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China: COVID Shows U.S. Is a 'Primitive Society' (They're Right)

Welcome to the 2020s.

Americans are being called a “primitive society” by people who eat dogs.

Daily Mail:

“In a column titled ‘Smearing China a lame trick to aid reelection for White House’, the Global Times described the escalating epidemic in the US is ‘like that of a primitive society’, blasting Washington’s poor handling of the virus outbreak.

The COVID-19 spread in the US is almost like that of a primitive society. It should not have been like this if the US had the slightest science and organization,’ the Chinese state media outlet said.

‘To put it bluntly, the U.S. is no match for China in terms of anti-epidemic organization and mobilization.

‘The US political system has been hit by the pandemic on its weak side and we were willing to show understanding for that. After all, every system has its weaknesses,’ the newspaper asserted. …”

‘However, as this public health crisis expands into to the economic, political and social fields with many subsequent effects surfacing, the weakness of the system is being exposed,’ the newspaper added.

‘It allows infighting between the federal and the states at this critical time, aggravates US society’s fragmentation and polarization, and will erode the country’s long-term interests.

‘And it is the American people who will bear the losses and pain,’ the Chinese state media said. …”

I find it hard to disagree.

I see another 2,551 Americans are now dead while our politicians blame each other and our economy has sputtered to a halt. The virus has poisoned the liberal order.

Unlike China, Donald Trump and the United States were not caught by surprise by the virus. They had almost two months to prepare for it. It had already hit South Korea, Italy and Iran before it started killing Americans. After consulting with Dr. Jared Kushner, the plan that these idiots ultimately came up with was to “ride it out” and treat it like it was “just the flu.” If the crash of the oil market is any indication, they have greatly accelerated the demise of our “superpower” status.

Note: Ron Unz is now arguing that the coronavirus was a bungled American bioweapon attack on China by incompetent neocons in the national security establishment. BTW, it is worth looking back on the saber rattling that was going on when this all got started. I am not saying that I agree with Unz on this, but the timeline of how all this just happened is amazing.

Originally appeared at: Occidental Dissent