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The 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests Were Caused in Part by Feral Joggers

The 1989 Tiananmen Square protests were a series of separate events which erupted in China in over 400 cities in the spring of 1989. The kosher ZOG version of the story we are told is the protests were a direct result of a spontaneous impassioned response by the people of China to usher in pro-Democratic capitalist free market government reforms in order to finally remove the yoke of communism from the necks of the Chinese people.

Some of that is in fact true, but it is certainly not the entire story.

A key component to this history we never hear about is how the Chinese students who were so heavily involved in the Tiananmen Square protests were already doing so for months by the time the Tiananmen Square protests began. The students had become extremely incensed by their government’s importation of a large of amount feral Black African students into China. The Blacks as per usual were behaving badly and flaunting their excessively lecherous natures to all the Chinese women in sight, and the Chinese people could not help but take notice.

The original student protests were initiated in December of 1988 when the malevolent, transgressive, and criminal behavior that the Chinese people had endured over decades due to the cultural enrichment from Black Africans coming to study at universities in China could no longer be tolerated. Those events are now referred to as the “Nanjing Anti-African protests” by Western media and academia. The official kosher ZOG narrative to this day is that these African ‘joggers’ dindu nuffin, and the cause of the Nanjing Anti-African protests were solely due to those intolerant racist Chinese people who started it all due to several unfounded rumors and abject lies. However, from the various sources I was able to find, that version of the story is not likely.

From Kuora at supchina about what led to the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests:

I’ve read, and have been told, that some of the organizers were also involved in organizing earlier student protests that were much less noble in purpose, which took place in the winter of 1988–1989. These were over alleged sexual assaults of Chinese women by African students in Nanjing and, some claimed, in Beijing as well. I was witness to some of these anti-African protests, but have no direct knowledge of the involvement of any of the organizers in the Tiananmen demonstrations that began in April.

Joggers gonna jog, amirite?

From American Renaissance:

The Nanjing protests in December 1988 were triggered by a series of confrontations between African and Chinese students at Hehai University. The conflict intensified on December 24 when two African male students who were escorting two Chinese women to a Christmas Eve party on campus were stopped at the front gate and ordered to register their guests. A new university regulation that restricted registration procedures for guests visiting foreign students had been implemented in October of that year to stop African male students from consorting with Chinese women in their dormitories. A quarrel between one of the African students and the Chinese security guard escalated into a brawl between African and Chinese students that lasted until the next morning and resulted in the injury of eleven Chinese and two Africans. On the next day, 300 Chinese students, angered by a rumor that a Chinese man had been killed by an African student the previous evening, stormed the African students’ dormitory chanting, “Kill the Black Devils!” The police arrived to restore order two hours later. Fearing for their safety, over 60 African students left for the railway station to reach their embassies in Beijing. Local authorities prevented them from boarding the trains in order to retain those involved in the Christmas Eve brawl. In response, about 140 foreign students, including other African students in Nanjing and a dozen non-African foreign students, sat-in at the train station to demand that they be allowed to board a train for Beijing.

It looks like the Blacks were doing what Blacks do in the case of the Nanjing Anti-African protests, and the Chinese students grew tired of the unwelcome guests in their country who were forced upon them by the Chinese government. The attack on the security guard was ultimately the last straw before their anger finally boiled over and they took action.

There also is conflict between the cultural patterns of many African students–most of whom are men–and the puritanical Chinese social environment in which they find themselves.

“The African students have a strong tendency to have parties, to drink a lot and to associate with females,” Wivell said. “The Chinese react very negatively to that. Many of them think of the Africans as stepping out of the woods and just coming to China, and having no culture. They’re very prejudiced here.”

Once again, we only receive the kosher approved message in the West. You can never forget the neoliberal hierarchy when you read any stories by ZOG.

It is as follows:

  1. Jews
  2. Fags
  3. Blacks
  4. All other Browns, Muslims, Hispanics, etc.
  5. East Asians
  6. Whites

Now this list can be divided and subdivided even more, but this is the general rule you should always refer to if you need to understand how ZOG’s media operates. Blacks behaving badly is everyone else’s fault besides fags and Jews, so any conflict between the other groups is never the fault of Blacks. It seems the Chinese did not yet understand this concept in 1988, and the ZOG media will never let them forget that they committed a racism against those poor angelic people.

Originally appeared at: Occidental Dissent