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Compare and Contrast: Black on White Violence and Anti-White Hatred

Whenever there is a racially-charged controversy, Twitter fills with liberal mythsblack fantasies, and anti-white animus. Here are four examples from this week that were especially popular on the Left. I have paired each one with facts the tweets’ authors probably didn’t know.

The claim:

Women like #AmyCooper weaponized their 'whiteness' for centuries to Maim/Kill/Deny black people life & liberty.

Her action isn't 'abhorrent' its EVIL. Listen to her fake shriek & fear. This got African Americans lynched & its why she called the cops.

She's a Karen.


— Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (@SholaMos1) May 26, 2020


Cadesha Bishop

Last year, Cadesha Bishop, a black woman, age 25, pushed a white man, age 74, off a bus in Las Vegas. He died.

Americans interested in violence between white women and black men might be also be interested in the data available on interracial rape.

The claim:

white people, i need you to understand that recognizing you have privilege does not write off your other struggles. those are valid. but it's toxic as fuck for you to not be able to admit that you will never have to live in fear because of your skin color like poc do every day.

— lil froggy 𓆏 BLM ✊🏾 (@dizzydizzydeja) May 28, 2020


Some blacks rape or murder whites murder specifically because they are white. The black terrorist who murdered five police officers in Dallas in 2016, for instance, wanted to kill whites.

In 2013, a black football player at Vanderbilt University raped a white coed and then peed on her face, telling her it was “for 400 years of slavery.”

Readers who think these cases are exceptions should see this list of black on white crimes, particularly the cases of Obie Weathers, Kevin Shifflett, and Ronald Taylor.

The claim:

if you support all lives matter, block and get the fuck away from me. this is not about you. it's about the ongoing, systemic, racial oppression from the justice system, that will not stop unless we, as white people, use our privilege to speak up on behalf of those who cannot.

— ًdylan #BLM (@redeserts) May 27, 2020


Whites may be skeptical of “black lives matter” because blacks attack whites at a much higher rate than vice versa.

These are official statistics from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. In 2015, police killed an estimated 1,134 civilians. The same year, there were an estimated 15,696 murders.

The claim:


Where blacks have power over whites, whites usually suffer. This is true in Zimbabwe, where whites were forced off their farms without compensation. It is true in American cities such as Baltimore, where black-run government makes life harder for everyone. It is true for unsuspecting whites who wander into black neighborhoods. It is true for whites (teachers and students alike) in black schools. It is true for white prisoners who are raped by blacks, and even bought and sold as sex slaves.

Whites do not have “privilege.” I work for American Renaissance because I know this, and I want all Americans to know this. To survive the coming century, we will have to stick together.

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