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Babylon Bee: 'Go Down Donald' Parody Song

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

Yeah, we just wanted to share with with you. Happy Saturday!


Go down Donald, way down in Michigan

Tell old Whitmer to let my people go

When buyin’ guns and seeds was banned

(Let my people go)

Oppressed so hard they could not stand

(Let My people go)

“Go down ,  Donald  

way down in Cali Land

Tell old Gavin to let the skaters go” (LET THE SKATERS GO)

So Trump spoke to the press and there decreed

(Let My people go)

But CNN -wouldn’t air the feed

(Let My people go)

Yes the protesters said, “come down (COME DOWN), Donald, (DONALD) 

way (WAY)  down (DOWN) at the Bass Pro” BASS PRO

Tell those governors to let them buy ammo (LET THEM BUY AMMO)

Trump said, “If you want to end the quarantine,

(Why not give bleach a go?)

Hit em with hydroxychloroquine

(Let the Clorox flow!”)

God, The Lord said, “Go down, (GO DOWN)  Donald,(DONALD) way (WAY) down (DOWN) to America”

Tell Dem TELL DEM governors GOVERNORS  to let My people go

Tell Dem TELL DEM governors GOVERNORS let My people go