and sick and disgusting and degenerate and psychopathic white people are. That's what the talk is. Black people have a talk with their kids at a certain age to tell them all the truths that they see about the world. And so that when you encounter blacks who are just inherently hostile and every moment that you're in. Those are the they have been they have had the hardest version of the talk. And there is going to be no stepping back from any of that, because all of this all of these articles, these are for white people. These books are for white people. These are going to be consumed by nonwhites. These are to take white people who get hooked on a virtue signalling roller coaster ride all the way to the finish line and teaching them that if they're not doing this, like in a psychopathic format, in every aspect of their lives, they're not doing enough and they're part of the problem.

And it's only a matter of time before someone accuses them of being a Nazi, tares their job down, throws them out into the streets, line them up against a brick wall. And that's the end. I mean, that's you know, that's what they want to put in these people's heads. Yeah.

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