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ADL Demands Video Game Titan Censor His Customers - He Tells Them 'NO!'

Gabe Newell, video game industry Messiah

It just never ends with these people. You give them every single thing they asked for, and before you’re finished handing it over they’re asking for more.

Jews are now officially demanding that online gaming be made “inclusive” and “free of hate.”

In the fight against hate and harassment, the games industry is faced with a unique challenge.

As Daniel Kelley, assistant director for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society, points out for us, games “straddle two universes” in a way other companies haven’t had to.

“On the one hand, games are media,” Kelley says. “You can talk about hate and harassment in the same terms you talk about it with movies or TV. Whose stories are being told? Who’s being included, who’s being excluded?

“At the same time, online games are social platforms. A comic book is not a social platform, so the fandom that exists around it exists on platforms that are not necessarily run by the comics industry. The game industry is creating social spaces. Online games are social spaces, so the responsibility for the form that hate and harassment take in those spaces is the responsibility of the companies that make those games.”

The comics industry doesn’t exist. It was wiped out by this stupid Jew “social justice” bullshit, which is really just an attack on white men.

Gary from Nerdrotic has been covering in detail the fact that there is zero chance the comics industry will exist after coronavirus. That probably would have been the case anyway, but he’s been outlining the sales statistics and the comics shops closures that happened before the flu hoax, and comparing that timeline to the timeline of this weird diversity agenda they started pushing, and it’s just phenomenal the way the entire industry was just collapsed in on itself. Profits were flatly rejected in exchange for delivering a product that no one was asking for in the form of bizarre political propaganda written by women and Jews.

The fact that the ADL cites this as some kind of victory really tells you where they’re at. They do not care, at all, if an entire industry collapses because it followed their advice. If it’s an industry that white men cared about, then they actually view that as a positive.

The big companies in the gaming industry already sold out to these people, but now they’re demanding mass censorship of the players themselves. Because someone said something mean.

That means game companies are having to fight hate on two different fronts, and success on one front doesn’t necessarily mean success on the other. Kelley notes that despite some missteps Blizzard has gone out of its way to create an inclusive roster of playable heroes for Overwatch. So from a games-as-media perspective, one might think it’s a commendable example of progress for the industry. But according to an ADL survey from last year, the game still has a long way to go in fighting hate from a social platform perspective.

“In our survey, 75% of people who played Overwatch experienced harassment,” Kelley says. “So it’s unclear to me at this point how efforts to make games more inclusive as media interacts with games as social spaces and the harassment we see in those spaces.”

The problem of how social platforms can successfully fight hate is of particular concern to Kelley, who sees much of the industry adopting the tactics of Facebook or Twitter circa 2006, with terms of service and user behavior policies on major games more or less aping the same language as those platforms used to. That’s concerning in light of how those platforms went on to shape the world we live in.

The article starts out talking about Blizzard, but of course what they actually want is Steam, which is the single major technology company to refuse to engage in targeted political censorship at the behest of the Jews.

When I ask if any of those big companies have been negligent enough to deserve being singled out, Kelley doesn’t hesitate.

“I would say Valve, absolutely. Valve has been actively pushing against this kind of work. At the same time Discord and Twitch were expanding their policies around hate, harassment, and extremism, that was around the same time [Valve] was like, ‘We allow anything except for trolling and illegal content.'”


“From my understanding, there are a lot of efforts going on at a lot of companies, but in my mind, [Valve has] the longest way to go,” Kelley says.

This is about eliminating any place on earth for white men to act like white men.

We were kicked out of the real world, so we went into a virtual world, now they’re hunting us there.

Thankfully, Gaben.


Gabe needs to go on a friggin diet, because he’s 57 and and you just can’t sustain that kind of mass into your 60s. When he goes, Steam is going to go to the Jews. And you’ll still be locked in your house – but you won’t even be able to play video games. 

We need a petition to get Gabe on a diet.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer