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Bronfman, Rosenstiel, Cohn, Wexner, and Epstein: A Political Blackmail Dynasty (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From Dissident-Mag:

While Epstein may be the subject the media wants you to focus on, he was just a middle manager and the elaborate political blackmailing scheme wasn’t just a new phenomenon of the 80s and 90s. It’s been a means of political leverage employed for thousands of years, but we now know it goes back to the early 20th century in America.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss the political blackmail dynasty of Sam Bronfman, Lew Rosenstiel, Roy Cohn, Les Wexner, and Jeffrey Epstein.

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Transcript follows below.

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We're under a little bit of a flashback here, and I've got to give some credit to hand out some credit to Whitney Webb of Midnight Mint Press News. She's done some excellent digging on this. A lot of this stuff was out there, but she has sort of pieced a lot of this together in a way that you can sort of understand, cause I think a lot of people look at Eppstein as this maybe stand alone phenomenon that maybe there wasn't much before him. He's the guy, along with other Jews who figured out how to do do the black male operation. And, you know, he's dead now. And that operation has been handed off to somebody. But there are actually several iterations of this very same operation in Eppstein was just the guy who happened to inherit it from Cohn, who happened to inherit it from Lou Rosenstiel. And everybody's got a matter, right, James? You know, Trump, Scott Cohn. Cohn has Rosenstiel. You know, it just goes on and on and on. Wexner has Epstein. Cohn was Cohn was mentored by this Jewish mafia figure named Lou Rosenstiel, who was an associate of Meyer Lansky. He's familiar with Lansky. Everybody's familiar with the prohibition era. But Rosenstiel was a liquor magnate who was very interconnected with the FBI and the Jewish mafia. And apparently not didn't know this, but in a totally coincidental meeting in the French Riviera in 1922.

I guess, Rosenstiel, because these people like, why else would they come together in the French Riviera, James, and talk to each other about things like this? But Rosenstiel happen to bump into Winston Churchill in the French Riviera in 1922, and Churchill told him to prepare for the end of prohibition. Bootlegging is going to come to an end, old friend. You know, it's time to time to get out of that business and get legal. So what is the Rosenstiel do? He goes back to the US. He goes to Lehman Brothers, no longer in existence. But it was big back then. It's been around for a while. They finance Rosen Steel's purchase of all the shuttered distilleries in the United States in advance at a time when prohibition was still in place. People didn't think alcohol was coming back. So, you know, rock bottom prices for all these distilleries and, you know, then wave magic star of David and that ban on alcohol was lifted. Right. And and he became overnight went from bootlegger, who was never going to really be prosecuted to a guy who is just a I'm just in the liquor business. I'm I'm a legitimate businessman. Who what why would you question me? I'm a contributing member of society. I don't have dual loyalties. I only have one loyalty. Sure. So.

Right. And that's. I'm sure he just had a really convincing presentation he made to Lehman Brothers. Mr. Rosenstiel came in and early sold them on the idea of let me have the money for these.

Was a very hard, very hard, difficult sell them. Oh, yeah, they probably were. Yeah. I mean, Jay would be great if he could lend somebody some money to buy these distilleries that we know are going to be a big, big boom in a couple of years. So, yeah, it's kind of funny how that worked. But somehow James Rosen still somehow cultivated close ties with Jessica Hoover somehow. How did that happen? Well, he even made Hoover's number two guy, Lewis Nichols, a capo of his liquor empire because it be like that.

And how does his weird go to go to France, bump into Winston Churchill on holiday, go to to go to Washington, D.C.? Bump into Jaguar? Hoover, yeah.

Weird connection. Bump into Jaguar Hoover and then take J. Edgar Hoover's number two guy at the FBI, Lewis Nichols, and make him the capo of your liquor empire, your ill gotten liquor empire, just liquor empire. I mean, you know, when I say interconnected, I mean very interconnected. And how did Rosenstiel cultivate these close ties with Hoover? You think they like the same whiskey, James, or maybe the same colored dresses? I don't know. Yeah, well, according to Whitney Lab at MIT and Press News, Lansky was credited with obtaining compromising photos of FBI Director J. Gruver sometime in the 1940s, which showed Hoover, quote, in some kind of gay situates. You got a fag situation, according to a former Lansky associate who a energy at. Yeah. Who else? Assael Yeah. That Philadelphia also said that Lansky had often claimed I fixed that son of a bitch. The photo showed Hoover engaged in sexual activity with his longtime friend, FBI director Clyde Tolson. At some point, these photos fell into the hands of CIA counterintelligence chief James J. Angleton, who later showed the photos to several other CIA officials, including John White's and Gordon Novell. Angleton was in charge of the CIA's relationship. The FBI and Mossad until he left the agency in 1972. So it's kind of funny. You know, you have Jaggar Hoover in charge of the FBI from, what, 1924 to 1972. You have Angleton in charge of the CIA for four decades. He's the guy who is in charge of the connection with Mossad. And, you know, somehow these photos of Jaggar Hoover land in his lap band. You know, it's kind of like the FBI is merger and acquisition with the Jewish mafia, like right at that very moment. Isn't that credible?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I guess I guess a Hoover and rose until, like, the same position on the Pew.

