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America Needs a Leader Like Hungary's Victor Orban! (Jared Taylor, Video + Transcript)

Americans aren't used to taking lessons from Europe, but when the Hungarian Prime Minister makes what was supposed to be the United States' anti-immigrant strongman President look like a blue-haired Liberal, it's time for all serious Americans to pay attention. 

Famous dissident thinker Jared Taylor makes it clear, Viktor Orban is exactly the kind of leader every Nationalist wants for his country.

He puts his people first.

Orban deosn't just uncompromisingly oppose third world immigration, he is doing everything in his government's power to increase Hungarian birth rates to ensure that Hungary stays Hungarian, even if the rest of Europe winds up looking like Brazil. 

America needs an Orban, and now that we know it's possible, we should never settle for a Trump again.

(Backup audio in case YouTube deletes the original video.)

About Jared Taylor:

Jared Taylor is a hero to many for his extraordinary success in bringing race realism to a very broad audience. For decades he was relatively unknown, admired in small circles, but with the advent of the internet his audience reached millions. He is full of important information which every American and European should know.

His foundation, American Renaissance, runs an excellent news site which puts out about 10 headlines per day on current events. They have a very good ‘about’ page which explains their positions very clearly. In addition they have a weekly podcast and a YouTube channel with shorter videos. They also run an excellent and well-attended annual conference in late Spring, (usually near Nashville, Tennessee), where intelligent people gather to discuss important issues of the day.

Listen to this man, he is your friend!

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[00:00:04] Hello, I'm Jared Taylor. These videos are not being suggested in the normal way. If you like what you see, please send the link to as many of your friends as you think can stand it. When a country is in danger, who should be in charge?

[00:00:19] Someone who's smart, tough, experienced and I'd say most important, someone who is 100 percent devoted to the welfare of his people. By that standard, in these difficult times, the man who gets my vote is Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary. And he is, of course, the European head of state the lefties most love to hate. If they ever take a vacation from hating Donald Trump, they spend it hating Viktor Orban. And essentially for one reason, he thinks his country, Hungary, should be for his people, the Hungarians.

[00:00:54] Mr. Orban became euro enemy number one in 2015 when Angela Merkel opened her doors to a million and a half so-called refugees. He said what she was doing was madness, and it was. After a while, even Mrs Merkel realized that her country was getting Muslim migrant indigestion and asked other European countries to take some of them off her hands. Well, Mr Orban's reply was, and I paraphrase Angela, Baby, you can keep them. You can keep them all. And he has stuck to his guns. In 2017, he said, we defend Christian culture and we will not turn over our countries to foreigners.

[00:01:38] He also said that if Africans and Middle Easterners keep coming in, then in his words, the young people of Western Europe will know the day when they will be in a minority in their own country. Well, this means that Mr Orban gets blasted in articles like this one from the Sydney Morning Herald. The great replacement, an idea now at the heart of Europe's politics, because as you know, the great replacement is a fevered conspiracy theory and Mr Orban is now conspirator number one.

[00:02:13] Well, with a virus making the rounds, the lefties are furious at Mr Orban all over again because as National Public Radio warns, new law gives sweeping powers to Hungary's Orban, alarming rights advocates. The Guardian, which loathes Mr Orban, says his emergency law could make Hungary unfit to be in the EU. And it goes on to quote the chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eliot Engel. He complained about, quote, a blatant power grab that allows Prime Minister Orban to rule by decree like a dictator. Rule by decree. Does that remind you of some other Central European political figure?

[00:03:00] Well, at least Mr. Orban got the parliament to grant him emergency powers because there's an awful lot of rule by decree right here in the land of the free. In state after state, governors are closing schools, restaurants, gyms, bars, museums, hotels, movie theaters. They're ordering people to stay home and banning gatherings of more than 10 people. I bet a lot of you can't even go to work. Is that any different from ruling by decree? And did you hear about Pastor Rodney Howard Brown of Tampa Bay, Florida? He was arrested earlier this week because he kept on holding church services despite a shutdown order. Ordinarily, that would violate freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to assembly.

[00:03:45] But in the case of Viktor Orban, critics say he is using the virus as a smokescreen for abusing power, because you see, there's something else that the sheep people hate about him. Hungarians have a low birth rate and Mr Orban is doing everything possible to encourage them to have more babies. As he explained in February last year, we don't just want numbers. We want Hungarian babies. Unlike Mrs Merkel, he doesn't think that Middle Easterners can become Europeans.

[00:04:18] In 2011, Hungary adopted a new constitution that makes an explicit commitment to future generations, I will quote from it: Hungary shall protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman and the family as the basis of the nation's survival. Hungary shall encourage the commitment to have children. It goes on to say, We trust in a jointly shaped future and the commitment of younger generations. We believe that our children and grandchildren will make Hungary great again. Mr. Orban's government takes all this seriously.

[00:04:57] It's got something called the Family Housing Allowance Program, which is abbreviated as C.S.O.K in Hungarian. And here's how much it's worth. Depending on the number of children, the combination of outright subsidy, that's in green, tax savings in red, and interests savings in gray can be over sixty thousand dollars for a couple with three or more children. You get more than $15000 for just one child. And remember, the cost of living is low in Hungary. So this is real money. And with new incentives introduced in February last year, any woman with three or more children basically pays no income tax. As the Hungarian ambassador of the United States, László Szabó explained, this is Hungary's investment in its own people. Well, it's notoriously hard to increase birthrates. But Hungary has seen some success.

[00:05:53] Here is the age adjusted fertility rate, even though the latest figures of about 1.5 children per women are still way below the 2.1 needed to sustain the population. Now, some people say fertility was going up anyway. The red and green lines show the highest and lowest estimates of what the birth rates would have been without the incentives. But there has clearly been an effect.

[00:06:18] And one encouraging sign is that marriage rates are going up in all age groups. Hungarians hope that this is a sign of babies on the way. Let's look at the very latest figures. In January of this year, there were 9.4% more births than in January the year before. And the number of marriages almost doubled to reach the highest monthly number in nearly 30 years. Mr Orban has sure done his part. He has five children. So what do the loonies think of all of this? Here's a Fox News headline.

[00:06:54] Hungary and Sweden in diplomatic spat after Swedish minister likens Orban's policies to Nazi Germany. Sweden's social affairs minister, Annika Strandhäll wrote What is happening in Hungary is alarming. This policy reeks of the 1930s. Now Orban wants more genuine Hungarian children to be born.

[00:07:17] Well, I guess Swedes will be happy with Somali and Syrian children being born, but a lot of European countries want to increase their birthrates. And so to China, Japan, Korea. The Italians had a campaign to promote fertility day with a poster that said beauty knows no age, fertility does. The hourglass means that time is running out for the woman to get pregnant, predictably enough for the Guardian, Italy's fertility day posters aren't just sexist. They're echoes of a fascist past.

[00:07:52] And look at this headlines the London Times, a policy championed by Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin, is making a surprise comeback among European nationalists. Yes. Isn't it surprising that European nationalists don't want their people to die out and that horrible Hungarian is their ringleader? The New Statesman helpfully explains why we should fear populists like Orban and Erdogan, who want women to be baby machines.

[00:08:22] While doing your very best for your people is exactly what we need and expect from the top guys. As I said at the beginning, Viktor Orban gets my vote. He loves his country and he loves his people. And not surprisingly, his people love him. Imagine what it must be like to live under a government like that. Hungary is going through these strange and difficult times, just like every other country. But I'd say it's in pretty good hands.

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Originally appeared at: Russia Insider