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Anti-White Tweet Goes Viral With Thousands of Hate Filled Comments Towards Happy White Family

Editors note:  The original tweet has been deleted after some pushback from white people.

Sometimes, you need a reminder of just how much you are hated.

Sometimes, you need a reminder of just how much the system is allowed to hate you.

There is a beautiful image going around of a white female fitness instructor and her four children, all choreographed in matching outfits. The only problem is they are all blond haired and blue eyed.

You can click here and see how an innocent (hauntingly beautiful) image became a rallying cry for anti-white hatred sanctioned by Twitter, with 1,800 re-tweets and 44,000+ likes for a post reading: “really dark in such a layered way i can’t fully wrap my head around”

Read the whole thread. Read every post. See how causally people are to post anti-white messages. agreeing with the original individual who decried this image as “really dark…”

This is the present, where anti-white hate fuels the zeitgeist

They are erasing the past, re-writing it on a daily basis so the beautifully family in this photo has no future.

What can you do against such reckless hate? Something a very good friend of mine, who passed away unexpectedly in April of 2014, told me (back in 2005): “The only way to fight the future is to have children. The bluer their eyes, the better.”

And this image, and the reaction to this image, shows just how terrifying the animus is in 2020.

Diversity. Inclusion. Equity. Tolerance (DIET).

Those are the four principles guiding modern life in America.

This image represents everything DIET stands to undermine, which is why you see the hatred against it.