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COVID Has Utterly Discredited Trump and the GOP for Nationalists and Populists

It didn’t have to be this way.

In the 2016 election, we voted for something called “National Populism.” We voted for immigration restriction and trade protectionism. We voted for Donald Trump to throw the bums out and to dump mainstream conservatism. Instead, he sold out to the Republican donor class. He restocked the swamp with donors, cronies and hacks who turned his presidency into a dumpster fire. Along with Jared Kushner, Donald Trump has delegated the task of running the country to these people.

Maybe I shouldn’t paint with too broad of a brush. It is true that Donald Trump brought a handful of people who believed in the “MAGA agenda” into his administration. Steve Bannon worked for Donald Trump as his Chief Strategist and Senior Adviser for six months. He also hired Peter Navarro to run the White House National Trade Council. Both Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro took the coronavirus outbreak in China seriously and warned Donald Trump that it could balloon into a global pandemic. He didn’t listen to either of them when it mattered in January and February. Donald Trump fired Steve Bannon and put Jared Kushner and Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus who convinced him that the media was overhyping the virus. Tucker Carlson’s wife had to convince him that he had a “moral obligation” to go Mar-a-Lago to persuade Trump to start taking the coronavirus seriously.

This isn’t a failure of China or the WHO or the intelligence agencies or public health experts either. Donald Trump and Congress were briefed by the intelligence agencies on the coronavirus in January and February. The WHO declared the coronavirus a global health emergency on January 31. Neither the WHO, CDC, CIA, China, Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx ever provided Donald Trump with the intelligence that the coronavirus was “just the flu.” In February, conservatives made the decision to downplay and minimize the virus and go with the narrative that it was “just the flu.” Donald Trump himself said that he was advised by these people to just “ride it out.” He sided with Jared Kushner and the billionaires who were donating to his campaign and rejected everyone who told him otherwise even as new outbreaks of the virus emerged on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and in other countries like South Korea, Iran and Italy.

Once again, Donald Trump had all the intelligence he needed to respond swiftly and decisively to contain the coronavirus in January and February. Russia and North Korea had this information and acted on it. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea all took it seriously. No one else in the world outside of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil took the coronavirus less seriously than Donald Trump:

I didn’t fall for any “media trap.”

Unlike both Donald Trump and the mainstream media, I took the coronavirus seriously from the very beginning in January. The mainstream media downplayed the virus until late February when it hit Italy and South Korea. I never once compared the coronavirus to the ordinary flu on this website. While I don’t care much for Steve Bannon, he deserves credit for also taking it seriously.

Since Tony Martel started arguing with me about this, 8,000 more people have died from the coronavirus in April. Nearly 2,000 people died from “just the flu” in a single day. The coronavirus is the most powerful demonstration yet of the grip of the Donald Trump personality cult on the Right:

Just look at this.

Donald Trump has the power to convince his cult followers that the flu actually goes in reverse and becomes more widespread and deadly in March and April rather fizzling out. In fact, the flu killed more than 8,000 Americans this week, which is 5x as deadly as the worst peak of the flu we have ever seen in our lifetimes. The coronavirus has killed more Americans than swine flu in three weeks.

Oh well … there is a good explanation for this. The explanation is that nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Pneumonia deaths are just being reclassified as coronavirus deaths as part of the conspiracy.

Last week:

This week:

If you classified every single death in New York state from any cause whatsoever as a coronavirus death, it still wouldn’t explain the death toll. Here are pneumonia deaths in New York state for this week for the past several flu seasons:

2018/2019: 155

2017/2018: 174

2016/2017: 145

2015/2016: 171

2014/2015: 173

2013/2014: 155

2012/2013: 146

How many people at this time of the year normally die in New York state from pneumonia? It is 20 to 25 people a day. 731 people died from coronavirus in New York yesterday!

It is true that people are dying from pneumonia in New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Louisiana. That’s why coronavirus hospitalizes and kills people … it is severe viral pneumonia that causes respiratory failure and death. The extraordinary surge in pneumonia is caused by coronavirus. It is also not true that every death is being attributed to coronavirus in New York. People who die in their homes without a positive test result are not being included in the official death count. The real death toll is even worse.

The Right is never going to live this down now.

This is what we get for electing a moron reality television show host as president who surrounded himself with idiots, grifters, donors and cronies. They are really going to die on the hill of insisting SARS is the common flu.

Note: I didn’t see this one coming last year. No one could have anticipated a blackpilled scenario this bleak. Even I couldn’t imagine them f***ing up this bad.

Originally appeared at: Occidental Dissent