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Culture-Enriching Migrants Riot at Asylum Center in Germany (Video)

Another casualty of the Wuhan Coronavirus: the peace and calm at a German refugee facility.

The following video reports concern food riots at an asylum center in Halberstadt. The facility is under full quarantine because of a resident who tested positive for the coronavirus. Inmates are no longer allowed to venture out to do their own grocery shopping, so prepared food has had to be delivered to them. The meals they have been receiving are not to their taste, which has made them cranky.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00 One of the complaints was that there were problems with the WIFI.
00:06 We have one WIFI hotspot upstairs, and up until now there haven’t been any problems.
00:11 Naturally, the situation now, with the quarantine measures,
00:15 is that not every resident is able to get a connection.
00:19 The solution was to offer pre-paid cards. Yesterday afternoon the situation exploded.
00:24 The trigger was the food. There is no communal kitchen.
00:28 For that reason, we depend on a catering service,
00:33 and trying to meet everyone’s needs or tastes would be an impossible feat.
00:39 Fresh fruits, typical specialties
00:43 of the country, because the residents aren’t able to go out shopping.
00:49 Since this isn’t possible, the people here
00:53 are very stressed. In the future another catering service will deliver food.

Video transcript #2:

00:00 Riots in the refugee center: According to the regional administration office,
00:04 there have been tumultuous scenes at the facility
00:09 for asylum seekers in Halberstadt, which is under quarantine. The police force was on site
00:12 with a large contingent, according to MDR information. The residents are said to have protested
00:16 against the insufficient supply of food and hygiene products,
00:20 among other things. They pulled down the quarantine fence.
00:25 Residents demanded a meeting with the facility administration, then threw over the separation fence.
00:29 A pregnant woman was injured in a struggle with the security personal.
00:33 Approximately 350 residents have been in quarantine
00:37 for ten days after a resident tested positive for COVID 19.
00:48 Hunger strike: Food is placed on the ground.
00:59 Hunger strike
01:12 Fence knocked over
01:42 Riots in refugee center because of the quarantine fence —
01:45 100 to 150 people participated in the riots.
Originally appeared at: Gates of Vienna

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