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Antifa: The Anti-White Terrorists the System Loves

Antifa (“Anti-fascist”) was founded from its very beginning to be a pro-Jewish, anti-White terrorist organization. Despite the overwhelming evidence there has always been against Antifa which proves they are a terrorist organization, the anti-White system allows them to operate with impunity because they have chosen an approved target–namely White people who oppose ZOG. In the video below, Project Veritas has sent someone to infiltrate Antifa’s training as a prospective member. It shows the inner workings of the Rose City (Portland, Oregon) branch of these pathetic miscreants.

The list of degenerate scum featured in the video:

Why would avowed communists support the same ideology as capitalist HR departments and dirty anti-White corporations like Ben & Jerry’s?

The reason is they are two sides of the same spear aimed directly at the heart of White civilization. The powers that be want you to believe that Antifa is evil because they are communist agitators, however, they support the same anti-White system as capitalists do, and it’s not a cohencidence. They may be avowed communists in name only, but they are still the foot soldiers of this anti-White capitalist system meant to make White people come to heel and embrace our erasure.

The Trump administration and the Republican pundits can no longer publicly ignore Antifa after everyone in the USA saw how violent and criminal they really are when they were being livestreamed on every computer across the country. Since the Republicans now need a convenient scapegoat for the millions of feral Blacks who have essentially destroyed every major American city along with Antifa, a few of the non-Jewish members of Antifa may be arrested and prosecuted as sacrificial lambs to appease the GOP Boomers.

Antifa is worldwide, well-organized, well-funded, and has many ZOG puppets who support and run cover for them.

They also have many media propagandists on either the payroll, as orbiters, or ideological supporters. Some of them include: Jared Holt at Right Wing Watch, Michael Edison Hayden and Hannah Gais at The Southern Poverty Law Center, and Christopher Mathias and Luke O’Brien at HuffPo. If one does a cursory examination of these clowns’ Twitter followers and the profiles these rats are following, you’ll see an extremely large amount of protected accounts. This is how the Antifa network communicates on Twitter. They create various honeypots and schemes in order to dox or set up pro-Whites who take the bait.

No normal person can pretend that Antifa is not a dangerous anti-White hate group any longer. Their job is to strike fear and violently attack our people simply for their pro-White opinions. Antifa are fake communists who do the bidding of ZOG’s neoliberal capitalist system in order to completely eradicate Whites as a collective racial group. They deserve to be tried and convicted for any number of their extremely long list of felonies which they have committed over the years. The problem is this anti-White system does not have any desire to protect us and will likely do very little to these terrorists because they both serve the same master for the ultimate goal of replacing us; although, I do genuinely hope I am proven wrong in this instance.

I encourage our people reading this to talk about Antifa to everyone you know since they are currently an approved mainstream talking point which can be exploited for our gain. They are an evil group of radical anti-Whites and deserve any punishment that befalls them.

Originally appeared at: Occidental Dissent