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Conflict, War, and Adventure Are Natural for Those of European Blood

Conflict, warfare, and an adventurous spirit are natural amongst Europeans and their descendants, especially those that came to the New World. It’s just the way of things. The modern world we live in now views this as abhorrent and has done near everything in its power to remove that fighting spirit, that vitality, and natural predisposition. I will assert here that this natural inclination to warfare and conflict is why you see video games with gratuitous violence so popular, these men have no conflict, no adventure, and no quest. It’s also why you see the madness lashing out – horrible events like mass shootings.

When the entirety of Christianity was almost exclusively European, the Crusades acted as a unification against an external and existential threat. The unification did not last, and I doubt it could have permanently, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be something to strive for. Many of our ancestors sailed hundreds, or thousands, of miles to make war on the Saracens for good reason. The external and existential threat never went away due to our own issues, and this was when Christianity in the West was largely “united” under one banner.  

We have our own threats now and we are more divided than ever. I’m not a pan-European advocate that thinks everything should revolve solely around the idea of “white identity.” Pan-Europeanism erodes a people’s natural inclinations, cultures, ethics, etc. The thing it gets right is unification against the existential. This does not mean that unification should be permanent or should be used to forcibly form a super-culture that destroys your native language, regional attitudes and beliefs, and the like. The way forward must be towards a respectful and temporary congregation with like minded allies that also face our same challenges – that is, if they’re serious nationalists and identitarians.

The “no more brother wars” mentality is both correct and incorrect. These are not your brothers, but currently we should not be driving serious wedges between one another. Currently, there are forces aligned against our people that want nothing more than to extinguish the light of civilization and usher in an age of global barbarity. Until the iconoclasm, the mass infanticide, the displacement and replacement of our people, and the various sacrileges against our Lord are proscribed, as well as, our people have grabbed the baton of soverignty, then we must not destroy ourselves through in-fighting. After all, in-fighting is quite natural when diverse peoples and ideologies must collaborate in common cause; when the goal is attained, these “brother wars” will continue for eternity. Conflict is in the blood of Europeans and always will be, especially amongst ourselves.

What am I getting at? When we unite, under Christ and with iron discipline, no malignant force can stand against us, just like those knights of old, who in Jerusalem’s dark and desperate hour defeated a Saracen army many times greater in strength. The best time for art, culture, and Christianity for the West was while it was involved in these “brother wars.” This is just our natural state and disturbing that instinct is futile and impossible. Our ancestors were barbarians, crusaders, monks, agrarians, explorers, merchants, knights, and conquerors. And that same blood, which still flows through our veins and is constrained by the modern world, is begging to be free.

Our quest, if it can be called such, is to both unite and free our distinct peoples. It will not be easy. Our adversaries control every lever of power and our people sleep under the seductive poison of modernity’s false comforts. But, our blood and our internal spirit cannot be quantified and calculated. An algorithm cannot forecast our destiny, just as a violence will not give us victory. Fraternal brotherhood, built by discipline and genuine love for our people, along with preaching both the Gospel of Christ and nationalistic freedom for all, is our path forward.

It is in our blood.

Deo Vindice.

Originally appeared at: Identity Dixie