Jesus Christ. So, yeah, it was Hoover who introduced Roy Cohn to Rosenstiel. Right. We have that connection now. This is how Roy Cohn in Rosenstiel met each other. Or maybe not. We don't really know how this introduction occurred or even how it happened, but it's ultimately how Cohn gets the job with McCarthy. I find it more likely that Cohn because of his young age. Maybe it is true that he was some some in some way connected to Hoover. I mean, you know, the tedious guys told that story about that, that that guy who answered Lindsey Graham's ladybug ad and.

Yeah, yeah. Lady. Just a lady by he's gonna catch her like Lady Boggs.

It's just so disgusting. But we don't know.

I mean, could have could have in groups. Yes, she could have been in groups.

But, you know, I just find it weird. It's like tickles tickles the old noggin when I hear it. Oh Jesus. Well but but that that Roy Cohn would come to Rosen steal from Hoover. But, you know, it's like whether you want to debate whether it was the homosexuality or the Jewishness. I don't know which one is going to win out there which how that happened. But in any event, these are how these guys are connected in Rosenstiel becomes the mentor of Roy Cohn. Right. And now this is important later.

But Rosenstiel wired all of his offices and homes for sound. Everything was bugged. And where were we heard that before? Sounds familiar. That's so familiar. Rosenstiel was married five times and was bisexual, so. Wow. Another gay Jew. These things are so we're sort of all just below the surface where most people suspected. Right. So you have to think back to this time. Most people didn't realize that this was going on. But his fourth wife, Rosen SEAL's fourth wife, came out and spilled the beans on all this stuff during divorce proceedings in sworn testimony in the 1970s. Thirty years, 20 years after all this stuff happened. Susan Kaufman, his fourth wife, testified that Rosenstiel hosted parties with boy prostitutes that her husband had hired for the enjoyment of certain guests, which included important government officials and other prominent figures. Not only did Rosenstiel organize the parties, but he also made sure their venues were bugged with microphones that recorded the antics of his high profile guests. These audio recordings were then kept for the purpose of blackmail again, according to Kauffman, sworn testimony. Aspects of her testimony were later corroborated by two separate witnesses who were unknown to Kaufman. So full corroboration on all of this stuff, right? James? I mean. Yeah.

And yeah. And this is this is the model. And so, I mean, the idea that this was something new, as you know, we learn similar things about Jeffrey Epstein. Right. That not only his mansion in New York was wired for sound and there were videos and and the hard drives discovered by the NYPD to see the DVD with names written on them, all of these different files that were found. And not only that facility being bugged, but also little St. James and his mansion on the island and the facilities on the island being being wired for sound and recording. And, of course, when he is when he's arrested and in custody and you have the movers coming in and clearing the places out here, only wonder what was what was hidden then. But these are things that we knew about Epstein in the 21st century media environment. These stories came out the way that they did through social media.

But back in the 70s and back in the 40s and 50s and 60s when this was going on, there was going to be no way for this to come out unless, you know, by by by chance the it was reported in divorce proceedings. So it's yeah, it's it's actually incredibly faithful that that Susan Kaufman testified what she did, because if she didn't, this evidence would've been destroyed and you wouldn't have heard about it.

And they learned their lesson, too, in a way, because Rosenstiel was a homosexual himself and Roy Cohn was gay and involved in drugs. And in Studio 54, I mean, you look at Roy Cohn, especially later in his life, I mean, you know, he died of AIDS, of course, spoiler alert guy dies of AIDS. But he looked I mean, the drug abuse, too. And, you know, Epstein, really, to the extent that Epstein was into drugs and into those sorts of things, I don't know. It sounds like Epstein probably was not even a homosexual. They realized that. Yeah, like this model of like gay Jew, drug consuming Jew, like, doesn't really work out that well. It can lead to problems, especially, you know, getting married. Like, you have to keep me getting married to keep up the appearance that you're not a homosexual. And sooner or later, one of those wives is just like, yeah. Now, this is like fucked up. And I don't like this anymore.

