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Billionaires Run Our Democracy Now - Meet Your Unelected Pandemic Expert

Western billionaire control of democracies - Bill Gates: Getty Herland Report

Herland Report: Western billionaire control of democracies – Bill Gates: Forget the rule of the people. Western billionaire oligarchs rule us now, Bill Gates forefront as the messianic world leading “pandemic expert”.

The billionaires own charity, they own aid, they define how pandemics should be handled, they pay billions to WHO and NGOs, control politicians, own medical facilities. They own research, vaccines, health institutes.

Billionaire oligarch Bill Gates is not a pandemic expert. He is an extremely shrewd businessman. He was wrong about Covid-19 compared to seasonal influenza, wrong about numbers. Why do we accept non-elected billionaires to control democracies?

As globalism has led to Western oligarchs turning political by funneling private capital into charity, NGOs and politics, Bill Gates has taken the role as “world pandemic expert” during the Corona SARS influenza. It has led us into a deep catastrophe.

The Covid-19, which so far has killed far less than regular seasonal influenzas, was assessed by Gates to be a “once in a century pandemic” that could kill far more than regular influenzas. He was wrong.

Read the numbers below: Approximately 650 000 die yearly from seasonal influenza, so far around 100 000 have died with Covid-19. In Italy alone, 68 000 died from regular influenza between 2013-2017. This year 19 000 have died with Covid-19.

Gates finally got his pandemic of which he has spoken for years, insinuating a possibility of 30 % death rate among the population. He was wrong in that too.

He suggested in a recent interview, that the opening up should not come until there is a digital immunity proof documenting who is vaccinated or not. The vaccine would be Gates owned, we assume. So, our economies should be shut-down for months, destroying the West completely?

Philanthropy has been a public relations coup for Bill Gates, dramatically transforming his reputation as one of the most cutthroat CEOs to one of the most admired people on earth.

The Corona scandal with its Corona billionaires pushing horror scenarios have contributed to our politicians fearful reaction and shut-down of the economy, which in turn, have caused a once in a century financial depression.

The massive economic depression has not been due to the virus itself, but due to the panic and fear of death that was created with the corresponding government shut-downs, as advised by Gates.

For the first time in history, lack of supply or demand did not shut down the economy and create the depression. State leaders forced the shut-down on their own nations, local businesses, industries, corporations and employers.

The situation is unprecedented in history. Nation state leaders stop the income into their own state funds and societies. And Bill Gates has been at the forefront in pushing for precisely this.

Corona oligarch Bill Gates pushed the panic narrative and governments reacted in panic

Western billionaire control of democracies – Bill Gates:  An alarming interview with Germany’s forefront virus expert in microbiology and a world authority on the subject, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi – sends a chillingly apocalyptic message:

It is a massive problem that Western oligarchs like non-democratically elected Bill Gates shapes our democracies with their “philanthropist” billions.

That the Western government shut down is a completely wrong and extremely dangerous response to the Covid-19 virus. 

He says that self-isolating the whole population is “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous. All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide caused by fear.”

Nobody listens to Dr. Bhakdi as we have Bill Gates all over every news channel. Who needs experts when our billionaire oligarchs can tell us what we need to do.

Originally appeared at: The Herland Report