Right. So instead, you get a wife like Guillame Maxwell say, you know, an ardent Zionist and Masad. Assad herself red. That solves that squares that circle very neatly before it does.

And now, by sheer coincidence, alone, James totally coincidental. Rosen steals associates of the 1970s and 80s and KONE's associates of the 1970s and 80s began popping up again in the media following the arrest of in death of Jeffrey Epstein. It's the same people. So more from Whitney Web at Mistress' News. One of the blackmail parties Susan Kaufman attended with her then husband, Lou Rosenstiel, was hosted by Cohen in 1958 at Manhattan's Plaza Hotel, Suite 233. Kaufman would have in a room 112 up in the Holiday Inn. Right. But this is like the Jewish version. It's suite thirty three at the Plaza Hotel. Coffman described Cohn's suite as a beautiful suite, all done and light gay blue. She described being introduced to Hoover, who is dressed in drag by Cohn, who told her that Hoover's name was Mary in a fit of barely concealed laughter. Kaufman testified that saw FBI head for 50 fucking years America Kaufman. Do you think it's a serious, serious country? Sounds like a real serious cat. Kellerman testified that young boys were present, and Kaufman claimed that Coan Hoover and her ex-husband engaged in sexual activity with these minors near to their livestream from the state. They might have Lifestream 16 hour, 16 hour Plaza Hotel, Suite 233. Mary and Mary haploid party in New York.

New York attorney John clot's tasked with investigating Cohen for a case. Well, after Coffman's testimony also found evidence of the blue suite at the Plaza Hotel and its role in a sexual extortion ring. After combing through local government documents. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Roy Cohn was providing protection. This is what he learned from Clot's in digging into this stuff. Roy Cohn was providing the protection. There were a bunch of pedophiles involved. That's where Coan got his power from the black blackmail excuse me. Perhaps the most damning confirmation of Cohen's activities in Suite 233 come from statements made by Cohen himself to James R. Rothstein, who is the NYPD ex human trafficking and vice related crimes division. Rothstein later told John De, a former Nebraska state senator who investigated a government connected child sex ring in Omaha, among other investigators that Cohen had admitted to being part of a sexual blackmail operation targeting politicians with child prostitutes.

During a sit down interview with the former detective, Rothstein told Decamp the following about Coan Cohn's job was to run. The little boys say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn's job was set them up. Then they would go along. Cohen told me that himself. So, yeah, it's like all spelled out black and white. It isn't a guessing game. And, you know, Epstein didn't build any of this himself, did he? This is all done for him and Cohen. You didn't build any of it for himself. It was all done for him by Lew Rosenstein, Rob. Was it Rosenstiel? Jesus Christ. I think the one fucking name. But. Yeah. And it goes back. I mean, this is not new.

I mean, the only the new part of it in terms of this kind of meth of entrapment is the electronic capability. I mean, that revolutionized the ability for Jewish blackmail. Right. Imagine a world without photographs, without the ability to record. God damn it, Thomas Edison. Why did you have to be such a such a raging anti-Semite and then and then decide that you're gonna just invent all these things that, you know, Jews use? This is this is the kind of stuff that makes me want to be a Luddite. Like, I'll just go be an artist. Go Omeish now. No, no, no. Because I don't have to worry about being bugged or whatever, you know. But the fact that a government, a society that ostensibly is supposed to serve me and serve us can be so easily compromised by this. It's just. Yeah. This is this is not working out.

Yeah. And it's also disturbing to find and think about the fact that there are this many people that would be susceptible to this. But there are so many people who are attracted to power and find themselves in positions of power that can then they they are weak or sick.

It's really they're sick enough to be to be attracted to this, to have a child put in front of them and think, oh, yes, you know, this is what I want sexually. And. And I mean, because this wouldn't happen if these people didn't have these sick appetites in the first place. I'm not trying to to not blame the Jews involved here, obviously. But it's disturbing to think about how just how depraved these people must be.

Well, this whole notion of of, you know, these evil Nazis doing psychological studies of Jews that in the Holocaust. And so these people have been doing cycle of deep psychological abuse studies on on white people for millennia.

And then they take those weaknesses not just with whites, but all human nature. And it's a sliding scale depends on sort of what race ethnicity you're talking about. But they find these commonalities and then they find ways to use them. They're doing with blacks right now. I'm not saying, like, you know, blacks are great or I want them in my country, but they've turned blacks into a gallon by studying the very same things and figuring out what makes them tick and then turn those things against them. And they've they've done this with you know, they've done this with with white politicians to because they had to figure out how to undermine and subvert and bring down this power structure.

And they they have successfully done that. And that's one of the reasons why it's evolved beyond Rosenstiel and Cohn in an even Eppstein in India. This idea that people have to look at this and think of it in terms of an I and I use this probably a very poor metaphor on the midweek show, but this is just scratching the surface, right?

Like these, you know, when they talk about this this this pedophile ring in Omaha in the 1970s, I mean, it's just this is happening in every major city. This Yune union between organized crime and the government to the point where they're almost indistinguishable from one another. Like when you hear boomers say some boomers say make a remark that, you know, the government is just a form of organized crime. They're not wrong. They're not wrong. I mean, especially when you look at how deeply interwoven all of this has become, because the deep state calling it the deep state, is just you know, I think I understand why why they do it. But this idea that you're going to drain the swamp.

It's it's I don't think people realize how deeply intertwined all of this is in that you envy these people that got caught in that became a problem.

They're learning from and they're moving moving on from some back to Roy Cohn, and this is more from Whitney Web. So she says Roy Cohn was only have to be over and done with it among Cone's friends. We're top media personalities like Bob Walters', a former CIA director since Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan. Now, this is important.

Media moguls Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman, numerous celebrities like Alan Dershowitz, already talked about this. We're gonna have to cover this other part on another deep dive. But there's also this interconnectedness with the Catholic Church. So based in Trad., am I right? Theodore McCarrick. All of these these guys, Father Rehder, Cardinal Spellman, were all tied in very closely with Roy Cohn. And so a lot of the sexual abuse that was going on in the Catholic Church, that was a farm for these pedophile rings. Where do you think these this was coming from? Like, where do you think all this happened? And so you had the Catholic Church at that time intertwined with leading Geor Jewish organizations like B'nai B'rith and the World Josh Congress, many of the same names that surround Coan until his death in the late 1980s and later came to surround Jeffrey Epstein. Were the names appearing in Epstein's now infamous little black book, which is a very ancient black book? And it's not just Epstein's. Yeah, it's a black cube book. This is his black cube of Saturn, I think.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, and that's the thing, too, as you look at that Eppstein book, and I remember when this came out and was leaked, flipping through that, looking at the PDAF of this, a lot of these names were people that that I didn't recognize. Right. That were and that when you look into them, you know, these people were active in the 70s and 80s, 90s, and you think, OK, well, you know what's going on here. Why are these people why would he need contact with these people if they're not really relevant players anymore?

But they were these were these were contacts that have been passed down to him that they had leverage on their entire lives. So, yeah, this is I mean, it's really insidious. And the distractions that surround Epstein, right. That.

Oh, he was he was the pedophile fixer for Bill Clinton and the Democrats were running this pedophile ring. And it's like, no, no, they were caught up in it. That's just like the Republicans were.

That's finckel think these these liberals and their child bed. It's like, come on, dude, just shut up. Just just call them Josh. More and more from Whitney Web. The fact that Coan, per Rothstein's recollection, stated now this is going to confirm some earlier things that we said, like how can you guys save that Senator McCarthy is gay without level?

Well, lowering until you stated that the child sex blackmail ring was part of the government sponsored anti-communist crusade suggests that elements of the government, including Hoover's FBI, may have been connected at a much broader level than Hoover's own personal involvement, as the FBI coordinating closely with EFF, with McCarthy and Cohn for most of the Red Scare. It is also noting that among Hoover's many secret blackmail files was a sizable dossier on McCarthy, the contents of which strongly suggested that he himself was interested in underage girls. But also in boys as well. According to journalist and author David Talbot, Hoover's file on McCarthy was filled with disturbing stories about McCarthy's habit of drunkenly groping young girls, breasts and buttocks. The stories were so widespread that became common knowledge, yada, yada, yada. Though it is unknown how long the sex the sex ring at Plaza Hotel continued and whether it continued after KONE's death from AIDS in 1986. Well, we have a little bit of hints. It is worth noting that Donald Trump purchased the Plaza Hotel in 1988. It would later be reported and confirmed by then attendees that Trump used to host parties and suites at the Plaza Hotel when he owned it, where young women and girls were introduced to older, richer men and illegal drugs and young women were passed around and used. Wow. Okay. I'm sure I'm sure based Donald Trump was, you know, just thinking about how he's gonna build the wall and not doing anything like this at all. Right, James.

So no. Yeah. I wonder how many coats of paint suite 233 needed to rehab that.

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